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Thursday, 13 Mar 2014

Feb free GoSeeTravelSmart prize practical driving-towing safety net

Driving and Towing to Stay Alive.
Driving and Towing to Stay

The February free GoSee TravelSmart Club members prize will save lives. The Driving and Towing to Stay Alive DVD is a practical safety-net for those who tow or are about to. February new TravelSmart Club member Menke Papalitsas of Mooroolbark Victoria is the GoSeeAustralia DVD winner.

On route to Outback adventure is free GoSee TravelSmart Club member Bob MacDonald of Maitland Bar who has won a copy of Vic Widmans latest book Classic Outback Tracks which reveals 19 of his favourite outback experiences.

Vic Widman has been exploring Australia since 1978 by 4WD and has seen more of it than most of us could imagine. He is one of Australia's leading 4wd trainers and 4WD tag-along tour operators through his company Great Divide Tours.

Classic Outback Tracks by Vic Widman
Classic Outback Tracks by Vic Widman

Vic is one of the most knowledgeable people on outback travel.

Now members of the free GoSee TravelSmart Club have a chance to have their own copy of his favourite 4WD tracks. Prizes are won each month by GoSee TravelSmart Club members in Australia and New Zealand. The GoSee TravelSmart Club is past 14,000 members.

Vic's latest book is a compilation of 19 of his favourite outback tracks. Each location is described in detail with a history of the area. This practical knowledge extends to what you will find when you visit, where to see all the best scenic locations and where to camp, plus an insight into the driving conditions you are likely to encounter.

Some of the areas included in this book include, Outback NSW, Corner Country, Simpson Desert, Hay River Track, Karijini NP, Anne Beadell and Gunbarrel Hwy, the Canning Stock Route and all the famous tracks, Birdsville, Oodnadatta and Strzelecki Tracks to name just a few. Retail value is $39.

Australian GoSee TravelSmart Club winners:

Great Divide Tours – Classic Outback Tracks (next draw April) Bob MacDonald Maitland Bar.

GoSeeAustralia DVD (Driving and Towing to Stay Alive) Menke Papalitsas, Mooroolbark, Victoria.

Mogo zoos Handsome silver-back Kibabu
Mogo zoo's Handsome silver-back Kibabu

Mogo Zoo prize: A Family Pass for two adults and two children. winner is Nena Monfries, of Redhead NSW. A troupe of Western Lowland gorillas led by the impressive 210kg Silverback Kibabu is now at Mogo Zoo. Like Orana Wildlife Park near Christchurch NZ Mogo Zoo's core focus is it is committed to the survival of endangered species.

Kibabu's two favorite ladies Mouila and Kriba and their offspring, Mahali and Kipenzi came to South Coast New South Wales from Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

Be a winner in March -The Techni-Ice 23 lt Cooler Bag free TravelSmart member Club prize will be drawn again in March, May, July and September. Generous industry supporter Techni-Ice provides another great prize for March TravelSmart Club members. The 23 lt Cooler Bag. The Cooler Bag will be in the free Club member prize draw every two months.

AND FROM New Zealand:

The Kiwi free TravelSmart Club member winner of the Orana Wildlife Park Family Pass is Bruce Chisholm of Geraldine.

Set in 80 hectares Orana is New Zealand’s only open range zoo. Orana Wildlife Park is located within 15 minutes drive of Christchurch Airport as GoSee found on a recent visit. Over 400 animals, representing more than 70 species, are displayed at Orana Wildlife Park.

Sixteen scheduled animal feeds occur daily and are accompanied by a presentation from a wildlife guide. This means Orana Wildlife Park has something to keep visitors of all ages entertained for the entire day. Orana's unique and exciting animal encounters are a park specialty and will get visitors up close to endangered animals, for example:

Fanana the Jet-set giraffe has a big future ahead at Orana
Fanana the Jet-set giraffe has a big future ahead at Orana

Travel through the Lion habitat on board a specially modified vehicle to meet the 'King of the Beasts' up close (2.30pm). (Conditions apply – this is an additional cost to Orana Wildlife Park

entrance, 20 tickets are available daily and people must be over 1.4 metres in height to participate.

Tickets can be reserved only if they are pre-paid for in advance). See a Tiger search and leap for its food (11.30am).

Hand feed the majestic Giraffe (12pm and 3pm).

Help feed a range of friendly animals in the Farmyard (1pm). This interactive area has a wide range of domestic animals such as sheep, calves, llama, rabbits and pigs.

Meet the mighty Rhinoceros “face-to-face” (3.20pm).

View New Zealand’s national icon, the Kiwi.

Stroll through an alpine themed aviary for close views of New Zealand Kea – the world’s only mountain parrot. Guests will also view the antics of many other amazing animals such as Apes, Monkeys, Meerkats, Otters, Porcupines and Wild Dogs.

The Park’s extensive native fauna collection features Kiwi as well as a range of other endemic birds such as Tui, Bellbird, Kereru and Kakariki. The Park is home to one of the most comprehensive public collections of native geckos. Guided tours occur daily and visitors can ride on Orana's complimentary Safari Shuttle, join a guided walkabout tour and/or meander around the Park at their leisure.

For those wanting something extra special, Orana also offers a range of ‘behind the scenes experiences’ (additional cost – non commissionable), as outlined:

Black and White Ruffed Lemurs are gentle residents at Orana
Black and White Ruffed Lemurs are gentle residents at Orana

A taste of Madagascar - Venture onto the Ruffed Lemur island to feed these delightful primates.

$30pp (excludes Park entrance), occurs at 1pm Thursday - Sunday.

Cripes it’s stripes! - Venture into the Tiger Dens to see how Orana manages these big cats. $20pp (excludes Park entrance), occurs at 3.15pm each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Meet a Cheetah - Enter the habitat with a beautiful hand-raised Cheetah for a personal encounter. $100pp (includes Park entrance), occurs at 11am Friday - Monday.

Travel through the Lion reserve - Orana’s Lion Encounter is genuinely unique and gives extremely close views of the ‘King of the Beasts’. $30pp (excludes Park entrance), occurs at 2:30pm daily.

People must be over 1.4m in height and be fit and able bodied (eg able to stand up and sit down unassisted) to participate in the behind the scenes experiences.

Park admission costs: $25 per adult, $21 per senior/student, $8 per child (5-14 years), pre-schoolers are free and a concession pass (2 adults and up to 3 children 5-14 years) costs $58.

Here are some collected thoughts on happy, safe 4x4 driving in Australia and New Zealand:

Carry a spare set of fan belts and a top and bottom radiator hose.

Carry a simple set of tools and a first-aid kit.

Carry additional drinking water, food and fuel.

Check each morning the condition of your under-bonnet items, in particular all fluid levels, and air

filter and inspect the tyres and pressures.

Some of the tracks are best suited to high-clearance, dual-range transmission vehicles, so check with locals on the suitability of your vehicle and know both you and your vehicle's capabilities in the bush - do a 4WD course!

Ground clearance really matters on the Canning Stock Route
Ground clearance really matters on the Canning Stock Route

Take only the essentials and try and leave unnecessary items behind - they'll add more weight and stress to the vehicle and cost more in fuel.

Avoid the use of roof racks and if they are a necessity, pack only light items upstairs to avoid the risk of rollover. - If towing a trailer, makes sure your tyres are up to the job and check the condition of the wheel bearings and suspension before you leave.

Leave advice with friends or relevant authorities on your destination and itinerary, so if you overstay your journey the alarm can be raised for search and rescue.

Give some thought to communications; a UHF CB radio gives reasonable coverage with other road users and pastoralists, whilst an emergency positioning beacon (EPIRB) is an inexpensive failsafe for desperate situations.

In really remote country someone in your party should have HF radio or a satellite phone, both can be hired inexpensively.

If rain threatens, be prepared to stay put for a couple of days to avoid damaging the roads (penalties apply for road users driving on closed outback roads) and if you're driving in a dry creek bed get out of there quick-smart, for there's a good chance a flash flood might roar down the watercourse, claiming vehicle and possessions.

Some common courtesy and patience goes a long way, so too leaving gates as you find them and staying on designated tracks and trails. Avoid windscreen damage and dust when approaching on-coming cars, slow down and move over to the left of the road lane. If the approaching vehicle is a road-train, give it plenty of room and get off the road and don't even think about overtaking a road-train kicking up a heavy cloud of dust.

Paralana Springs track SA is 4WD only
Paralana Springs track SA is 4WD only

Stop and have a cuppa and a stretch. A 15-minute break will put plenty of separation between you. If you do get stuck, do not leave the vehicle!

Driving on Outback roads can be tricky. Road surfaces vary dramatically in quality especially after seasonal extremes, when rain can make them impassable for days. Watch you speed too, for high-crowned dirt roads are treacherous when trying to slow in a hurry to avoid an animal, rock or entering a floodway quicker than need be. Information courtesy of Flinders Ranges & Outback SA Tourism and Vic Widman

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contact: Garth Morrison 

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