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Go See Australia by Caravan or Recreational Vehicle (RV) The place for all caravan parks, campervan, recreational vehicle (RV), motorhome, camping grounds, tourist parks, or holiday parks cabin adventure anywhere in Australia. Experience caravanning and camping through Information Articles or use the powerful Caravan Parks Search to find over 2700 caravan parks Australia wide. The Plan a Trip mapping service has full driving directions and park information with travel distances.
The public User's Forums is for questions and mutual help from people on the road and like caravan and motorhome travellers. Save with Discounted Park Specials. Use the Secure On-Line Accommodation Booking Service to book your trip. Participating Pet Friendly Caravan Parks show an easily identified pet's logo. The For Sale classifieds show anything caravan, tent, camping, recreational vehicle (RV) or motorhome related. GoSeeAustralia Directory is the largest caravan park, holiday park, tourist park and camping ground directory in Australia.
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Roll-over between Genoa and Cann River..

What do you think rolled this caravan over and put the tow vehicle in the ditch?

What speed do you think the rig was travelling at when the caravan went into uncontrollable fishtailing?

Look carefully at the picture.

There is something GSA thinks is obvious.

It may not be the cause but we think it is certainly a prime suspect.

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CIVic CEO Rob Lucas

CIL Insurance sponsors Australia's biggest Caravan, Camping and Touring Outdoors Show

The Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow will celebrate the move to their new home, the Melbourne Showgrounds with CIL Insurance returning as the major show sponsor in 2015.

Announcing the new sponsorship arrangement, CEO of the Caravan Industry Association Victoria, (CIA Vic), Rob Lucas, said he was delighted that CIL Insurance had returned to team up with the event to showcase the very best outdoor exhibition space in the state.
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Park group for Nomads launches cost effective campsites at Bendigo Leisurefest

Park group for Nomads launches cost effective campsites at Bendigo Leisurefest

A new parks network specifically for travelling nomads made its national show debut at the Caravan and Camping Leisurefest in Bendigo last Friday.

Kui Parks is a growing group of cost-effective, clean and friendly parks for nomads of all ages.

Created by experienced caravanners Bert and Kenau van Spronsen, Kui Parks has signed up its first 20 parks and aims to top 100 within a year.
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(L-R) Rob Lucas and Peter May of CIAVic with Bendigo RSLs  Cliff Richards.

14,100 drawn to Bendigo Leisurefest as CIA Vic focus on first Melbourne Showgrounds Supershow

For the fourth time in four years Bendigo's 13th annual Caravan and Camping Leisurefest drew crowds near 14,000.

CIA Vic CEO Rob Lucas said CIA Vic's focus now was on the Victorian Caravan Camping & Touring Supershow, which moves to Melbourne Showgrounds for 2015 on the new dates of 11-16 February.

The RV & Camping Leisurefest will return to Bendigo for 20-22 November 2015.
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148 nights of full-time life on road memorable experiences bring practical change

148 nights of full-time life on road memorable experiences bring practical change

Our Pam and Alan report on 148 days of their new full-time life on the road adventure to Go Make Some Memories. They moved from a 3BR house to a 21ft caravan with guard dog Chloe in June.

Experience brought them back to their start point storage unit to reshuffle 'essentials'.

Sadly Chloe left in October. There is a hyperlink to a helpful story on the stressful challenges for long-term travelling pets at the end of the Information Article.
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GSA-DPChip Ranger on kickback campsite..

Ranger towing figures underline benefits of GSA six year DPChip use

Over the last six years six GoSeeAustralia vehicles have benefitted from the addition of DPChip.

DPChip is an interactive computer which exploits the full potential of modern EFI diesel engines.

The GSA Ford XLT Super, P/U HR 3.2 diesel DPChipped Ranger has been towing on the road as part of a full-time travelling office for more than three months now. So we can offer practical experience based on carefully compiled numbers. Its performance is satisfying.
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1T WLL Rated D Shackle

D-shackle confusion resolved by RVMAP industry recommendation, says tech alert

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia, along with the state associations, has developed an industry recommendation for D-Shackles when they are used in conjunction with Australian Standard (AS) compliant safety chains when towing caravans.

An RVMAP technical alert has been released by Caravan Industry Association of Australia to end long-standing confusion about the use of D-shackles in the caravan towing context.
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Nick flies GSA  colors in Hobart CBD.

Nick shows how to get real camp comfort from Tassie Motor Shacks campervan

Our Nick just cannot help himself, when he goes camping he improves things.

Nick is a fine short-order cook too and adds to that skill with his ability to refine camp comforts.

In words and pictures here is Nick's practical approach to getting the best from a Tassie Motor Shacks petrol powered Toyota campervan he and Agnes used on a three week road tour of Tasmania.
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78003F HR WDH Loose shank produced sway  used in Ford receiver.

Unacceptable caravan sway forces tow bar change on GSA Ford Ranger

GoSee Australia has found that fitting a Hayman Reese shank to a Ford tow bar can produce unacceptable sway in the caravan being towed.

Despite a series of trials and adjustment attempts the Hayman Reese 78003F cast shank and the Ford tow bar receiver are an unhappy sloppy fit.

At normal towing speeds the result is unacceptable sway, as the shank neck moves in the tow bar. This can be unnerving.
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Big site range Echuca Holiday Park

GSA participating Caravan, Holiday and Tourist parks of the Murray

This Information Article profiles the huge range of options and experiences GSA's participating Caravan, Holiday and Tourist Parks offer in the Blue Sky Sunshine Country of the Murray River and its related towns and attractions from Wodonga to Mildura.

To access this extensive free Victorian and NSW touring information quickly knock the parks name into the unique Multi-search box at the top right of the GSA Home Page. Click the down arrow on Select Search Area. Click Caravan Parks. Click search.
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