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BainTech's 'BainTuff' range reviewed

November 16, 2016
BainTech's 'BainTuff' range reviewed

Have you ever looked at your Engel car fridge and been surprised to see it far above normal operating temperature? This is sometimes caused by the standard cigarette socket power plug coming loose through vibration on bumpy roads – not a good look when you're relying on power to keep your food fresh.

It happened to us on day four of a three week 4x4 trip from Kalgoorlie WA to Halls Creek NT via the extremely remote Canning Stock Route.

gibber rocks on the canning stock route

There are little supplies available over those 2,400 odd kilometres, so we set up at Kalgoorlie for a few days, planned our menu, and purchased meat from the local butcher.

He kindly vacuum-packed it into two-person portions and froze it in his Engel. We picked it up the following day and packed it neatly into our Engel. Our fridge was pre-chilled and set on -5ºC.

Having packed the frozen supplies, we then covered them with two cut-to-fit newspapers and a piece of cardboard leaving the top half of our fridge available for fruit, veggies and milk.

On this adventure, we removed meat from under the newspapers at night and placed in the top half of fridge to thaw for the following day.

All prepared and set up, we headed off on a 4x4 adventure of a lifetime enjoying the rugged scenery, exploring many wells and points of interest along the way.

On day four, we suddenly noticed our fridge temp had risen to 2ºC.

The standard Engel cigarette plug had partly vibrated out of the vehicle’s standard ciga socket and lost power.

Standard Engel CigaSocket plug1

Now, with Baintech’s BainTuff surface mount Engel Socket, those days are gone. With a hinged cap and metal construction, the socket is rated 0-36v DC with maximum 15amp load.

The Engel plug has a unique 2-pin connector which screws off from the ciga socket end. The plugs fit into the special BainTuff hinged-cap spade socket and the cord section screws in under the cap, resulting in a tight, secure, and vibration-free power connection.

Engel end CigaSocket plug screws off for terminal fitting of BainTuff plug1

Naturally, the Engel socket must be wired into a suitable power supply in your vehicle, preferably from an auxiliary battery system. It will work in a vehicle, RV Camper or boat as well, wherever you keep an Engel portable fridge/freezer handy.

During that trip along the Canning Stock Route, we temporarily repaired our connection on the road by running a bead of silicone around the plug while inserted into the vehicle’s ciga socket.

Luckily no food was lost and upon arrival at Halls Creek three weeks later, we still had two packets of frozen chicken in the same condition it was packed.

The full baintech BainTuff range   ciga socket  engel socket  dual USB socket

The BainTuff range is designed to continue to perform in the toughest Australian outdoors conditions. Available in a Ciga socket, Engel socket and double USB socket, this range is durable, robust and safe, and can be purchased from their website at

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