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26 Apr 2016

At Verdun GSA's International Claire meets The Man She Never Knew

The Man We Never Knew, was much honored on ANZAC Day.

GSA met him and thousands like him on a recent visit to the war cemetery at Verdun. The pain of that European killing field is palpable. My grand-daughter Claire is an International with two passports, Australian and German, who lives near the Dutchy of Luxembourg.

We stood together at Verdun before the cross of a Frenchman who fell. Among the thousands of white markers, stark and lonely in a heavy mist it was the only one we saw with flowers which someone had left.

The child understood, she stood in silence before the fallen Frenchman's grave and bowed her head in silence for the man she never knew.

Her understanding is the seed of hope.

23 Apr 2016

ANZAC reflection: 'God that we can end it all soon and get it over with is my one and only prayer,' VX21753

On ANZAC Day Lest we Forget honors the Fallen, but across all of Australia and New Zealand's military commitments there are many who return locked in a Black Dog battle with a silent enemy and so ill they struggle daily to find a way to live.

So in an insane war world my Mum's cake was second only in importance to the long delayed mail for a bunch of exhausted, battered, bloodied, but unbowed young men, of about 22, as they rested 'near the beach' while serving 'Abroad'.

20 Apr 2016

Vietnam Veterans honored as Legacy continues war on invisible PTSD enemy

In 1987 the then Prime Minister Bob Hawke designated 18 August as Australia's official Vietnam Veterans' Day. The date commemorates the Battle of Long Tan. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects 800,000 Australians at any given time, making it the second-most common mental health disorder.

Vietnam Veteran Warren Clarke, lost his ability to feel good in life through PTSD.

'In Australia we are great at training our young men and women how to be soldiers but we are hopeless at training them how to put themselves back together again. Once seen can never be unseen,' his wife Karen-Ann Clarke says.

Recent Articles
18 Apr 2016

Diverse natural beauty Manning Valley hallmark in NSW Mid North Coast fascinating world of difference

On the Mid North Coast of New South Wales three hours north of Sydney the Manning Valley is best described as naturally beautiful. Taree, Harrington, Old Bar, Manning Point, Wingham and Hallidays Point are the relaxed centres which link the Manning Valley experience. For anglers both fresh and saltwater action is on the menu.

The artistic by nature fit naturally in the Manning Valley author Di Morrissey is typical. National Parks draw bushwalking, surfing and camping. Both Redhead and Blackhead are classed as Littoral Rainforest and are examples of what the Eastern Australian coastline looked like before European settlement.

13 Apr 2016

Lithium AMG15 heavy duty JumpsPower 3 in 1 surprise packet in GSA real world evaluation

The new JumpsPower Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank is a real surprise packet. It is many times lighter than a standard Jump Starter, Michael Tyrrell from Bainbridge Technologies says.

The Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank 3 in 1 device, can jump start a vehicle battery up to 30 times when fully charged it can even bring a Smartphone to 100 percent in about an hour, depending on the phone battery condition.

12 Apr 2016

Destination Rotorua shoots for Big Gun travel tourism buyers

In the biggest event of its kind, Rotorua will host 600 TRENZ delegates, including hundreds of the world's most influential travel and tourism buyers, to an afternoon of activities, ranging from exhilarating mountain biking to a rejuvenating spa.

The 2016 event (10-13 May) is being hosted by Destination Rotorua and will be attended by 350 international tourism and travel buyers and representatives from around 300 of the country's leading tourism operators.

12 Apr 2016

Road Rules clear view demands common factor in mirrors choices for compliant towing

The Australian Road Rules are the basis for compliance in all Australian states and territories. There are still a number of variations across Australia, which are allowed through 'laws of jurisdiction.'

The common factor is that the road rules state that a driver must not drive a motor vehicle unless the driver has a clear view of the road as well as traffic ahead, behind and to each side.

A reversing camera fitted to the rear of a caravan and connected for viewing on a display screen in the tow vehicle cab will also provide a good rear view, but may not adequately provide good vision down both sides of the caravan or trailer.

11 Apr 2016

Tasmania's Port Arthur heritage icon breeds angry ghosts

Port Arthur is a heritage icon with a convict horror past which breeds angry ghosts. Port Arthur is a remarkable historic site.

Convicts labour built the impressive architecture, gardens and chilling prison facilities which attract todays tourists. A lantern lit walk around the Port Arthur Historic Site after dark will focus the feel of the place. It is different after dark.

It is also the trigger which changed gun laws in Australia. But there is more to be done former Australian Prime Minister John Howard says. He said Australia's gun laws are 'almost certainly' inadequate in an interview for SBS program Insight.

11 Apr 2016

L2P program mentors answer call for every kid to have a chance to get behind the wheel

Young and inexperienced drivers face the greatest risk on our roads with road crashes continuing to be one of the leading causes of death for young people aged 18 to 25 years.

L2P (Learner to Provisional) is a community-based program that recruits mentor volunteers to provide supervised driving experience to learner drivers under 21 years of age who find it difficult to meet the mandated 120 hours of driving practice due to family, economic or other circumstances.

8 Apr 2016

New Zealand Holiday Park ignites national smoke-free goal as it butts out cigarettes

In what is believed to be a New Zealand-first, TOP 10 Holiday Park Russell has declared the property smoke-free.

The popular holiday park in the Bay of Islands will be an entirely smoke-free zone from May 31, coinciding with World Smoke Free Day.

Next Generation Holiday Parks, who manage the property, said the initiative supports the New Zealand Government's goal of a smoke-free country by 2025.

31 Mar 2016

Family first as NSW Caravan, Camping & Holiday Supershow puts classic Oz into traditional Aussie holiday

The Caravan Camping & Holiday Supershow is the perfect place to bring the whole family during the NSW school holidays with free kids movies, colouring in competitions with great prizes, face painting and jumping castles.

GoSeeAustralia's Lisa agrees: The best thing about Caravan Camping & Holiday Supershows for families, particularly grandparents, is that they can bring the grandchildren and they will be entertained during their watch, she says.

And for me there will be live jazz music. And while all of that is going on I can get inside the next caravan on my wish list and get feedback from the family on whether they like it, she said.

29 Mar 2016

GSA tours SA Limestone Coast and finds world class attractions

South Australia's Limestone Coast has pristine beaches, world-heritage listed caves, award winning wine districts, water birds in their thousands, outstanding fishing, lobsters, fossils, salty sea ports and some of the best fresh water diving in Australia.

GoSeeAustralia took a close look at getting the best out of touring time spent in the area.

11 Mar 2016

Pioneer Park trial closes as Ballarat City talks with CMCA about members only Recreational Vehicle facility

Ballarat City Council has ended its Pioneer Park Freedom Camping trial.

Access to the Pioneer Park site will close on March 31 the draft Council minutes report.

This allows sufficient time to notify travellers that the freedom camping option will no longer be available to them.

Talks are under way with the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) aimed at the establishment of a CMCA Members Only Recreational Vehicle Park.

11 Mar 2016

Bright winner makes $35,000 memory as Vic. Supershow tops 50,000 attendance

In its second trip to Melbourne Showgrounds, the 2016 Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow drew more than 50,000 people over six days.

The Go Make Some Memories Passport to Freedom competition was as popular as ever, with Mrs C. Christmas of Bright taking home the major prize: the Franklin 1970 Series caravan valued at over $35,000.

9 Mar 2016

GoSeeAustralia's Agnes and Nick make camper escape to 'breath of fresh air' Beaufort

Go SeeAustralia's Agnes and Nick are just back from one of their regular visits to one of their favorite city escapes, Beaufort, a town about two hour drive, 158km northwest of Melbourne.

Agnes and Nick say it is their 'breath of fresh air' escape for a few days to explore the attractions of this authentic Victorian country area, as well as have a relaxing break.

'It is never quite long enough the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing, and there is always so much to see and do in the town', Agnes said.

8 Mar 2016

Effective drinking water hose is an on the road essential says GSA's full-time travellers

The GoSeeAustralia caravan's drinking water hose is very important according to our full-time travellers Pam and Alan.

They expect the hose to perform perfectly at every stop while travelling and living on the road.

Alan said that the sun, combined with water pressure, can cause the click fitting to burst.

He says that it is important to be aware that a mismatch of fitting types and brands will eventually cause trouble one way or another and eventually blow apart or continue dripping.

4 Mar 2016

Happy Birthday GoSeeAustralia, 13 years old today! has achieved a lot with more than 2600 caravan parks and campsites listed more than 14,000 Travel Smart Club Members, 2000 Editorial articles, hundreds of supporting Industry businesses and Caravan Parks around Australia.

Thank you to all of our supporters and social media followers.

Supported by the caravanning industry and CIA Vic in particular GSA has helped thousands of Newbies through seminars at industry Supershows, Leisurefests and Expos. There is no such thing as a silly question on GSA or its Kiwi sister website


3 Mar 2016

ContACT Internet Solutions beats sticky start to move into 20th year

ContACT Internet Solutions Pty Ltd is into its 20th year and its great cake time. Founder and Managing Director Graham Wallace said from the Fyshwick, Canberra ACT office this morning that the ContACT idea first drew breath as ContACT Malls Advertising about 22 years ago.

ContACT is fully PCI DSS compliant and rated to Level 1. ContACT has an established firewall configuration approved by Trustwave.

ContACT is the sponsor and mother company of and

26 Feb 2016

Accompanied kids come free for Waterhole site 360 info on NT direct from Priscilla and a cast of friends

Kids 17 and under can see Priscilla free when accompanied by an adult at the Victorian Caravan and Camping Touring Supershow at Melbourne Showgrounds today.

Priscilla, as you would expect, is at The Waterhole. In this case Priscilla is a camel and the Waterhole is the collected attractions of the Northern Territory. Adults pays $20 to see what is now the biggest show of its kind in Australia and Pensioners come through the gates for $16.

Priscilla and a cast of Territory friends help with how to Do the NT on site 360 which has won the Supershow's Best Exhibitor Award.

19 Feb 2016

Saracen Ultra high-security hitch lock secures trailers hitched and unhitched

Caravan and trailer accessory manufacturer Purple Line has launched a new high-security hitch lock which secures most standard Australian 50mm ball hitches both when hitched and unhitched.

The Saracen Ultra anti-theft hitch lock is made from high strength composite metals and has an anti-pick 7-pin cylinder lock with tubular, anti-copy key.

It has been developed for trailer and caravan owners to keep their trailers secure whether hitched to the tow vehicle or not.

18 Feb 2016

Custom built approach can solve bike rack issues for caravans, campers or RV's

GoSeeAustralia's Alan and Pam are bike enthusiasts. They bought two bikes to provide pedal transport for their GoSeeAustralia travelling office.

Alan's main concern was how to transport the bikes safely and securely without compromising their caravans load limits. According to Alan and Pam GripSport is the state of the art in bike racks for caravans.

Their bikes can be put on or taken off in 30 seconds. The rack fits on to a welded mount and can be padlocked, or removed when not in use. The bikes are also securely lock chained, and there are no stretchy straps needed.

13 Feb 2016

Top 10 road touring gadgets for your caravan and camping show shopping list

Alan and Pam are on the road full-time, working and living in their caravan. Lets GoMakeSomeMemories while we can - no time limit, no restrictions, no ties was their decision. Here is their shopping list of 10 of the most used gadgets they have on board and use at every camp site. Keep it handy for the Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow at Melbourne Showgrounds this February 24-29. GoSeeAustralia is happy to help with road touring questions at Supershow information seminars on Wed. Feb 24 at 2.30pm. Thurs.Feb 25 at 2.30pm. Sat. Feb 27 at 3.30pm and Mon. Feb 29 at 11.30pm.

6 Feb 2016

$5.2m Waikerie Caravan Park agreement worth $2m to regional economy says Edwards Group CEO

An agreement between Edwards Group and Loxton Waikerie Council means Waikerie will get a new $5.2m caravan park.

It is the first new caravan park of its size to be build in South Australia in a decade.

Waikerie has all the creature comforts. This includes diverse shopping, cafes and wineries, first class health services, the Waikerie Hotel and Club, golf club and the Murray River.

Waikerie is 1.5 hours from Adelaide.

5 Feb 2016

GoSeeAustralia salutes Bob Farmer caravanning industry mentor, friend

Bob Farmer President of VicParks from 2003 to 2006 died on Thursday, Feb. 4.

He was a good man. The caravan industry has lost a friend with a unique ability to apply statesman like logic for the good of all concerned.

Bob had a proven ability to assist the hesitant. ContACT Internet Solutions and GoSeeAustralia Managing Director Graham Wallace said today: 'His efforts contributed to making the industry better than when he entered it.'

24 Jan 2016

On Australia Day words like flexible, agile, responsive bring to mind a tiny nation with a big message

Australia Day, 26 January, is the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain, and the raising of the Union Jack at Sydney Cove by its commander Captain Arthur Phillip.

Current Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, identifies flexibility, agility and speedy response to opportunity as essential to success for our nation.

GoSeeAustralia has been spending time in northwestern Europe with expatriates, British, Americans, Irish and Australians plus of course Luxembourgers, French, Germans and Belgians who are part of a shining example of what sound leadership based around a flexible response to opportunity produces.

22 Jan 2016

This is 'The Little Sydney Harbour Bridge' on the Hume Highway near Tarcutta, NSW

The bridge is rare both on a local and a State level, being one of only two reinforced concrete bowstring arch bridges to be built in New South Wales.

GSA think it is a marvelous venue for something special. Maybe a wedding. Or what a base to build a remarkable house on.

The long and lat is: S 35 deg 10.665 E 147 deg 52.405.

The bridge now stands in a field which is part of a sweepingly beautiful NSW rural valley about 100m off to the side of the Hume Highway.

22 Jan 2016

Here are tips from behind the wheel in a Big Rig hot-seat, on how to give everybody a fair go.

Road courtesy and a bit of patience may save your life; it could also prevent road rage. Improved driver education and awareness of heavy vehicles, can only improve safety for all road users.

Simple physics means trucks take more distance to stop. As a pedestrian you wouldn't step out in front of a bus, so don't do it in your car, with a truck.

Rod Hannifey Sharing the Road with Trucks seminar times from Feb 24 to 29 at the Victorian Caravan and Camping Supershow are: Wed. Feb 24 12.30pm. Thurs. Feb 25 1.30pm. Fri. Feb. 26 12.30pm. Sat. Feb 26. 10.30am. Sun. Feb. 28 1.30pm. Mon. Feb. 29 10.30am

19 Jan 2016

Kui Millicent Lakeside Caravan Park kick-back experience in SA scenic Limestone Coast

Millicent is the Tourist Hub of the South East, about 50km from Mount Gambier, South Australia.

Millicent Lakeside Caravan Park is family owned and set in picturesque, grassed, tree lined surroundings close to the town centre with access to Millicent's man made swimming lake.

A range of comfortable cabins together with lawned sites for caravanners and campers and excellent park facilities ensure a pleasant stay in the park.

19 Jan 2016

Kui Kojonup Caravan Park puts WA country into genuine Australian cultural experience

Just three hours south of Perth in the rural heartland of the Great Southern region is Kojonup. It is a thriving country town steeped in history offering visitors the opportunity to experience Australia's rural way of life.

It is the kind of place which underlines Aussie in the Australia Day experience. That extends to Kojonup's Australia Day races.

Join the people of Kojonup for a chicken and champagne lunch and picnic races at Wandelca Race Course on Australia Day, Saturday, February 6.

13 Jan 2016

$55,000 in seven Passport prizes on offer at Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow

The total value of the seven prizes on offer at the Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow at Melbourne Showgrounds this February 24-29 is over $55,000.

First prize is an incredible Franklin Iconic 1970 Series caravan valued at $34,990, plus one year of insurance by CIL Insurance.

The 2016 Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow will be Australia's largest ever outdoors show, showcasing more caravans, camping gear and outdoors accessories in one place than ever before.

21 Dec 2015

Holiday Parks Business Confidence Monitor heralds busiest ever NZ summer

As thousands of Kiwi families pack their camping gear in readiness for summer getaways, holiday parks are expecting their busiest-ever season.

The latest Holiday Parks Business Confidence Monitor confirms that holiday parks are looking forward to healthy business this summer.

There is still space available through January in many holiday parks. But it will definitely pay to check park websites and book ahead.

18 Dec 2015

Kick back in the shade hot tip from Halls Gap campers when Summer comes to stay

Kick back in the shade is the hot tip from Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park today. This camper is a fine example of what to do when Summer comes to stay.

The relaxed lady in the shaded hammock is a European backpacker travelling Australia for three months.

Looking around the Tourist Park, those not in the pool are sitting in a comfy chair under a shady tree with a cold drink, book or iPad.

The message is relax, be cool and stay hydrated.

18 Dec 2015

Geelong Recreational Vehicle welcome mat includes short-stay-long-bay shop parks

VicParks has officially launched its new Community Welcomes Recreational Vehicles program at the Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine headquarters with its launch partner, the City of Greater Geelong.

The City of Greater Geelong will provide welcome packs to RV travellers at various locations and 'short-stay-long-bay' parking spaces in shopping areas. The welcome packs detail where to go and what to do, as well as offering information on where to stay, where to find dump points.

15 Dec 2015

Victoria drops cost of camping fees across range of parks from Dec 18

The Government has dropped camping fees for a range of Victoria's parks in time for summer, following a state-wide review.

'We have some of the best parks in the country and we will continue to make sure they are accessible and affordable', Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water Lisa Neville said today.

In total, there are 55 campgrounds around the state where fees have been reduced. Parks Victoria will immediately begin to process refunds for these campgrounds, which will continue in to 2016.

10 Dec 2015

Chiltern courtyard hides giant surprise, Australia's mightiest grapevine

Hidden in a pleasant courtyard behind The Vine Bar in Chiltern's Main St Australia's biggest grapevine is one among the authentic gold town's surprises. The authoritive Guinness Book of records says this is the biggest grapevine in Australia.

The Chiltern vine is 148 years old. It was planted in 1867 from a cutting of the Baxter Sherry variety.

It has never had fertilizer, nor is it watered.

It bears fruit in March each year. In 1936 it produced a bumper 2.5 tonne crop. One bunch weighed 6.5kg.

10 Dec 2015

Jingle bells at Chiltern as GSA joins the Bates family in Kui Christmas hat-trick of firsts

Lake Anderson Caravan Park, is now a Kui Parks member and sits near the Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park, home to the Regent Honey Eater as well as a unique variety of birds.

The pretty, country-style caravan park offers exceptionally well presented cabins, plus grassy, shady powered and unpowered sites for caravans and campers too. It is a first for the Bates family as owner operators. They were celebrating a first when GoSeeAustralia booked in.

This week they joined Kui Parks and I am the first Kui customer to use my Kui Parks loyalty card. It was a first for me too as I joined in the excitement as I used my Kui Parks Loyalty Card discount to pay for my particularly comfortable cabin.

7 Dec 2015

Unique drive-through, undercover powered ensuite sites and comfortable cabins mark Gundagai Cabin and Tourist Park oasis

Quiet, roomy and shaded from the worst of the summer afternoon sun Gundagai Tourist Park is two minutes drive off the Hume Highway, midway between Sydney and Melbourne as the highway crosses the Murrumbidgee River.

It is an excellent stopover point for travellers bound north or south on the Hume Highway, or just exploring the Riverina. It is an oasis. We relaxed in the cleanest, best equipped cabin GSA has used this year in extensive cabin touring.


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