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Thursday, 12 Dec 2013

July 1, 2014 target for for caravanning industry single national body

Stuart Lamont CEO CRVA.
Stuart Lamont CEO CRVA.

The Caravan RV and Accommodation Industry of Australia (CRVA) and Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Australia (RVMA) Working Party for the establishment of a single national entity representing the Australian caravan and camping industry by July next year met for the first time in Sydney on Wednesday, November 11. The meeting agenda was to develop terms of reference and a project plan. David Duncan, Chris Goddard and Ben Binns from RVM Australia and Stuart Lamont, Steve Bartlett and Mark Lindsay from CRVA made up the Working Party. Duplication of roles by industry bodies at a national level is a key issue.

The group says the formation of a single national entity by July 1 is ambitious, but achievable. The project plan, developed in conjunction with an independent facilitator, addresses timeframes surrounding the development of governance, membership, and organisational structures, as well as the role of and the rationale behind, the new entity.

The Working Party will meet again in january 2014 to report on its progress.

There are many advantages in the development of a single national body, not least of which is strong advocacy to Government, with one united voice on industry issues.

David Duncan RVM Australias CEO
David Duncan RVM Australias CEO

On December 10 RVM Australia CEO David Duncan said RVM Australia has reinforced its members’ compliance capability by arranging low-cost access to Australian Standards.

It has negotiated to provide members with read-only access to all the relevant Standards for much less than the cost of buying the documents outright.

RVM Australia CEO David Duncan said the move was part of the association’s commitment to helping members comply fully with all applicable rules and regulations.

“Our members can now consult the relevant Standards at a cost that makes sense for a small to medium business, without the major expense of buying the documents outright,” he said.

“This covers all 30-plus Standards applicable to RV manufacturing, including the new AS/NZS 5601 Gas Installation Set: 2013 plus the latest updates and amendments.

“In addition, we are developing online member access to relevant Australian Design Rules (ADRs), Vehicle Standards Bulletins (VSBs) and all other required regulatory documents,” he said.

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