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Thursday, 9 May 2013

NSW winner for Thermal Cookware Shuttle Chef, accessory pack and cookbook

Shuttle Chef RPC 6000 with six  litre  inner  pot.
Shuttle Chef RPC 6000 with
six litre inner pot.

Brian Johnston of Sanctuary Point, NSW, has won  the Shuttle Chef (Bronze) RPC6000 featuring a single inner multi-layered stainless steel saucepan with a carbon steel plate sandwiched into the heavy stainless steel base. 

This model has been produced in response to many requests for a bigger internal saucepan. The prize from Thermal Cookware  includes an RPC 6000 Accessory Pack and Cookbook. The total prize value is $445. 

The RPC 6000 AUS has a big six litre inner saucepan.

The accessory pack is made up of the Carry Bag a Cutting Board and a Bain Marie which allows two meals to be cooked at the same time using the Bain Marie or Top Pot in combination with the six litre inner pot. The heavy based Bain Marie hangs from the lip of the inner saucepan and converts the Shuttle Chef to a double pot system.
Shuttle Chef accessory pack.
Shuttle Chef accessory pack.

The new padded carry bag has been designed with more insulating padding in heavier material and it now has 50mm wide shoulder straps and strong metal attachment clips. Cleverly designed to make maximum use of space the special cutting board fits in the bottom of the Carry Bag.

This has two benefits, extra support for the Shuttle Chef when it is in the Carry Bag or as a wine bottle Carry Bag when travelling.

Thermal Cookware is the ultimate in quality meals for busy people. From kitchen novice to seasoned chef, Thermal Cookware is one piece of cookware that produces highly nutritious meals, when and where needed.

A meal remains hot for up to 10 hours plus without overcooking. The latest cookbook Freedom with Flavour  is spiral bound for easy access and has specially treated pages so that they can be wiped clean. The cookbook is carefully laid out with easy to read instructions and high resolution images.

For more information
contact: Garth Morrison
Editor Go See Australia and Go See New Zealand Directory
Email: garth@contact.com.au
New Freedom with Flavour Cookbook.
New Freedom with Flavour Cookbook.
Bain Marie
Bain Marie

Thermal Cookware - Shuttle Chef
Thermal Cookware - Shuttle Chef

Cook, serve and keep meals hot for up to 8 hours!
Great for travelling, or in the home!

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