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Tuesday, 24 Apr 2012

GoSee evaluates new Hayman Reese safe towing systems with Jayco Sterlings

76002F Hayman Reese Medium Duty 275kg WDH system..
76002F Hayman Reese Medium
Duty 275kg WDH system..

GoSee uses a Hayman Reese 275kg Medium Duty Weight Distribution System with our new 21ft Jayco Sterling caravan. GoSee has also evaluated the Heavy Duty  system  with our 23ft Jayco Sterling..

The Medium Duty System is designated "Classic Series" by Hayman Reese and has a traditional welded head. This recognises the often lifetime loyalty Hayman Reese WDH product has earned with Australians who tow. GoSee believes Hayman Reese has produced a refinement of the most popular towing system used in Australia.

The 600lb/275kg WDH suits caravans with a ball weight between 135kg and 275kg.

It comes with a lifetime warranty for the original buyer.

Over many years GoSee has often been disappointed by gaps in the knowledge and information given to buyers by vehicle makers and distributors. Some models come to the showroom floor with high claims for their ability as a tow tug.

For potential buyers of vehicles which are to be used for towing a major first consideration is the vehicle makers declared (in writing) maximum ball weight. Then the maximum weight the vehicle is rated to pull is just as essential.

This applies to caravans, trailer boats, horse floats and tradie trailers. If these figures are not accurately provided and there is an infringement issue or an accident, safety, insurance cover and the driver's rights under the law are at risk.
Hayman Reese proactive anti-sway cam
Hayman Reese proactive anti-sway cam

These essential considerations start with the style, professional workmanship and strength of the towbar fitted to the tow vehicle. This should be covered in the vehicle makers warranty cover requirements and must meet Australian Standards requirements.

If any of these safe towing essentials are not clearly defined by a vehicle maker GoSee suggests that potential buyers move on to a company who is more committed to towing safety.

Hayman Reese is constrained by the warranty requirements imposed by some vehicle builders. Sometimes this is for the commercial reason of the vehicle builder protecting their own or preferred products.

Unfortunately sometimes a "No warranty on Hayman Reese WDH if fitted" position is confused by owners manual recommendations that WDH be used, but no branded option is suggested. These include major vehicle companies whose advertising includes information about towing ability up to and including 3500kg.

In discussions with a major vehicle maker GoSee was told that none of the companies vehicles are intended to tow. The decision about whether they are used for towing is up to the buyer GoSee was told.

The company is among the most preferred makers of vehicles with towing potential, based on the specifications provided by the vehicle builder.
Hayman Reese springbar  over anti-sway cam
Hayman Reese springbar over anti-sway cam

Hayman Reese product information allows fully informed decisions by the buyer.

While Hayman Reese products do not meet all vehicle maker towing requirements they do cover the majority of safe towing needs. Hayman Reese uses a simple Towing Weight Guide.

The designations are:

Mini, Intermediate, Medium, Heavy and Super Heavy. The HR Guide is colour Coded.

Its core value to buyers is the declared ball weight.

Mini - Ball weight - 0 to 80kg.

Intermediate - Ball weight - 80 to 135kg.

Medium - Ball weight - 135kg to 275kg.

Heavy - Ball weight - 275 to 365kg.

Super Heavy - ball weight - 365 to 545kg.

GoSee thinks this is a clever way to empower people, across competitive restraints, who want to tow. It is a reliable constant even in the face of inaccurate or confusing tow vehicle information.

The Ball Weight Chart also shows clearly when another effective safe towing aid - Friction Sway Control- is available. This aid includes reactive and proactive product. The established reactive Friction Sway is compatible with the Hayman Reese Medium, Heavy and Super Heavy WDH products.

The new Dual Cam HP Sway Control is proactive and also suits Medium, Heavy and Super Heavy towing.The 600lb/275kg Medium Duty WDH kit GoSee uses with our new 21ft Jayco Sterling can be upgraded to the new Dual Cam HP Sway Control.
Hayman Reese dual-cam HP towing kit
Hayman Reese dual-cam HP towing kit

The new Dual Cam HP Sway Control  has  been evaluated in conjunction with a Heavy Duty WDH on the GSA  Jayco 23ft Sterling and it is effective.

The Medium Duty WDH system has  been used with  the other GoSee Sterling we  hook up for  company work, a Jayco Sterling 21 footer. Once again the system provides additional towing safety.

The Friction Sway Controller uses material similar to that used in disc brake pads and a sliding bar with an adjustable lever to regulate the movement of the caravan or trailer.

Hayman Reese has also released a Safety Chain Extender ( pictured  below) which permanently extends safety chains and meets Australian Standards requirements

The 600kg/275kg. Medium Duty Classic Series Weight Distribution System comes with a Hex Cam washer which allows six adjustments of the Drop Shank which has six height adjustment options. Bolt diameter is increased to 19mm for strength.

The welded WDH head has a tab to allow Friction Sway control mounting.

The Dual Cam HP is a High Performance active sway controller. It is the only product of its type on the Australian market. The Dual Cam system is designed to prevent sway in heavier duty applications.

The Classic Series system can be upgraded with its integrated cams acting through the Spring Bars in conjunction with the Dual Cam High Performance sway controller.
Hayman Reese springbar with keyway lock
Hayman Reese springbar with keyway lock

Hayman Reese says the WDH system:
  • Restores correct suspension and steering geometry which provides positive control.
  • Distributes towball weight to all axles.
  • The ball mount is easy to remove.
  • The systems restores natural balance of the tow vehicle redicing excessive tyre wear.
  • Restores original braking efficiency and headlight alignment.
  • Assists in maintaining load stability.
  • It is easy to assemble and install.

The system is backed by a Hayman Reese lifetime warranty.

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GoSee diesel Colorado tow tug
GoSee diesel Colorado tow tug
Hayman Reese safety chain extension bracket
Hayman Reese safety chain extension bracket

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