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Yarrawonga Holiday Park Inc.

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  • pluk pluk
    A soldier remembered Verdun.

    At Verdun GSA's International Claire meets The Man She Never Knew

    The Man We Never Knew, was much honored on ANZAC Day.

    GSA met him and thousands like him on a recent visit to the war cemetery at Verdun. The pain of that European killing field is palpable. My grand-daughter Claire is an International with two passports, Australian and German, who lives near the Dutchy of Luxembourg.

    We stood together at Verdun before the cross of a Frenchman who fell. Among the thousands of white markers, stark and lonely in a heavy mist it was the only one we saw with flowers which someone had left.

    The child understood, she stood in silence before the fallen Frenchman's grave and bowed her head in silence for the man she never knew.

    Her understanding is the seed of hope.

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  • pluk pluk
    Sunset and camels, Cable Beach Broome, courtesy Tourism WA

    Broome provides a base for some serious WA relaxation

    It is sunset over the 22 kilometre stretch of white sand that is Broomes Cable Beach and a small crowd gathers to watch as the sun, now a disc of deep red, sinks into the Indian Ocean.

    One or two people linger at the waters edge, refusing to relinquish the day, while a trail of camels stroll along the sand, giving visitors one of Broomes most famous experiences a sunset camel ride.

    Sitting just 18 degrees from the equator, Broome has a year-round warm and tropical climate, which encourages relaxation and an outdoors lifestyle.

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  • pluk pluk
    GSA1 rated at 350kg ball 3500kg max tow.

    Major risks in under size caravan tow tugs South Australian Police say

    There are major risks involved in towing a caravan or camper trailer if an under sized towing vehicle is used. These risks are compounded when the caravan is over weight.

    Police from the SA Road Safety Centre say they believe many caravans are over weight.

    Towing regulations throughout Aust accept the vehicle makers numbers about what a vehicle can tow. If these numbers are exceeded the law, warranty and insurance will be offended.

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    Big site range Echuca Holiday Park

    GSA participating Caravan, Holiday and Tourist parks of the Murray

    This Information Article profiles the huge range of options and experiences GSA's participating Caravan, Holiday and Tourist Parks offer in the Blue Sky Sunshine Country of the Murray River and its related towns and attractions from Wodonga to Mildura.

    To access this extensive free Victorian and NSW touring information quickly knock the parks name into the unique Multi-search box at the top right of the GSA Home Page. Click the down arrow on Select Search Area. Click Caravan Parks. Click search.

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  • pluk pluk
    Truganini remembered Bruny Island

    Truganini great survivor of Australia's Black War faced adapt or die alternatives for her people

    Truganini had two alternatives - adapt or die.

    The arrival of the White man brought violence, brutality and disease to her world.

    This intelligent survivor was one of the first Australians caught in Australia's Black War.

    Those comfortable with the proposition that Australians have never suffered the horrors of war on their own soil should perhaps consider Tasmania by the 1830's.

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  • pluk pluk
    Prado with load distribution hitch accessory. Toyota  picture.

    Buyer beware don't get caught in 'fat van' towing trap

    GSA gets regular requests for help from caravan buyers related to industry compliance and in particular tow vehicles and whether they are fit for the purpose intended.

    Consumers have the right to expect that a business will not mislead or deceive them. Advertising by a business should never lead a consumer to believe something that isn't true. This might relate to the value, capabilities or quality of goods and services, source Fair Trading Qld.

    Here is a cautionary tale...

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  • pluk pluk
    Ellenbourough Falls plunges 200m.

    Diverse natural beauty Manning Valley hallmark in NSW Mid North Coast fascinating world of difference

    On the Mid North Coast of New South Wales three hours north of Sydney the Manning Valley is best described as naturally beautiful. Taree, Harrington, Old Bar, Manning Point, Wingham and Hallidays Point are the relaxed centres which link the Manning Valley experience. For anglers both fresh and saltwater action is on the menu.

    The artistic by nature fit naturally in the Manning Valley author Di Morrissey is typical. National Parks draw bushwalking, surfing and camping. Both Redhead and Blackhead are classed as Littoral Rainforest and are examples of what the Eastern Australian coastline looked like before European settlement.

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  • pluk pluk
    Plug 240v charger or supplied cigarette socket charger into input 14v 1a socket .

    Lithium AMG15 heavy duty JumpsPower 3 in 1 surprise packet in GSA real world evaluation

    The new JumpsPower Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank is a real surprise packet. It is many times lighter than a standard Jump Starter, Michael Tyrrell from Bainbridge Technologies says.

    The Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank 3 in 1 device, can jump start a vehicle battery up to 30 times when fully charged it can even bring a Smartphone to 100 percent in about an hour, depending on the phone battery condition.

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  • pluk pluk
    Clearview towing mirror fully extended on GoSee Toyota TD Sahara.

    Road Rules clear view demands common factor in mirrors choices for compliant towing

    The Australian Road Rules are the basis for compliance in all Australian states and territories. There are still a number of variations across Australia, which are allowed through 'laws of jurisdiction.'

    The common factor is that the road rules state that a driver must not drive a motor vehicle unless the driver has a clear view of the road as well as traffic ahead, behind and to each side.

    A reversing camera fitted to the rear of a caravan and connected for viewing on a display screen in the tow vehicle cab will also provide a good rear view, but may not adequately provide good vision down both sides of the caravan or trailer.

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