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26 Nov 2016

We review BainTuff power sockets with good results

Have you ever looked at your Engel car fridge and been surprised to see it far above normal operating temperature?

It happened to us on day four of a three week 4x4 trip from Kalgoorlie WA to Halls Creek NT via the extremely remote Canning Stock Route.

There are little supplies available over those 2,400 odd kilometers, so we set up at Kalgoorlie for a few days, planned our menu, and purchased meat from the local butcher.

He kindly cryovaced it into two-person portions and froze it in his Engel.

25 Nov 2016

Redarc Tow Pro Elite electric brake controller review

We test Redarc's Tow Pro Elite electric brake controller fitted to our 3.2 litre Ford Ranger towing our 2.5-tonne caravan and mobile office over some of Australia's most demanding tourist roads.

The Tow-Pro Elite was fitted using the same wiring loop as used for a competitor's brake controller fitted for the past two years. This saved re-running wires through the vehicle to a 12 pin rear plug, and obviously, some auto electrician installation costs.

At times, the Guardian Model brake controller previously installed on our Ranger required maximum setting for sufficient braking force on steep bitumen declines. The Redarc's Tow-Pro Elite had no such problems handling our rig offering smooth caravan response without any harsh, unexpected feedback.

28 Jul 2016

Confused Ratings and Masses numbers confound buyers and caravan industry

Ratings and Masses and their definitions and terminology remain the number one contentious and confusing issue for caravan buyers and the caravanning industry itself.

But the first practical safety aids to prevent the caravan tail wagging the tow vehicle dog are obvious and they can be applied immediately by the caravan industry and caravan buyers.

The tow-vehicle must be heavy enough, the caravan must be professionally-designed, the caravan must be correctly loaded, and the driver must be competent.

Recent Articles
28 Jul 2016

Buyer beware don't get caught in 'fat van' towing trap

GSA gets regular requests for help from caravan buyers related to industry compliance and in particular tow vehicles and whether they are fit for the purpose intended.

Consumers have the right to expect that a business will not mislead or deceive them. Advertising by a business should never lead a consumer to believe something that isn't true. This might relate to the value, capabilities or quality of goods and services, source Fair Trading Qld.

Here is a cautionary tale...

18 Jul 2016

Function over form Jeep Wrangler marks 75th go anywhere do anything anniversary

Since 1941, the Jeep name has symbolised a unique family of go-anywhere, do-anything vehicles first developed for military use, and after 1945, continually adapted for a wide variety of civilian applications.

The Jeep brand is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2016, and to mark the occasion, a commemorative one-of-a-kind Wrangler 75th Salute concept vehicle is being created today as a tribute to the brand's legendary history and military heritage.

18 Jul 2016

Dry season opens Savannah Way sealed 2WD and 4WD route options to Northern Australian wonders

Russell Boswell, Manager Savannah Way Ltd says the dry season is underway in northern Australia signalling the best time to explore the wonders of The Savannah Way.

Sealed 2WD routes lead to Undara Lava Tubes, historic Croydon, the incredible Gulflander Train, Kakadu National Park and classic towns of the Kimberley including Halls Creek and Broome.

For those in 4WD mode the menu opens up to offer Cobbold Gorge, Lawn Hill Gorge, Lorella Springs and the Gibb River Road. Find out more at www.savannahway.com.au and get packing!


17 Jul 2016

Volunteers build Farina's status as historic inland Aust. township

Tom Harding reports that the standard of workmanship and quality of outcomes in every aspect of activity at the historic Farina restoration in South Australia reflects great credit on all participants.

It is certainly attaining status as an historic inland Australian township. The Farina Restoration Group Inc works each year in stabilizing the historic buildings and explaining the history of Farina. Volunteers from the Farina Restoration Group camp at and work in the town each year. Farina is located along the Oodnadatta Track within the Lake Eyre Basin.

7 Jul 2016

Ranger towing figures underline benefits of GSA eight year DPChip use

Over the last eight years six GoSeeAustralia vehicles have benefitted from the addition of DPChip.

DPChip is an interactive computer which exploits the full potential of modern EFI diesel engines.

The GSA Ford XLT Super, P/U HR 3.2 diesel DPChipped Ranger has been towing on the road as part of a full-time travelling office for two years now. So we can offer practical experience based on carefully compiled numbers. Its performance is satisfying.

6 Jul 2016

New approach to regional tourism strengthens NSW visitor economy

The Caravan & Camping Industry Association (CCIA) NSW, today welcomed the Government's announcement of a new approach and increased funding for the development of regional tourism in NSW.

Announced by the Deputy Premier, Troy Grant and Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events, Stuart Ayres, new destination networks for regional NSW will help strengthen tourism performance, attract more visitors and continue growth of the State's tourism economy.

24 Jun 2016

Guest nights grow 8.5 percent to nudge 7.4m in New Zealand Holiday Parks

Holiday Accommodation Parks of New Zealand President Lisa Cornelissen says HAPNZ percentage growth exceeded that experienced by the hotel, motel and backpacker sectors with March alone delivering 35 percent growth.

After their most successful summer ever, holiday park operators are being warned to prepare for an even busier peak season in 2016-17.

HAPNZ is a strong supporter of the New Zealand Responsible Camping Forum which is led by Tourism Industry Aotearoa.

10 Jun 2016

Jeep Grand Cherokee lock-out keys in steep, valuable learning curve

It was a real surprise when my Jeep Grand Cherokee Quadra-Lift, Adventure Pack MY13 DPchipped diesel locked me out.

The 3500kg max trailer and 350kg on the tow ball 4WD never raised a serious problem, just replacement of two fuses and a faulty headlight, both replaced under warranty over three years.

Now I stood on the outside of my car clicking unlock on the remote access fob and only drew a blank.

9 Jun 2016

GSA rides the rails to 48th Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow

GoSeeAustralia recommends the public transport arrangement for visitors to 48th Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow which runs to June 13 at the RNA Showgrounds 600 Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills, Brisbane.

GoSeeAustralia parked in Queensland Rail's spacious car park at Caboolture free of charge at 7.50 am and walked to the station (about two blocks).

We purchased our tickets online and we scanned as we departed the station. The train was clean, the trip quiet, comfortable and stress free.

5 Jun 2016

GSA rides the rails to 48th Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow

The 48th Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow starts on Wednesday June 8 and runs to June 13 at the RNA Showgrounds 600 Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills, Brisbane.

GoSeeAustralia will attend and try the public transport arrangement for visitors.

GSA plans to drive to Caboolture, about 44km north of Brisbane, from our campsite on Bribie Island and catch the train to nearby Fortitude Valley Station. Visitors who purchase show tickets online get free train travel.

31 May 2016

Ute buyers defy logic as they back off at the sight of Mazda's pretty face

When it comes to Utes Australians are a weird mob.

For example take Ford and Mazda Utes, new owners are not buying their mounts on price alone. Many potential buyers don't like the Mazda's pretty face.

The Ford Ranger XLT Double Cab diesel outsells its kissing cousin the Mazda BT 50 XTR Double Cab by a claimed up to 2 to 1. Defying practical budget logic the Mazda seems to translate in the buyers minds as too pretty, while the Ford comes through as a grunty Yank Truck.

28 May 2016

Vic. Govt. $9.8m investment backs major overhaul for bushfire impacted Shipwreck Coast

Victoria's number one tourist destination will be given a major overhaul to create jobs, preserve the environment and support local communities impacted by the 2015 Great Ocean Road Bushfires.

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D'Ambrosio, today announced a $9.8 million investment in Victoria's iconic Shipwreck Coast.

27 May 2016

Volkswagen Amarok Adventura powers up with V6 diesel and ecoComfort electrically adjustable front seating

Autonews reports. First shots of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Amarok Adventura on the move: the Ute is powered in future by a latest generation 3.0 litre V6 turbo diesel engine.

For the driver and front-seat passenger, the Amarok provides 14-way adjustable ergoComfort seats, which have already won awards for their back-friendliness.

The Adventura achieves 550 Newton metres of torque and 165 kW at this highest power output level. It can reach a top speed of 193 kilometres per hour and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds.

26 May 2016

RMA needs to facilitate, not hinder and discourage, sensible NZ eco-tourism development.

Changes to the Resource Management Act must balance care for the environment with the pressing need for new infrastructure to cope with New Zealand's tourism boom, Tourism Industry Aotearoa says.

TIA Chief Executive Chris Roberts today told the Local Government and Environment Select Committee that many tourism operators felt the RMA often hindered development. RMA requirements could be difficult, expensive and time-consuming.

24 May 2016

Great Ocean Road Coast Committee ends Morris family Anglesea park tenure despite $10m bid

The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee will take on the operation of the Anglesea Beachfront Caravan Park at the end of the current lease, 1 December 2017, after a select tender process did not find an acceptable proposal for the value of the site.

There is an Anglesea Community Meeting regarding the Morris family and the termination of their lease of 20 years Sunday 12th June 2016 - 10.45am - Anglesea Bowling Club.

17 May 2016

ContACT adds green energy backup to new world leading business website CMS V2 security package

ContACT Internet Solutions is an agile, flexible, solar supported Eco green energy, website hosting, internet advertising and design service company with CMS V2, a new world leading business website security package.

Contact's responsible Eco solar powered and lithium battery backed up approach aligns with its development and launch this month of its CMS V2 business website security package which protects Contact's clients from a credibility crisis.

11 May 2016

Be prepared as things don't always go to plan while caravanning

Getting a flat tyre can happen anywhere and can take hours out of your trip.

Make sure you know how to change your own tyre and have all the necessary tools which fit your rig for the job before your travel.

Nobody wants things to go wrong when they are going on a road trip, however somethings are unavoidable. The best thing to do is make sure you are as prepared as possible for anything that can go wrong.

Here are some suggested situations that you may find yourself in and tips on how to be prepared.

11 May 2016

Rapid Finance suggests five 'Best Vehicles' for towing your caravan

When it comes to choosing a new vehicle for towing a caravan, some potential choices are better than others.

With that in mind, Rapid Finance suggests five vehicles for towing your caravan.

Here are their picks.

As with all vehicle makers it is essential buyers inform themselves about warranted towing specification across model variations.

For light to medium caravans the Ford FG X is a car option among SUV's and 4WD which could be overlooked.

26 Apr 2016

At Verdun GSA's International Claire meets The Man She Never Knew

The Man We Never Knew, was much honored on ANZAC Day.

Now Germany and France honor a 100 years since the battle in the name of peace. GSA met The Man We Never Knew and thousands like him on a recent visit to the war cemetery at Verdun. The pain of that European killing field is palpable. My grand-daughter Claire is an International with two passports, Australian and German, who lives near the Dutchy of Luxembourg.

We stood together at Verdun before the cross of a Frenchman who fell. Among the thousands of white markers, stark and lonely in a heavy mist it was the only one we saw with flowers which someone had left.

The child understood, she stood in silence before the fallen Frenchman's grave and bowed her head in silence for the man she never knew.

Her understanding is the seed of hope.

23 Apr 2016

ANZAC reflection: 'God that we can end it all soon and get it over with is my one and only prayer,' VX21753

On ANZAC Day Lest we Forget honors the Fallen, but across all of Australia and New Zealand's military commitments there are many who return locked in a Black Dog battle with a silent enemy and so ill they struggle daily to find a way to live.

So in an insane war world my Mum's cake was second only in importance to the long delayed mail for a bunch of exhausted, battered, bloodied, but unbowed young men, of about 22, as they rested 'near the beach' while serving 'Abroad'.

20 Apr 2016

Vietnam Veterans honored as Legacy continues war on invisible PTSD enemy

In 1987 the then Prime Minister Bob Hawke designated 18 August as Australia's official Vietnam Veterans' Day. The date commemorates the Battle of Long Tan. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects 800,000 Australians at any given time, making it the second-most common mental health disorder.

Vietnam Veteran Warren Clarke, lost his ability to feel good in life through PTSD.

'In Australia we are great at training our young men and women how to be soldiers but we are hopeless at training them how to put themselves back together again. Once seen can never be unseen,' his wife Karen-Ann Clarke says.

18 Apr 2016

Diverse natural beauty Manning Valley hallmark in NSW Mid North Coast fascinating world of difference

On the Mid North Coast of New South Wales three hours north of Sydney the Manning Valley is best described as naturally beautiful. Taree, Harrington, Old Bar, Manning Point, Wingham and Hallidays Point are the relaxed centres which link the Manning Valley experience. For anglers both fresh and saltwater action is on the menu.

The artistic by nature fit naturally in the Manning Valley author Di Morrissey is typical. National Parks draw bushwalking, surfing and camping. Both Redhead and Blackhead are classed as Littoral Rainforest and are examples of what the Eastern Australian coastline looked like before European settlement.

13 Apr 2016

Lithium AMG15 heavy duty JumpsPower 3 in 1 surprise packet in GSA real world evaluation

The new JumpsPower Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank is a real surprise packet. It is many times lighter than a standard Jump Starter, Michael Tyrrell from Bainbridge Technologies says.

The Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank 3 in 1 device, can jump start a vehicle battery up to 30 times when fully charged it can even bring a Smartphone to 100 percent in about an hour, depending on the phone battery condition.

12 Apr 2016

Destination Rotorua shoots for Big Gun travel tourism buyers

In the biggest event of its kind, Rotorua will host 600 TRENZ delegates, including hundreds of the world's most influential travel and tourism buyers, to an afternoon of activities, ranging from exhilarating mountain biking to a rejuvenating spa.

The 2016 event (10-13 May) is being hosted by Destination Rotorua and will be attended by 350 international tourism and travel buyers and representatives from around 300 of the country's leading tourism operators.

12 Apr 2016

Road Rules clear view demands common factor in mirrors choices for compliant towing

The Australian Road Rules are the basis for compliance in all Australian states and territories. There are still a number of variations across Australia, which are allowed through 'laws of jurisdiction.'

The common factor is that the road rules state that a driver must not drive a motor vehicle unless the driver has a clear view of the road as well as traffic ahead, behind and to each side.

A reversing camera fitted to the rear of a caravan and connected for viewing on a display screen in the tow vehicle cab will also provide a good rear view, but may not adequately provide good vision down both sides of the caravan or trailer.

11 Apr 2016

Tasmania's Port Arthur heritage icon breeds angry ghosts

Port Arthur is a heritage icon with a convict horror past which breeds angry ghosts. Port Arthur is a remarkable historic site.

Convicts labour built the impressive architecture, gardens and chilling prison facilities which attract todays tourists. A lantern lit walk around the Port Arthur Historic Site after dark will focus the feel of the place. It is different after dark.

It is also the trigger which changed gun laws in Australia. But there is more to be done former Australian Prime Minister John Howard says. He said Australia's gun laws are 'almost certainly' inadequate in an interview for SBS program Insight.

11 Apr 2016

L2P program mentors answer call for every kid to have a chance to get behind the wheel

Young and inexperienced drivers face the greatest risk on our roads with road crashes continuing to be one of the leading causes of death for young people aged 18 to 25 years.

L2P (Learner to Provisional) is a community-based program that recruits mentor volunteers to provide supervised driving experience to learner drivers under 21 years of age who find it difficult to meet the mandated 120 hours of driving practice due to family, economic or other circumstances.

8 Apr 2016

New Zealand Holiday Park ignites national smoke-free goal as it butts out cigarettes

In what is believed to be a New Zealand-first, TOP 10 Holiday Park Russell has declared the property smoke-free.

The popular holiday park in the Bay of Islands will be an entirely smoke-free zone from May 31, coinciding with World Smoke Free Day.

Next Generation Holiday Parks, who manage the property, said the initiative supports the New Zealand Government's goal of a smoke-free country by 2025.

31 Mar 2016

Family first as NSW Caravan, Camping & Holiday Supershow puts classic Oz into traditional Aussie holiday

The Caravan Camping & Holiday Supershow is the perfect place to bring the whole family during the NSW school holidays with free kids movies, colouring in competitions with great prizes, face painting and jumping castles.

GoSeeAustralia's Lisa agrees: The best thing about Caravan Camping & Holiday Supershows for families, particularly grandparents, is that they can bring the grandchildren and they will be entertained during their watch, she says.

And for me there will be live jazz music. And while all of that is going on I can get inside the next caravan on my wish list and get feedback from the family on whether they like it, she said.

29 Mar 2016

GSA tours SA Limestone Coast and finds world class attractions

South Australia's Limestone Coast has pristine beaches, world-heritage listed caves, award winning wine districts, water birds in their thousands, outstanding fishing, lobsters, fossils, salty sea ports and some of the best fresh water diving in Australia.

GoSeeAustralia took a close look at getting the best out of touring time spent in the area.

11 Mar 2016

Pioneer Park trial closes as Ballarat City talks with CMCA about members only Recreational Vehicle facility

Ballarat City Council has ended its Pioneer Park Freedom Camping trial.

Access to the Pioneer Park site will close on March 31 the draft Council minutes report.

This allows sufficient time to notify travellers that the freedom camping option will no longer be available to them.

Talks are under way with the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) aimed at the establishment of a CMCA Members Only Recreational Vehicle Park.

11 Mar 2016

Bright winner makes $35,000 memory as Vic. Supershow tops 50,000 attendance

In its second trip to Melbourne Showgrounds, the 2016 Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow drew more than 50,000 people over six days.

The Go Make Some Memories Passport to Freedom competition was as popular as ever, with Mrs C. Christmas of Bright taking home the major prize: the Franklin 1970 Series caravan valued at over $35,000.

9 Mar 2016

GoSeeAustralia's Agnes and Nick make camper escape to 'breath of fresh air' Beaufort

Go SeeAustralia's Agnes and Nick are just back from one of their regular visits to one of their favorite city escapes, Beaufort, a town about two hour drive, 158km northwest of Melbourne.

Agnes and Nick say it is their 'breath of fresh air' escape for a few days to explore the attractions of this authentic Victorian country area, as well as have a relaxing break.

'It is never quite long enough the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing, and there is always so much to see and do in the town', Agnes said.

8 Mar 2016

Effective drinking water hose is an on the road essential says GSA's full-time travellers

The GoSeeAustralia caravan's drinking water hose is very important according to our full-time travellers Pam and Alan.

They expect the hose to perform perfectly at every stop while travelling and living on the road.

Alan said that the sun, combined with water pressure, can cause the click fitting to burst.

He says that it is important to be aware that a mismatch of fitting types and brands will eventually cause trouble one way or another and eventually blow apart or continue dripping.

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