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    Redarc Tow Pro Elite electric brake controller review

    Redarc Tow Pro Elite electric brake controller review

    We test Redarc's Tow Pro Elite electric brake controller fitted to our 3.2 litre Ford Ranger towing our 2.5-tonne caravan and mobile office over some of Australia's most demanding tourist roads.

    The Tow-Pro Elite was fitted using the same wiring loop as used for a competitor's brake controller fitted for the past two years. This saved re-running wires through the vehicle to a 12 pin rear plug, and obviously, some auto electrician installation costs.

    At times, the Guardian Model brake controller previously installed on our Ranger required maximum setting for sufficient braking force on steep bitumen declines. The Redarc's Tow-Pro Elite had no such problems handling our rig offering smooth caravan response without any harsh, unexpected feedback.

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    BainTuff Engel socket

    We review BainTuff power sockets with good results

    Have you ever looked at your Engel car fridge and been surprised to see it far above normal operating temperature?

    It happened to us on day four of a three week 4x4 trip from Kalgoorlie WA to Halls Creek NT via the extremely remote Canning Stock Route.

    There are little supplies available over those 2,400 odd kilometers, so we set up at Kalgoorlie for a few days, planned our menu, and purchased meat from the local butcher.

    He kindly cryovaced it into two-person portions and froze it in his Engel.

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    Seven Mile Beach Safari Tent.

    Kiama Coast Holiday Parks offers visitors five unique choices in natural NSW seaside experience

    Kiama Coast Holiday Parks offers a choice of five parks within Kiama, Gerringong and Gerroa.

    The charming seaside town of Kiama, is located less than two hours south of Sydney, along this magnificent coastline, and provides the opportunity to explore many inland tourist drives to quaint towns like Bowral and Berry, and the breathtaking Fitzroy Falls and Macquarie Pass.

    Visitors can also experience Kiama's breathtaking Cathedral Rocks and famous Blowhole and the dramatic Sea Cliff Bridge whilst driving north through seaside villages north of Wollongong.

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    Solar power inverters and lithium battery at ContACT.

    ContACT adds green energy backup to new world leading business website CMS V2 security package

    ContACT Internet Solutions is an agile, flexible, solar supported Eco green energy, website hosting, internet advertising and design service company with CMS V2, a new world leading business website security package.

    Contact's responsible Eco solar powered and lithium battery backed up approach aligns with its development and launch this month of its CMS V2 business website security package which protects Contact's clients from a credibility crisis.

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    Leafy afternoon shade cabin 12 Gundagai Tourist Park .

    Unique drive-through, undercover powered ensuite sites and comfortable cabins mark Gundagai Cabin and Tourist Park oasis

    Quiet, roomy and shaded from the worst of the summer afternoon sun Gundagai Tourist Park is two minutes drive off the Hume Highway, midway between Sydney and Melbourne as the highway crosses the Murrumbidgee River.

    It is an excellent stopover point for travellers bound north or south on the Hume Highway, or just exploring the Riverina. It is an oasis. We relaxed in the cleanest, best equipped cabin GSA has used this year in extensive cabin touring.

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    GSA-DPChip Ranger on kickback campsite..

    Ranger towing figures underline benefits of GSA eight year DPChip use

    Over the last eight years six GoSeeAustralia vehicles have benefitted from the addition of DPChip.

    DPChip is an interactive computer which exploits the full potential of modern EFI diesel engines.

    The GSA Ford XLT Super, P/U HR 3.2 diesel DPChipped Ranger has been towing on the road as part of a full-time travelling office for two years now. So we can offer practical experience based on carefully compiled numbers. Its performance is satisfying.

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    Alan and Pam in Blue Sky Country.

    Complicated caravan insurance needs real professional understanding working for you

    The sudden death of three friends, all within a month showed Alan and Pam, a Victorian couple aged in the 55 - 65 bracket the reality of life. Could it happen to them?

    You betcha!

    They decided to wind-up their home, go on the road, and work and live in their 21ft caravan.

    Pam and Alan need cover for their vehicle which is being used for business, their caravan, tools of trade plus computers, printer, cameras, phones, WiFi etc, all at no fixed address, and then additional contents cover for personal and camping items at any location in Australia.

    It is essential to use a broker who actually understands what you are really doing, Alan says.

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    PS Ruby.

    River Road junction Wentworth unlocks Inland Sailor legends of Australia's pioneer paddle steamers

    Wentworth on the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers in south western New South Wales is the River Road gateway to Outback NSW and beyond into Queensland. In the late 1800's Wentworth was one of Australia's busiest ports.

    Determined, businesslike captains steamed to beyond the Back of Bourke into Queensland, backing their skill and luck against being stuck as the unreliable Darling fell.

    Captain Billy, William Richard Randell, first of the steam powered Rivermen moved to Wentworth with the woman who was the love of his life. His wife Bessie.

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    Plug 240v charger or supplied cigarette socket charger into input 14v 1a socket .

    Lithium AMG15 heavy duty JumpsPower 3 in 1 surprise packet in GSA real world evaluation

    The new JumpsPower Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank is a real surprise packet. It is many times lighter than a standard Jump Starter, Michael Tyrrell from Bainbridge Technologies says.

    The Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank 3 in 1 device, can jump start a vehicle battery up to 30 times when fully charged it can even bring a Smartphone to 100 percent in about an hour, depending on the phone battery condition.

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