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Thursday, 25 Jul 2013

Victron 602s monitors, controls and manages camp batteries

Victron Battery Monitor 602S
Victron Battery Monitor 602S

Don't overuse your battery and you can extend its life range into many years. Overusing a battery can shorten its life and even write it off if care is not taken. So dual battery systems have a head start in caravans, camper trailers and boats for a longer life with a Victron Battery Monitor 602S from Bainbridge Technologies.

The 602S can be connected to a second battery to monitor its voltage. Its powerful microprocessor and accurate shunt technology provide all the information necessary to analyse and manage the batteries.

A typical application is the GSA Holden Colorado Ute where the 602S is ideal to monitor the main battery and the auxiliary battery which rides in the back.

As always first wiring access must be carefully thought through for best results. In the product box is a comprehensive set of installation instructions. There is a good guide on how to install the meter inside a box or a panel.

Data can be downloaded to a PC. A grey cable with an RJ12 connector simply plugs into the back of the battery monitor itself. Installing the current shunt is the next step.
Monitor in Situ with Fridge close up
Monitor in Situ with Fridge close up

The negative and positive connections must be set up before connection to the battery. Do not have the battery connected when installing the shunt.

The 602S has two battery monitoring connection points. The important thing to note on the shunt is the one side is connected to the battery or inverter and the other side is connected to load. This is clearly marked on the shunt fittings.

A flat screwdriver is needs to open connection clips and instal wiring leads securely. The last part of the installation is to the battery itself. It is good practice to always connect the positive lead first and then the negative.

There is a ring connector from the current shunt which goes on last. Once the battery terminals are connected then connect the RJ12 connector into the shunt itself. The battery monitor fires up and the Victron model number appears on the display.

It will then display the voltage of the battery ie: 13.2v. The last thing to do is configure the battery capacity. This is a simple press button task. Press setup use the plus or minus buttons and then press select. Hold the setup button for a couple of seconds, this accesses the set-up mode and the amp hour capacity of the battery.

Use the set-up button to access the desired figure ie: 105 amp hours. Hold the plus and minus buttons down together to set the state of charge.
BMV602 Install - battery Capacity (Cb)
BMV602 Install - battery Capacity (Cb)

The BMV602S displays the voltage of both batteries and can detect whether they are 12V, 24V, or 48V batteries.

It also monitors what currents are going in and out of the auxiliary battery, displays the percentage of available energy left and also indicates the amount of time that the auxiliary battery can continue to support the current load before a recharge is necessary.

The programmable alarm takes any guesswork out of battery monitoring; alerting to when over/under voltage reaches a level that has been preset.

The BMV602S ends concerns about batteries failing at the campsite, handling the load, or that vehicles will fire up when it is time to head out.

The BMV602s is a complete kit that comes with everything you need to easily wire and install your monitor without requiring any additional components.

Included is the battery monitor, optional bezel, 500A current shunt and the only two cables needed to simply wire the unit.

The Victron Battery Monitor BMV602S retails for $349. Check out Bainbridge Technologies installation video 

For more information
contact: Garth Morrison
Editor Go See Australia and Go See New Zealand Directory
BMV602 Install - DF
BMV602 Install - DF
BMV602 Install - OK
BMV602 Install - OK
BMV602 Install - Sync
BMV602 Install - Sync
Close up button press
Close up button press
Monitor in Situ with sockets
Monitor in Situ with sockets
Shunt in engine
Shunt in engine

Bainbridge Technologies
Bainbridge Technologies

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