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Monday, 22 Jul 2013

Camec does well with overall solution to towing mirror needs

Camec mirror  is small but gives good steady vision.
Camec mirror is small but
gives good steady vision.

Camec's suction fitted towing mirrors do the job on GoSeeAustralia's Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 auto diesel.

The pleasant surprise is that this clever idea works so well across a range of tow tugs.

They are cheap, convenient to fit and adjust rear vision exactly via the Jeep's electric mirror switch pad.

Towing at speeds up to 106kmh has not dislodged them. As long at the Jeep mirrors are cleaned before the clever suction cups which lock the Camecs in place are clamped on the result, so far, is rock solid.

Testing the suction diaphragm cup grip on a dirty Jeep mirror surface broke the seal, but the elastic safety lanyard which comes with the Camecs and snaps around the Jeeps mirrors prevented damage.

Once cleaned care is needed to place the Camec mirrors suction diaphragm cup firmly on the Jeep's mirrors. The Camecs lock their grip when the the adjustment knob on the end of the mirror arm is turned clockwise. Anti clockwise releases the suction and the light, flat mirrors are off in an instant.

Just follow the direction moulded into the housing.
Twist right to lock on twist left to release
Twist right to lock on twist left to release

As an overall solution to easy to adjust towing mirror needs Camec has done well indeed. Another plus is that while the mirrors are small they still provided clear, safe vibration free rear vision. Their small surface area also means that they create less drag.

This is a fuel saving. Bigger mirrors add to the fuel bill. In GoSee's experience this can be up to half a litre per 100kms  depending on windage and towing speed.

GSA's preferred towing mirror is Clearview which is fitted to the GSA Toyota Sahara and Colorado LX/T, but as so far there is no Clearview product available for the GSA Jeeps the Camec mirror is a particularly cost effective alternative.

GSA used the Camec suction mirrors in conjunction with the GSA Blue Sky caravan and they provide a good view down both sides of the caravan without any hassles in terms of adjustment.

Initially some thought is needed about the exact placement of the Camec mirrors suction diaphragm on the surface of the Jeep's mirrors to get maximum vision. Once this is established and applied a few times repeat performances are easy.

The GSA evaluation thus far has included some average country bitumen road running with the Blue Sky on the Hayman Reese Heavy Duty tow bar. The surface was certainly rugged enough to produce vibration in the mirrors and potentially a distorted rear view, but the Camec " extensions" on the Jeep's mirrors were not affected.

The Camec suction fitting towing mirrors are sold separately expect to pay about $40 for two.

Editors note: Here is a run of towing mirror Information Articles from the free GoSee library:

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For more information
contact: Garth Morrison
Editor Go See Australia and Go See New Zealand Directory
Email: garth@contact.com.au
Camec mirror trims with Jeep electrics
Camec mirror trims with Jeep electrics
Camec mirror locks onto GSA1
Camec mirror locks onto GSA1
GSA Camec towing mirror evaluation
GSA Camec towing mirror evaluation
Camec mirror  is small but gives good steady vision
Camec mirror is small but gives good steady vision

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