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Friday, 18 Jul 2014

Hypnotic Gulpilil imprints exceptional message in Charlie's Country performance

A gut wrenching message.
A gut wrenching message.

Charlie was born in the bush and in Charlie’s Country actor David Gulpilil is the complete hunter. He is a fluid part of the land, the ferns and trees. He is more than in his country. His lithe body, fluid grace and shining presence hypnotise in every scene. He is the country. A living First Australian.

Director Rolf de Heer’s third collaboration with Gulpilil is a masterpiece in a trilogy which includes The Tracker and Ten Canoes.

David Gulpilil is a great actor with a diverse presence in films like Walkabout, Storm Boy, Crocodile Dundee, Rabbit Proof fence and Australia.

The film grabs Australia’s comfortable Interventionist White is right attitude and shakes the BS out of it.

The thoughtful silence in the theatre as the credits rolled from the big audience who shared the film with GoSeeAustralia was a trumpet call  testimony to the gut-wrenching impact of the messages delivered by Rolf de Heer and David Gulpilil who share the writers’ credits.

This film is exceptional. Charlie’s Country opens in Australian cinemas now. This film is a must see.

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Gulpilil is hypnotic.
Gulpilil is hypnotic.

de Heer, Gulpilil are co-authors.
de Heer, Gulpilil are co-authors.

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