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Go See Australia by Caravan or Recreational Vehicle (RV) The place for all caravan parks, campervan, recreational vehicle (RV), motorhome, camping grounds, tourist parks, or holiday parks cabin adventure anywhere in Australia. Experience caravanning and camping through Information Articles or use the powerful Caravan Parks Search to find over 2700 caravan parks Australia wide. The Plan a Trip mapping service has full driving directions and park information with travel distances.
The public User's Forums is for questions and mutual help from people on the road and like caravan and motorhome travellers. Save with Discounted Park Specials. Use the Secure On-Line Accommodation Booking Service to book your trip. Participating Pet Friendly Caravan Parks show an easily identified pet's logo. The For Sale classifieds show anything caravan, tent, camping, recreational vehicle (RV) or motorhome related. GoSeeAustralia Directory is the largest caravan park, holiday park, tourist park and camping ground directory in Australia.
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Tow ball and rear axle close together aids stability.

Get your towing head together and be a safer Christmas caravan camper

The closer a tow ball is to the rear axle of the tow vehicle the better. This really is a case of getting your towing head together. It is one big reason 4WD's are often chosen as tow vehicles. In addition to being heavier vehicles the design requirements of a 4WD, which must have serious entry and exit angles front and back to cope with off-road work, means the tow ball is not way aft, waving about. This means better, safer towing.
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Maggie Tagg

Downward $ has strong upside for Aussie based manufacturers and service providers

Maggie Tagg, who writes Citadel 'Financial Info on the Go' for GSA, says companies that manufacture or provide a service in Australia and compete with the now more expensive imports should do well.

The decline against the US dollar to its lowest level in four years will be particularly welcomed by the Reserve Bank which has talked about the currency being uncomfortably high for some time.
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Park group for Nomads launches cost effective campsites at Bendigo Leisurefest

Park group for Nomads launches cost effective campsites at Bendigo Leisurefest

A new parks network specifically for travelling nomads made its national show debut at the Caravan and Camping Leisurefest in Bendigo last Friday.

Kui Parks is a growing group of cost-effective, clean and friendly parks for nomads of all ages.

Created by experienced caravanners Bert and Kenau van Spronsen, Kui Parks has signed up its first 20 parks and aims to top 100 within a year.
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2000 Powertech in action secured to caravan with Toylok

Sorry can't be definitive generators spark compromise and personal choices

After an extended practical evaluation of popular generators GoSee is unable to be definitive.

We agree with one of GoSee's valued 'Old Heads' Ozzie Traveller who has serious experience in being comfortable on the road, he says -Whatever is chosen will be a compromise and; whatever is chosen is a personal choice.

The first question is do you really need a generator?
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148 nights of full-time life on road memorable experiences bring practical change

148 nights of full-time life on road memorable experiences bring practical change

Our Pam and Alan report on 148 days of their new full-time life on the road adventure to Go Make Some Memories. They moved from a 3BR house to a 21ft caravan with guard dog Chloe in June.

Experience brought them back to their start point storage unit to reshuffle 'essentials'.

Sadly Chloe left in October. There is a hyperlink to a helpful story on the stressful challenges for long-term travelling pets at the end of the Information Article.
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Oops that is not how the brakes are supposed to work

GoSeeAustralia Christmas wish is the gift of RV safety to those you love

It is important that a Recreational Vehicle, be it caravan, camper, motorhome or 4WD which has been sitting in the drive-way or under a carport for months be serviced before it is taken off to the summer holiday spot.

Professional service is essential both for safety and also to retain a high re-sale value in the RV.

Internal fixtures like stove, refrigerator and sink plumbing need to be checked over too.

The spin-off Christmas New Year gift to you and yours is a safe trouble free holiday.
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Roll-over between Genoa and Cann River..

What do you think rolled this caravan over and put the tow vehicle in the ditch?

What speed do you think the rig was travelling at when the caravan went into uncontrollable fishtailing?

Look carefully at the picture.

There is something GSA thinks is obvious.

It may not be the cause but we think it is certainly a prime suspect.

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Geoff Carter hooks  up

Now we have your attention GoSee offers some thoughts on safe towing

Now we have your attention GoSee offers some thoughts on safe towing. It is essential to take the time to read the Owner's Manual for both the tow vehicle and the caravan.

This may be a War and Peace challenge, but the rewards the knowledge gained gives is worth the trouble.

Have towing fit-out work done by a registered professional provider who understands what is required for modern caravans and towing safety.
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BIG4 Port Willunga Tourist Park has a popular saltwater pool

BIG4 Port Willunga Tourist Park a rare SA roost devoted to bush peace

BIG4 Port Willunga Tourist Park, Aldinga, South Australia is all about peace and quiet.

It is 46km from South Australia's capital Adelaide between the townships of Maslin Beach and the Historic Port Willunga in the Aldinga area.

So don't drive to Aldinga township to find it.
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Great Ocean Road Beaches are spectacular year round

Great Ocean Road takes on world as Great Drive touring experience Part 3

Victoria's first permanent European settlement Portland is living history with more than 200 maintained heritage buildings.

Blue waters and white sands are the signature for beaches that are among Australia's best.

Mt Gambier, SA, is a natural continuation of the Great Ocean Road experience into South Australia. We conclude the Great Ocean Road feature series with touring options linked to this world class Great Drive of Australia.
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