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Drab to Fab Caravan Do Up Challenge returns to Camper Care Motorhome, Caravan and Leisure Show

December 18, 2014
Drab to Fab Caravan Do Up Challenge returns to Camper Care Motorhome, Caravan and Leisure Show

The Resene Caravan Do Up Challenge returns to the Camper Care Motorhome, Caravan & Leisure Show at Mystery Creek, Hamilton February 27th March 1st 2015.

Two teams will once again compete to make over their caravans in just three days, on site at the show at Mystery Creek, a unique addition to the shows 10th birthday celebrations, and tying in the all new Everything Outdoor and Leisure zone.

2014 Winners Ken and Karen Morris from Cambridge say without this competition, their much loved but worn and dated caravan, would have been done up, but most likely closer to the year 2020!

We had been talking about doing it up, but its just one of those things you never get around too.

From drab to fab in just three days, competitors work as a team to refresh and beautify their caravan using Resene products within budget and with challenges thrown in, plus be judged on design and workmanship.

With a great selection of prizes to the winning team, including $1000 Resene vouchers, a 19 TV from Apollo Entertainment and return travel for 2 adults, 3 children, a car and caravan on the Interislander, the end result of your updated caravan, could be just the push needed to update your caravan.

The caravan looks great and the fresh new look has got us using it more. Weve got a few friends who also have caravans and we have set-up some regular weekends away, including some winter hot springs trips, Ken and Karen Morris said. The Morriss urge families to give the Do Up Challenge a go.

If you want to do-up your caravan this is a great way to go. All the materials are paid for, and with just three days of hard work (and a whole lot of fun too) you will end up with something that you will really be proud of, they said

The Morriss are taking their caravan on a three week road trip around the South Island this summer.To be part of the Resene Caravan Do Up Challenge at the 2015 Camper Care Motorhome, Caravan Leisure Show, send three or four photos of your caravan and a brief summary of why you want to enter to

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Make over Challenge.
Make over Challenge.

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Cushioned caravan.
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Retro caravan.