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How To Make A Living On The Road

January 17, 2019

Cruising around Australia in our van has been one of the best experiences my partner James and I have had together. We’re exploring beautiful places every day and we’re always experiencing something new. Understandably, we want to keep this ride going for as long as we can! While we saved a heap of money before we left, we know a side hustle is a must.


Image by Aeroaus

Everyone has their own set of talents and skills, so I’m going to share with you what we do, plus what other people we’ve met along the way do! Hopefully, this will inspire some ideas of your own. If you haven’t uncovered what you’re really passionate about, I can guarantee you’ll discover where your mind is drawn to when you’re on the road. There is so much down time to just get creative and channel energy towards what you love.

Create your own online store

We have our own online store, where we sell aerial photography prints, canvases and acrylics.

James is an aerial photographer and first started flying a drone a little over a year ago. His images were so popular we knew it would be silly not to start pursuing this avenue. With a background in digital, I was able to set all of this up without having to outsource anything. A major plus when saving for a trip like this!

Depending on your art, there is almost an online store for anything these days! And if you don’t have the background knowledge to set one up, there are so many online tutorials out there to assist you in whatever you need to do. YouTube and Google will be your new best friends.

Next, I will be starting my own online jewellery store. Something I plan to continue doing on the road.


Image by Aeroaus

Start a blog or write for a travel company

I’ve been writing ever since I was a child, and as fate would have it, I continued being placed into jobs where I could really leverage and nurture my writing skills.

I started in fashion, ending up in digital marketing working as a content writer and luckily enough have been able to continue doing this on the road as a freelance gig. The real beauty is working outdoors, even from the beach if the weather is good! If I’m ever stuck for ideas, James is brilliant at adding his thoughts and is a genius at punchy headlines and one-liners!

We came across the advertisement promoting the opportunity with GoSeeAustralia and jumped on it. It perfectly aligned with our trip and our capabilities as content creators. If you have a story from the road to share, find out how you can join the community.

Search for remote job listings

A lot of companies these days are adapting to the times, searching for candidates who can work remotely, full time or part time, from home or on the road. We’re lucky we live in the era that we do as more and more tasks become digital.


Image by Aeroaus

Join local Facebook groups

This tip is brilliant! And works a treat. I recently had the idea to join a “jobs” group on Facebook where local companies post their listings searching for workers. I have seen such a variety of jobs come through. People looking for someone to mow their lawn, pull the weeds, general cleaning tasks and even copywriting for a new collection of products. The best part of this is these jobs are mostly one-offs, perfect for the traveller!

Sell your crafts at markets

If online isn’t your thing, local markets can be just as effective! We recently met an awesome couple on the road who make and sell leather braided bracelets at markets all the way up the Queensland coastline. You could fit in a market stall per week if you wanted to make some extra money. An added bonus is, you have the whole week to explore the area before the market day rolls around.

Working on the weekend is also a great way to escape the crowds at the beaches or wherever you’re exploring.


Image by Aeroaus


Just like local job boards, websites like Airtasker are great for finding one-off jobs. I’ve seen listings for flyer designs, data entry and even installing air cons! However, if you are a licensed tradesman this can become frustrating as you don’t have your tools with you to complete these jobs and make some really good money! Being an Air Conditioning Technician, James always jokes that we could continue this lifestyle for two more years with all the people who have wanted air cons installed.

Dog walking

Advertise online or on a job board as a dog walker. There are plenty of people out there searching for a friendly face to walk their dog. It’s a great way to make some extra cash, while being outside, enjoying the sunshine with a furry pal.


Image by Aeroaus

House sitting

Jump online and have a look at websites searching for people to house sit. Although this may not technically be a paid job, you will be saving money on accommodation. Most of the listings we have seen are homeowners really just looking for someone to take care of their pet while they are away. Some listings ask you to maintain and water the garden or bring the mail in. It’s a piece of cake for a few nights off the road!

Jobs in caravan parks

A lot of parks we have visited have actually been looking for workers. Whether it be behind the desk or as a cleaner. Sometimes the work is only needed for six weeks so if you find a location you really like, you’ll be able to stick around, accommodation included!

Once you find what works for you, you’ll be able to extend this amazing life you have found living on the road. Feeling free, working to your own schedule, and finding the time to focus on the aspects of life that bring you joy.

Being avid beach goers, we’re always looking for sun, sand and pristine water. When the weather is fine we’ll hang around for a while trying to find work at different places. If a storm looks like it’s coming, we’ll head to our next destination. It’s the benefit of working on the road.

Three years ago I would have never guessed that this is what we would have been doing! Being able to travel around Australia doing something we love is pretty special.

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