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22 Jan 2015

4x2 Ranger diesel choice steps away from long-term towing comfort zone

Editor's Note: GoSee tows its 2500kg, full-time on the road, caravan travelling office with a Ford Ranger XLT Super, P/U HR 3.2 diesel so the Information Article on the GoSeeAustralia and GoSeeNewZealand Home Pages has current pictures from the practical working life of our Ranger diesel.

The 4x2 is a rear-wheel drive Ranger. This brought a significant cost saving over a 4x4 version. So while the choice of the Ranger 4x2 is a step away from our collective comfort zones the decision is based in extensive towing experience.

22 Jan 2015

Ford Ranger NZ's most popular pickup as it challenges HiLux in Oz

The Ford Ranger has passed the Toyota HiLux to become New Zealand's most popular pickup. In addition to being the number one selling truck in New Zealand, the Ranger is also New Zealand's most awarded light truck.

In Australia the Ranger design mix set 2014 sales records as it challenges the Toyota HiLux in the Oz market.

GoSee tows its 2500kg, full-time on the road, caravan travelling office with a Ford Ranger so this Information Article has current pictures from the practical working life of our Ranger diesel.

20 Jan 2015

Pam's Pink DreamPot chicken bacon recipe served with crusty bread is yum

As she and Alan live full-time on the road in their 21ft GSA travelling office caravan Pam values her eco-friendly DreamPot.

It is pink because DreamPot, Pam and Alan are National Breast Cancer Foundation supporters.

DreamPot is thermal cooking, a portable, easy-to-use, cooking appliance which uses only a fraction of the power or heating source to achieve magnificent meals anywhere or anytime. DreamPot is an Australian family operated company which has made meals for travellers much better since 1964.

Recent Articles
19 Jan 2015

Newsy GoSeeAustralia kicks goals online for Vic. Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow campers

GoSeeAustralia.com.au is newsy, alive and kicking goals online for campers at the first Melbourne Showgrounds Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow series of free seminars from Wed. Feb 11.

The GSA free Internet picture show delivers fresh information online as it happens. Our Alan and Pam live full-time on the road in GSA's 21ft caravan. They tell it like it is, right now.

Learn how to tap thousands of free Information Articles from GSA Editor Garth Morrison. Join thousands of GoSeers and chat across Australia on free forums. Plan a trip with four Way Points. Check out 2700 caravan parks free.

16 Jan 2015

Coromandel Council more permissive to responsible freedom camping in line with Act

The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA) website reports that The Thames-Coromandel District's Freedom Camping Bylaw 2014 came into effect from December 1st, 2014.

The TCDC made its original Freedom Camping Bylaw on Dec 14 2011 under Section 11 of the Freedom Camping Act of 2011. The current 2014 review of this bylaw is in accordance with section 13(1) of the Act. Affectivity, the camping-related provisions under the Council's original freedom camping bylaw, public places bylaw and parking control bylaw are revoked.

18 Dec 2014

Downward $ has strong upside for Aussie based manufacturers and service providers

Maggie Tagg, who writes Citadel 'Financial Info on the Go' for GSA, says companies that manufacture or provide a service in Australia and compete with the now more expensive imports should do well.

The decline against the US dollar to its lowest level in four years will be particularly welcomed by the Reserve Bank which has talked about the currency being uncomfortably high for some time.

18 Dec 2014

Hamilton Mystery Creek Show free TOP 10 rally open to all campers

The Camper Care New Zealand Motorhome, Caravan & Leisure Show from Feb 27 to March 1 2015 says that TOP 10 Holiday Parks will host the Show's Rally.

The TOP 10 Rally will be held at Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton, is FREE OF CHARGE.

All members of the public with a motorhome, caravan or tent are welcome to attend. Entrance to the Rally is via Gate 2, Mystery Creek Rd.

18 Dec 2014

Drab to Fab Caravan Do Up Challenge returns to Camper Care Motorhome, Caravan and Leisure Show

The Resene Caravan Do Up Challenge returns to the Camper Care Motorhome, Caravan & Leisure Show at Mystery Creek, Hamilton February 27th to March 1st 2015.

Two teams will once again compete to make over their caravans in just three days, on site at the show at Mystery Creek, a unique addition to the shows 10th birthday celebrations, and tying in the all new 'Everything Outdoor and Leisure zone'.

12 Dec 2014

Get your towing head together and be a safer caravan camper

The closer a tow ball is to the rear axle of the tow vehicle the better. This really is a case of getting your towing head together. It is one big reason 4WD's are often chosen as tow vehicles. In addition to being heavier vehicles the design requirements of a 4WD, which must have serious entry and exit angles front and back to cope with off-road work, means the tow ball is not way aft, waving about. This means better, safer towing.

4 Dec 2014

Unique islands link to a true Aussie Out There Western Australia experience

The Abrolhos Islands, with their rich flora and fauna and surrounding coral reef communities, form one of Western Australia's unique marine areas.

The Abrolhos Islands lie about 60 kilometres west of Geraldton, on the Western Australian coast, and consist of 122 islands clustered into three main groups: the Wallabi Group, Easter Group and Pelsaert Group, which extend from north to south across 100 kilometres of ocean.

3 Dec 2014

BIG4 Port Willunga Tourist Park a rare SA roost devoted to bush peace

BIG4 Port Willunga Tourist Park, Aldinga, South Australia is all about peace and quiet.

It is 46km from South Australia's capital Adelaide between the townships of Maslin Beach and the Historic Port Willunga in the Aldinga area.

So don't drive to Aldinga township to find it.

3 Dec 2014

GoSeeAustralia Christmas wish is the gift of RV safety to those you love

It is important that a Recreational Vehicle, be it caravan, camper, motorhome or 4WD which has been sitting in the drive-way or under a carport for months be serviced before it is taken off to the summer holiday spot.

Professional service is essential both for safety and also to retain a high re-sale value in the RV.

Internal fixtures like stove, refrigerator and sink plumbing need to be checked over too.

The spin-off Christmas New Year gift to you and yours is a safe trouble free holiday.

28 Nov 2014

Ranger moves to No. 2 Ute in Oz as it challenges Hilux 32-year New Zealand run

Twenty fourteen has become a milestone year for the Ford Ranger as it has broken each of its monthly sales records through October in Australia while closing in on Toyota Hilux's record of 32 consecutive years as New Zealand's best-selling Ute.

Ranger sales in NZ are 31 per cent up to the end of October compared to the same time last year. Ranger is within striking distance of the top-selling Toyota Corolla as there are only 26 units separating the two.

26 Nov 2014

14,100 drawn to Bendigo Leisurefest as CIA Vic focus on first Melbourne Showgrounds Supershow

For the fourth time in four years Bendigo's 13th annual Caravan and Camping Leisurefest drew crowds near 14,000.

CIA Vic CEO Rob Lucas said CIA Vic's focus now was on the Victorian Caravan Camping & Touring Supershow, which moves to Melbourne Showgrounds for 2015 on the new dates of 11-16 February.

The RV & Camping Leisurefest will return to Bendigo for 20-22 November 2015.

25 Nov 2014

CIL Insurance sponsors Australia's biggest Caravan, Camping and Touring Outdoors Show

The Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow will celebrate the move to their new home, the Melbourne Showgrounds with CIL Insurance returning as the major show sponsor in 2015.

Announcing the new sponsorship arrangement, CEO of the Caravan Industry Association Victoria, (CIA Vic), Rob Lucas, said he was delighted that CIL Insurance had returned to team up with the event to showcase the very best outdoor exhibition space in the state.

24 Nov 2014

What do you think rolled this caravan over and put the tow vehicle in the ditch?

What speed do you think the rig was travelling at when the caravan went into uncontrollable fishtailing?

Look carefully at the picture.

There is something GSA thinks is obvious.

It may not be the cause but we think it is certainly a prime suspect.


17 Nov 2014

Park group for Nomads launches cost effective campsites at Bendigo Leisurefest

A new parks network specifically for travelling nomads made its national show debut at the Caravan and Camping Leisurefest in Bendigo last Friday.

Kui Parks is a growing group of cost-effective, clean and friendly parks for nomads of all ages.

Created by experienced caravanners Bert and Kenau van Spronsen, Kui Parks has signed up its first 20 parks and aims to top 100 within a year.

12 Nov 2014

Consumers benefit as ANCAP steps up international safe car criteria

November 12 2014

Consumers to benefit from higher safety standards.

From 1 January 2015, the criteria against which new cars will be assessed will again rise for all star rating levels meaning even safer cars for consumers.

Increasing ANCAP standards and a comprehensive development and expansion path in partnership with Euro NCAP will see even higher levels of safety in cars from 2015.

11 Nov 2014

Volunteer Heritage Heroes produce $1,030,000 in added value at historic Farina

The Farina Restoration Group Enews letter says that since 2009 when a working bee of 30 caravanners and campers recognised the potential of the historic inland Australian South Australian township $1,030,000 has been produced in added value.

The Farina Restoration Group Inc works each year in stabilizing the historic buildings and explaining the history of Farina. Farina Restoration group are winners of the South Australia 2012 Heritage Heroes Award.

10 Nov 2014

Coromal Appeals to hip pocket among Bendigo Leisurefest regional debute launches

Bendigo's 13th annual Caravan & Camping Leisurefest will host several major regional product debuts and a whole new sub-brand from a top national caravan maker.

Leisurefest runs from 21 to 23 November at Bendigo Racecourse.

Coromal launches its Appeal companion range priced under $50,000 drive-away.

31 Oct 2014

Lest we forget - Dust-off copter landmarks Seymours remarkable Aussie Vietnam memorial

Seymour's Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk in High Street at the junction of Emily Street and Tallarook Street, Seymour, Victoria is an experience which spans past and present and is certainly among Australia's Go Make Some Memories road travel attractions.

Mitchell Shire Council is creating caravan and bus parking at the eastern end of Seymour's Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk about two hours from Melbourne. The council aims to cope with big rigs.

30 Oct 2014

VACC appalled by potential fuel price politics windfall, says Exec. Director

VACC is appalled by the Federal Government's threat to reimburse not motorists, but fuel companies if the Senate does not approve the fuel excise increase.

Labor, the Greens, the Palmer United Party and other Senators have been told by the Federal Government that fuel companies would have a 'windfall gain' if the Senate does not approve the recently announced fuel excise increase.

28 Oct 2014

D-shackle confusion resolved by RVMAP industry recommendation, says tech alert

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia, along with the state associations, has developed an industry recommendation for D-Shackles when they are used in conjunction with Australian Standard (AS) compliant safety chains when towing caravans.

An RVMAP technical alert has been released by Caravan Industry Association of Australia to end long-standing confusion about the use of D-shackles in the caravan towing context.

28 Oct 2014

Celebrate 21 years with $21 sites at BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort

The McKinnon family is celebrating 21 years of owning BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort in Airlie Beach and they are offering all guests the very special rate of $21 per night for powered sites for two people, for stays from Monday, 3 November through to Sunday, 30 November.

There are 119 powered sites, extensive tropical gardens, 32 staff and a host of facilities and services.


23 Oct 2014

Change in itself stressful challenge for long-term travelling pets

There is a lot more to travelling with pets than just putting them in the back of a vehicle and heading off. Change in itself is a challenge for a travelling pet.

GoSee's Pam and Alan found constant travel and the lack of familiar places the cause of some stress to their Maltese Shitsu Chloe. Finding a pet friendly park is not hard but keep in mind most parks do not allow pets during peak periods.

21 Oct 2014

Tribute to Chloe devoted companion and friend

This is a tribute to Chloe a constant friend who looked after GoSeeAustralia's Alan and Pam for 10 years. Chloe went to sleep for the last time yesterday.

On the day Chloe left she started the day guarding the car. She was a devoted companion and worked hard 'looking after' her humans for the past 10 years. She had just turned 13 last week. Chloe will always be remembered with affection.

17 Oct 2014

Govt super stall drops retirement heavy lift on shoulders of individuals

Maggie Tagg, who writes Citadel 'Financial Info on the Go' for GSA, says the recent government decision to defer the planned increase in the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) to 12 per cent to 2025-26 puts the onus squarely on individuals to save more for their retirement if they want to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

The changes will leave some people tens of thousands of dollars worse off, but the actual amount depends on your age and financial circumstances...

10 Oct 2014

Thetford to sell unique prize caravan and donate to Kids Under Cover

Thetford will sell the United Haven Kids Under Cover custom-built caravan won by John Simmons of Thetford at the Melbourne Leisurefest draw and give all the proceeds raised to help Kids Under Cover.

Irene Viergever Marketing Communication Coordinator Thetford said:

'We believe Kids Under Cover needs the money much more than we need a caravan'.

'We believe that Kids Under Cover can never get enough support and that is why we will sell the caravan and donate all the raised proceeds to Kids Under Cover'.

8 Oct 2014

OECD says Canberra and Australia lead world on key living standards measures

An Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report ranks the 362 regions of its 34 member nations according to nine measures of well-being and Canberra is Number One.

The report also says Australia is the best country to live in. OECD rankings for Canberra are: Safety 10, housing 8.5, Access to Services 9.6, Civic Engagement 10, education 9.1, jobs 9.6, environment 9.5, income 10, health 9.9.

3 Oct 2014

Caravan Industry Association of Australia presents Accreditation Key

At a Manufacturing Update Meeting,at Melbourne Leisurefest the Caravan Industry Association of Australia presented the RVMAP Accreditation Key, soon to be the standard in compliance and accreditation branding for the Australian RV Manufacturing Industry.

The stylish three-dimensional key is visually dynamic, and is aimed at providing consumers with peace of mind and security when they purchase a new RV product.

29 Sep 2014

Ranger towing figures underline benefits of GSA six year DPChip use

Over the last six years six GoSeeAustralia vehicles have benefitted from the addition of DPChip.

DPChip is an interactive computer which exploits the full potential of modern EFI diesel engines.

The GSA Ford XLT Super, P/U HR 3.2 diesel DPChipped Ranger has been towing on the road as part of a full-time travelling office for more than three months now. So we can offer practical experience based on carefully compiled numbers. Its performance is satisfying.

23 Sep 2014

Unacceptable caravan sway forces tow bar change on GSA Ford Ranger

GoSee Australia has found that fitting a Hayman Reese shank to a Ford tow bar can produce unacceptable sway in the caravan being towed.

Despite a series of trials and adjustment attempts the Hayman Reese 78003F cast shank and the Ford tow bar receiver are an unhappy sloppy fit.

At normal towing speeds the result is unacceptable sway, as the shank neck moves in the tow bar. This can be unnerving.

21 Sep 2014

Clued-up cast of dollar saver free seminar presenters at Leisurefest

GoSeeAustralia.com.au is among a clued-up cast of dollar saver free seminar presenters at the 7th annual Melbourne Leisurefest from October 2 to 5. The free seminars are a first at Melbourne Leisurefest.

The seminars run at 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm and 3pm each day.

At 10.30am on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Darren Maggs, MGLSAT Sat Phones and survival tips opens the seminar batting with a fascinating insight into getting the best from what is really difficult equipment to use well.

17 Sep 2014

GSA looks at Canberra Caravan Park and Camping Reserve profiles

This GSA Caravan and Camping Canberra research is based on visits to park and camping options. It specificially addresses:

Where are they?

How easy are they to access?

What do they charge?

What can they handle in terms of RV's?

What do they offer in terms of amenities and campsites?

These practical, informed answers, are based on a hypothetical big caravan (21ft) and Jeep Grand Cherokee tow vehicle.

10 Sep 2014

Quirky, colourful Canberra events turn Spring into Australia's BIG celebration

Canberra is home to Australia's biggest celebration of Spring, the 27th Floriade Festival, in Commonwealth Park from September 13 to October 12. This year's flower beds reflect a literal representation of things that people are passionate about including romance, hobbies, nature, fashion, music and mythology.

Canberra's Capital Region Farmers Market celebrates 10 successful years of operation this year.

The powerful bonds and enduring relationships between Australians and their horses are the focus on the National Museum of Australia's new equine exhibition.

8 Sep 2014

Bill Pycroft retires a point of difference for Top Tourist Parks of Australia

After 19 years with TTPA Bill Pycroft retires a successful long haul CEO. Bill is a driving force for TTPA from 1995 forward.

That track record includes a time when driven, demanding, innovative, persuasive Hugh Deidrich was president. Bill talked about Hugh in his farewell speech.

Hugh and Bill where a fit to fast-track TTPA's growth. TTPA and Bill Pycroft took that innovative strength into brave new territory. It bred the TTPA point of difference and always looks for benefits it can return to its members.

1 Sep 2014

Means Test goal posts are about to shift for self-funded retirees

Maggie Tagg, who writes Citadel 'Financial Info on the Go' for GSA, says the goal posts are about to shift for self-funded retirees, with changes to the way income from superannuation pensions is means tested.

The result could be that fewer in the future will qualify for a part-age pension or the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

From January 1, 2015 income from super pensions will be deemed, putting it on a level footing with assets held outside super.

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