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Thursday, 17 Jan 2013

Clever bit of kit EasyKlip holds fast in face of gale blasted hard time

EasyKlip reusable  slide
EasyKlip reusable slide

GoSee has thrown away a mountain of tattered and torn tarps over years of camping and boating so your correspondent is pleased to report on a clever bit of kit which extends the useful life of protective coverings.

EasyKlip Midi grabs on and holds like a bulldog at any point it is needed. For GoSee the biggest pain in the past has been that often the eyelets provided on the camping/boating covering being used are not in the right place to get the best results.

Or as time and weather traumas take their toll tattered and torn tarps sheds there eyelets. 98 percent of the tarp may well be OK but often there is nowhere secure on the damaged segment to tie anything off.

But the EasyKlip hangs on with textiles, fabrics, polythene, tarps, shade cloth, hessian and other sheet products and spreads the load on the working surface.

GoSee first saw the product at the Bendigo Leisurefest in November last year. Business demands exceeded time supply until the three week break when our Canberra office closes for Christmas/New Year and that is when we gave Easyklip a hard time.

Heat-beater easyklip holds reflector tarp in all  weathers
Heat-beater easyklip holds reflector tarp in all weathers

Our southern office at Bonbeach, on Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay, is noteable for the varied weather patterns. The gales from northwest and southwest reach awesome proportions. Now the heatwaves dance to 40 and brickwork and metal absorb and then radiate heat. So with a garage door at burning levels one 39deg day three weeks ago Easyklip was put to a real test.

Easyklip is designed specifically to grip up to 6mm thick fabrics, is reusable and relocatable and is tested to 100kg.

We fitted heavy duty hanger hooks in the house brickwork, bought 10m of shockcord and made "springers" for 10 EasyKlips with a few  metres of it which we attached to a sun reflective tarp and strung the whole arrangement over the overheated area.

The result is cool in every sense. Two major gales have come and gone and EasyKlip is cool too.

No chaffing or tearing and as the company says the greater the pull the tighter the product grips.

EasyKlip holds fast through gales with gusts to 40 knots
EasyKlip holds fast through gales with gusts to 40 knots

GoSee believes the shockcord 'springers' play a major role too. Sudden impact, like a big wind gust, is the killer for camping and marine gear. Caravan and boat covers are particular examples.

But roll with the blow  as the springers take the shocks and really big winds can be survived. As your correspondent said earlier, Bonbeach gales are awesome and after the second howler EasyKlip needed some help from a flat bladed screwdriver to release its lockslide. Which proves the harder it blows the tighter it goes.

It not only allows full use of tarps and other fabrics over a longer period, but the EasyKlip can be used again and again. It is versatile too. It is the ultimate tarp clip, perfect for heavy duty sign/banner mounting, camping, marine use, general DIY, horticulture applications and stage and TV events.

Editor's Note: Bunnings is a cost-effective source  of camping bits. This includes shockcord. While it is  not best quality it does the job. It is  important to keep the shockcord diameter small so it does not jam the EasyKlip. The same caveat applies if  cord or light rope is used to tie the EasyKlip off.

 For more information
contact: Garth Morrison
Editor Go See Australia and Go See New Zealand Directory

EasyKlip is where the grip is needed
EasyKlip is where the grip is needed

EasyKlip reusable  slide  lock  IN for On out for Off
EasyKlip reusable slide lock IN for On out for Off

Open wide  EasyKlip shows its  bite
Open wide EasyKlip shows its bite

Shockcord eases the  gale impacts
Shockcord eases the gale impacts

Easyklip Australia Tarp Clips & Fasteners
Easyklip Australia Tarp Clips & Fasteners

As an instant clip-on eyelet replacement, the Easyklip is highly effective and efficient when securing textiles, fabrics, polythene, tarps, shadecloth, hessian and other sheet products.
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