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Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park

Grampians VIC

Lazy Sunday Cabin Special

Wimmera Lakes Caravan Resort

Grampians VIC

Kids stay free Winter Special

Kennett River Holiday Park

Great Ocean Road VIC

Winter Special

Resthaven Caravan Park

Bairnsdale VIC

Winter Specials

Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park

Byron Bay NSW

E Blast Special

Barwon River Holiday Park

Geelong VIC


Yarrawonga Holiday Park Inc.

Yarrawonga VIC

BIG4 Bendigo Ascot Holiday Park

Bendigo VIC


Lake Fyans Holiday Park

Halls Gap VIC

Autumn/Winter Special

Walpole Rest Point Caravan Park

Walpole WA

Winter Getaway Special!

Milang Lakeside Caravan Park

Milang SA

Winter Specials

Big4 Blanchetown Riverside Holiday Park

Blanchetown SA

5 Night Auction Deal - Standard Cabin

Junee Tourist Park

Junee NSW


Victoria Lake Holiday Park

Shepparton VIC


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  • pluk pluk
    Lawn Hill Gorge

    Dry season opens Savannah Way sealed 2WD and 4WD route options to Northern Australian wonders

    Russell Boswell, Manager Savannah Way Ltd says the dry season is underway in northern Australia signalling the best time to explore the wonders of The Savannah Way.

    Sealed 2WD routes lead to Undara Lava Tubes, historic Croydon, the incredible Gulflander Train, Kakadu National Park and classic towns of the Kimberley including Halls Creek and Broome.

    For those in 4WD mode the menu opens up to offer Cobbold Gorge, Lawn Hill Gorge, Lorella Springs and the Gibb River Road. Find out more at www.savannahway.com.au and get packing!

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  • pluk pluk
    Emergency key is released from fob.

    Jeep Grand Cherokee lock-out keys in steep, valuable learning curve

    It was a real surprise when my Jeep Grand Cherokee Quadra-Lift, Adventure Pack MY13 DPchipped diesel locked me out.

    The 3500kg max trailer and 350kg on the tow ball 4WD never raised a serious problem, just replacement of two fuses and a faulty headlight, both replaced under warranty over three years.

    Now I stood on the outside of my car clicking unlock on the remote access fob and only drew a blank.

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  • pluk pluk
    Sunset and camels, Cable Beach Broome, courtesy Tourism WA

    Broome provides a base for some serious WA relaxation

    It is sunset over the 22 kilometre stretch of white sand that is Broomes Cable Beach and a small crowd gathers to watch as the sun, now a disc of deep red, sinks into the Indian Ocean.

    One or two people linger at the waters edge, refusing to relinquish the day, while a trail of camels stroll along the sand, giving visitors one of Broomes most famous experiences a sunset camel ride.

    Sitting just 18 degrees from the equator, Broome has a year-round warm and tropical climate, which encourages relaxation and an outdoors lifestyle.

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  • pluk pluk
    Mazda BT-50 XTR Dual Cab.

    Ute buyers defy logic as they back off at the sight of Mazda's pretty face

    When it comes to Utes Australians are a weird mob.

    For example take Ford and Mazda Utes, new owners are not buying their mounts on price alone. Many potential buyers don't like the Mazda's pretty face.

    The Ford Ranger XLT Double Cab diesel outsells its kissing cousin the Mazda BT 50 XTR Double Cab by a claimed up to 2 to 1. Defying practical budget logic the Mazda seems to translate in the buyers minds as too pretty, while the Ford comes through as a grunty Yank Truck.

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  • pluk pluk
    Clearview towing mirror fully extended on GoSee Toyota TD Sahara.

    Road Rules clear view demands common factor in mirrors choices for compliant towing

    The Australian Road Rules are the basis for compliance in all Australian states and territories. There are still a number of variations across Australia, which are allowed through 'laws of jurisdiction.'

    The common factor is that the road rules state that a driver must not drive a motor vehicle unless the driver has a clear view of the road as well as traffic ahead, behind and to each side.

    A reversing camera fitted to the rear of a caravan and connected for viewing on a display screen in the tow vehicle cab will also provide a good rear view, but may not adequately provide good vision down both sides of the caravan or trailer.

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  • pluk pluk
    PS Ruby at junction of Murray and Darling Rivers.

    River Road junction Wentworth unlocks Inland Sailor legends of Australia's pioneer paddle steamers

    Wentworth on the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers in south western New South Wales is the River Road gateway to Outback NSW and beyond into Queensland. In the late 1800's Wentworth was one of Australia's busiest ports.

    Determined, businesslike captains steamed to beyond the Back of Bourke into Queensland, backing their skill and luck against being stuck as the unreliable Darling fell.

    Captain Billy, William Richard Randell, first of the steam powered Rivermen moved to Wentworth with the woman who was the love of his life. His wife Bessie.

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  • pluk pluk
    Te anau Lakeview Kiwi Holiday Park

    Guest nights grow 8.5 percent to nudge 7.4m in New Zealand Holiday Parks

    Holiday Accommodation Parks of New Zealand President Lisa Cornelissen says HAPNZ percentage growth exceeded that experienced by the hotel, motel and backpacker sectors with March alone delivering 35 percent growth.

    After their most successful summer ever, holiday park operators are being warned to prepare for an even busier peak season in 2016-17.

    HAPNZ is a strong supporter of the New Zealand Responsible Camping Forum which is led by Tourism Industry Aotearoa.

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  • pluk pluk
    e-go Platinum 200 with mount

    New e-go Platinum 200 moves big Aussie caravans and trailers like nothing else

    Caravan accessory manufacturer Purple Line's e-go 200 has upgraded electronics, a wider 200mm tyre roller and a re-engineered engagement mechanism, it is designed to deliver maximum power to the road wheels of the heaviest caravans and trailers.

    The upgraded e-go Platinum remote control electric caravan mover delivers maximum manoeuvring power for big, tough Aussie caravans. .

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  • pluk pluk
    GSA1 rated at 350kg ball 3500kg max tow.

    Major risks in under size caravan tow tugs South Australian Police say

    There are major risks involved in towing a caravan or camper trailer if an under sized towing vehicle is used. These risks are compounded when the caravan is over weight.

    Police from the SA Road Safety Centre say they believe many caravans are over weight.

    Towing regulations throughout Aust accept the vehicle makers numbers about what a vehicle can tow. If these numbers are exceeded the law, warranty and insurance will be offended.

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