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Ben Binns pays tribute to smooth blend of operations as caravanning industry unites

July 09, 2014
Ben Binns pays tribute to smooth blend of operations as caravanning industry unites

Caravan, RV and Accommodation Industry of Australia (CRVA) and Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Association of Australia (RVMA) become the Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA) this month. RVMA technical advisors have been conducting RVMAP audits in Queensland and New South Wales.

GoSeeAustralias Editor Garth Morrison took part in and reported on an RVMA audit in Campbellfield, Victoria in May.

The result with the Kingdom Caravans Kensington modelGSA looked at is an RVMA member compliance sticker on the right hand side of the caravan's doorand a smile on the face of Kingdom Caravan's Jason Biewer. The story is in the lead-out (2nd) spot on the GSA Home Page.

The RVMA audit is practical andthorough, right down to fire-extinguisher, correct appliance labelling and a rivetted on VIN plate.

RVM Australia Chairman Ben Binns says: As we prepare to become part of a single national association that will truly represent the whole-of-industry, I would like to reflect on the work of my many predecessors who took time out of their own businesses and busy schedules to drive changes which have led the association to where it is today.

I would also like to thank the current board members who have been on the journey with me, in particular Chris Goddard my Deputy Chairman who has always been willing to stand in my place whenever the need arose. And, of course, I cannot thank RVM Australia staff enough for their enthusiasm and commitment and especially Gabrielle O'Brien who has been a tremendous support throughout the many changes over the years.

I look forward to working with the board and staff of the new Caravan Industry Association of Australia. Stuart Lamont as CEO is a man of great energy and commitment, and the combined teams in our Queensland and Victorian offices have worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth blending of all the existing operations into one very efficient entity.

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia will ensure it is business as usual for RVMAP and all the technical and policy projects which RVM Australia has under way. The future is bright indeed, he said.

RVMAP provides participating industry with:

* RVMAP and its Code of Practice

* Technical support and communication

* Compliance and accreditation badge merchandise

* Access to Australian Standards subscription service

* Government advocacy

* RV production statistics

* Marketplace promotion for their accredited product

These services will be delivered by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia but, as a larger operation, the new association will have a greater capacity to offer improved benefits and services with a whole-of industry approach to advocacy and combating non-compliance within the industry, RVM Australia Newsletter reports today.

RV Manufacturers' Advisory Subcommittee

One of the key priorities of the Caravan Industry Association of Australia's transitional board was toestablish an RV Manufacturers' Advisory Subcommittee.This subcommittee will provide RV manufacturers withdirect access to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia's board and play a crucial role in ensuring that the voices of RV manufacturers are heard on matters affecting the sector.

RV Manufacturers' Advisory Subcommittee members are:

* Terry Steel (Chairman) - Jurgens Australia.

* Roger Fagan - CUB Campers.

* Paul Golding - Nova Caravans.

* Cameron Harrison Suncamper.

* Nick Hunter - Sunliner Recreational Vehicles.

* Brendan Murphy - New Age Caravans.

* Peter Murphy - Jayco Caravans.

* Brendan Palmarini - Roma Caravans.

* Keir Smith - Concept Caravans.

* Adrian van Geelen - Bailey Australia.

* The advisory group's inaugural meeting will takeplace later this month.