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Thursday, 23 Jan 2014

16,290 attend Geelongs first Caravan and Camping Outdoor Expo

Aerovan smoothes towing experience
Aerovan smoothes towing experience

Organisers of  the first Geelong Caravan, Camping and Outdoor Expo report an attendance of 16,000  with strong sales over the Australia Day Weekend four day show.

The result is encouraging  and follows the trend of  the  first Border RV and Camping Expo at Wodonga Racecourse  in 2011 which got off to a strong start with an attendance of 15,000, which passed all expectations. The Wodonga performance was remarkable for a  country show in three days.

Both the Geelong  and the Wodonga openings innings share the huge benefit of good weather.

Organisers Boss Man  Events said today that the Geelong event will run again in 2015. The next Boss  Man Event is a  Caravan and Camping Show in Nowra, on Friday 9 - Sunday May 11.

GoSee particularly liked the Aerovan displayed at the first Geelong Expo. It is a classic look which reminds us of the groundbreaking Airstream designs from the US. The Aerovan is an Aerodynamic Caravan built by Alistair and Geoff Morrison retired pilots from Echuca.

Aerovan side profile
Aerovan side profile

This is a real easy to tow caravan concept with a 160kg ballweight and a Tare ( unladen from the factory) weight of 1700kg. The Aerovan was developed as an aerodynamic caravan by brothers Alistair and Geoff Morrison and the first prototype produced and road tested in October 2012.

“We had been associated with aeroplanes for years and when my wife wanted a caravan for ourselves, I could not bring myself to buy the conventional “box” shaped van with all the problems which our caravanning friends told us about, ” Alistair says in the company profile on the Aerovan website.

Everything on the external shell of the Aerovan is hidden or concealed in its own efficient drag saving profile.

"We believed a caravan could be designed and produced which could be easily towed by a 2.5 to 3 litre turbo diesel ute or wagon. In this country there are 1000’s of this sized vehicle being used for work everyday and it would be sensible if they could also tow the van on weekends and holidays. Further environmental considerations include the caravan being fully insulated, as light as possible without losing strength, and be able to incorporate solar battery charging" Alistair said.

Aerovan details
Aerovan details

"Preliminary tests show that the fuel required to tow the Aerovan is about 30% less than that required to tow a conventional van at 100 kms per hour, and this could mean a saving of 3 or 4 litres per 100 klms travelled. Apart from being easier to tow the next most noticeable advantage when travelling, is the Aerovan is stable and less affected by cross winds or passing semi trailers. This we believe is primarily due to the lack of square corners where turbulence is produced'' Alistair said.

See Geelong Expo comments on YouTube:



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