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Monday, 18 Mar 2013

Polly Chat - some unusual stuff for GoSee Australia readers

Bob Farmer checks GoSee campsite.
Bob Farmer checks GoSee campsite.

New caravanner Bob 'Polly' Farmer chats about this and that

I want to fire up the Jeep, dust off the Jayco Sterling 21 footer and head west beside the Murray River but extension planning is holding me, us, back.

We itch to get on the road and travel, inland in autumn, winter and early spring, you know, a great big clear blue sky by day and lots of bright stars at night with a safe camp fire for cooking, warmth and affect some nights.

We recently moved and are presently settling into a residence that used to be our getaway place. Its terrific but needs a bit more to become our home, a new master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and walk in wardrobes, She says, a craft room, that I support, for her, extra garaging for the Jeep and Jayco Sterling 21footer and a nice little workshop for Scamp, the little old Jack Russell and I to stooge, err um, to do work in.
GSA Sterling 21
GSA Sterling 21

Big picture stuff that interests, (in no particular order) that I think is deserving of some early thought for many ordinary people, now, not later when too late:

Nobody won the Italian election and strangely considering the past five or so years the financial world doesn't seem to care. The Italians are a funny mob in as much as they seem to fund their own excesses by buying their own bonds, so if the rates on italian bonds increase because of the no real result election, which they did, it seems to me that a lot of Italians have a bit more dividend to spend.

America still functions  despite their political parties playing 'no deal' brinkmanship with the nations financial policies, lots of other world governments are looking disfunctional and the 1st world (think Europe) is mostly broke.

Australia is one of only nine or so AAA rated countries, the envy of most of the world, I read.

Yet all levels of Australian Government are spending more than is received. Various interests lobby, strike and demand more for their cause, for their industry, for their members, for their projects and Government, to retain power through service, dutifully borrows to satisfy the immediate and ignores the future.

Self interest dominates, continues to demand, claims entitlement, is rarely thankful and almost never satisfied.
GSA Sterling 21 with slide-outs behind Jeep Laredo diesel inner Sydney
GSA Sterling 21 with slide-outs behind Jeep Laredo diesel inner Sydney

National Government debt throughout the world is almost impossible to repay, except by devaluing money, by creating and injecting more and more currency into national economies at very low rates and inflating debt away (money creation is work in progress now, rising costs and devaluing inflation later). Debt problem solved except:

The savers are shorted, the vulnerable are exploited, the old are disenfranchised and the many new poor people are stranded in poverty by inflationary devaluation of their life savings.

Weak national governments continues to spend capital they don't have to satisfy perceived/promised entitlement, they fail to control business and work ethics and take the easy decisions of surrendering to greedy industry and greedy labour.


Despite the very lowest of interest rate opportunities and the creation of unimaginable sums of money, Enterprise Capital seems to be on strike with few press releases of big new projects to reinvigorate and drive economies and create opportunity and employment, as yet.

Whatever does it take?, I hope some positives break out and rates return to something approaching long term average, before savers consume their capital in the present not much return on savings environment.
Millie and Scamp take to caravanning
Millie and Scamp take to caravanning

A Fair days Work for a Fair Days Pay is the forgotten mantra of modern Australia that is being replaced with never ending grizzles and thoughtless 1st world gripes from the people of a rich Australia whose Governments are failing to save and assure advantage from a once in a hundred years terms of trade bonanza that should guarantee national prosperity and performance for decades.

Future Australians will surely wonder and ask what did the early 21st century Australians do with all that money, did they just take the wealth and blow it?

I was recently told the following story. A group of Australian mates took a fishing holiday to a remote island of Fiji. The seven families on the island had recently received a diesel generator from the government so that they could get power generated to their homes for four to six hours each evening,

Two families, however, could not afford the about $3 per week required to have power. I understand that the people of Fiji receive basic medical and education from Government, no other social service support. How good is it to be an Australian.

What should you take away from this?

Well, I can't tell the future any better than others, but it seems to me that inflationary devaluation of cash is likely in the near future, say sometime next year, so sooner rather than later strategies to preserve value should be assessed and actions implemented.

Best to do before heading off for a winter run in the Jeep and Jayco, or whatever rigs you have, I think.

I hope to find you out there,


Editors Note: Polly Chat is an occasional column. The  views expressed are not necessarily shared  by GoSeeAustralia and its associated companies.  As Polly says he can't tell the future nor should anything said here lead to financial decisions without the benefit of reliable professional advice.



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Jeep and Jayco on the road
Jeep and Jayco on the road
GoSee Jeep has Ora towing mirrors  Toyota uses Clearview
GoSee Jeep has Ora towing mirrors Toyota uses Clearview
GSA Sterling 21 waterside camping
GSA Sterling 21 waterside camping
The deciding factor in GoSee campsite decision
The deciding factor in GoSee campsite decision

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