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Thursday, 3 Nov 2011

Portable solar power works best in camp in full sun Battery World tells GoSee

GoSee checks solar  power  options at  Battery  World.
GoSee checks solar power
options at Battery World.

Portable solar power needs practical application to give maximum performance. It works best in camp, in full sun when the touring world has stopped Keith Webster of Battery World, Mt Barker, South Australia told GoSee. Keith says he does not regard solar panels fixed on an RV roof as efficient.

He says that solar panel outputs are generally correct but conditions are so variable that a straight lineal calculation is usually wrong. He says that once stopped with the Recreational Vehicle (RV) comfortably in the shade, particularly in summer, a portable solar collector can be placed at about a 45deg angle in full sun.

As the solar power source moves from northeast to northwest the solar collector can be moved to provide maximum performance.

The result is at least six hours of efficient power collection for the RV/campsite batteries. A typical 100watt solar panel arrangement will power a couple of typical RV fridges, plus a laptop and other small power drain electrical equipment. "An average RV fridge uses about 25 amps a day", Keith says.

Battery World uses CTEK example to show how solar power works
Battery World uses CTEK example to show how solar power works

"This of course depends on how the fridge is used", he said.

Frequent opening and closing of the fridge will destroy efficient operation and drain batteries faster.

Keith says Battery World meets well-informed people who are usually DYI enthusiasts who research the solar options and affects thoroughly.

"On the other hand we also deal with some newcomers who do not realise that solar power needs to be supported by storage batteries", Keith Webster said.

Keith says while there are some campers who are driven by the desire for long-term, self-contained power most travellers will visit a caravan park or other direct electric power source within three days to a week.

A good stage inverter CTEK charger will bring batteries up to top levels in the most efficient way, he says.

This means that with quality batteries and thoughtful use of solar panels most reasonable power needs will be met on campsite. Keith recommends that the RV's own charging alternator system be used through a dual battery controller to add charge to batteries when the RV, caravan or motorhome is on the move.

Bush Power G1000i Inverter Generator
Bush Power G1000i Inverter Generator

A petrol-powered generator is an obvious back-up in addition to solar and the RV's alternator and electrical system, but there can be issues when a generator is used near other campers who value peace in the outdoors. A generator should also be pure sine wave 240V output otherwise any electronics may well be history within a short time.

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Batteries live longer when well maintained
Batteries live longer when well maintained

Look for BW Man to dispose of batteries safely
Look for BW Man to dispose of batteries safely

Think green and act purple at Battery World
Think green and act purple at Battery World

Solar power  options Battery World
Solar power options Battery World

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