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Kalbarri: beach, bush and a bloody good time 

September 19, 2018
Kalbarri: beach, bush and a bloody good time

Dreaming of getting that Insta-worthy picture next to Natures Window? Okay, we were too but as it turns out Kalbarri has so much more to offer than just the iconic window. Get out and experience some adventurous bush walks, dip in the calming ocean waters and immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of this captivating coastal town.


There is nothing more beautiful than the wildflower season in Western Australia and if you’re one of the lucky ones who time it just right, you may just get to experience some of the best coastline in Australia when it’s covered with these vibrant flowers, making it truly something to remember.


Kalbarri is just that. Roadsides filled with these dynamic blooms at every turn, breathtaking views of the coast and one of the most picturesque National Parks you will ever explore, enticing you to stay a little longer. It’s no secret that the renowned Natures Window at Kalbarri National Park is one of the biggest drawcards for tourists, but it doesn’t end there.


The road into town edges along the clifftop and you’re able to witness the strength of the huge waves crashing down. This is a surfer’s paradise and every day on our morning coffee run, the beach was packed with keen surfers and many more spectators seated amongst the sand at Jake’s Point. The locals gather to feed the pelicans, as they have been for the past 40 years, and put on quite a show for visitors too. The pelicans aren’t shy and more than happy to play along for a free feed.


Ready for a day out in Kalbarri National Park, we started with the walk out to Nature’s Window followed by the Z Bend. A day pass for the park will set you back $13 and makes for a pretty good day out. Driving through the park, the road begins to wind and you are immersed in the deep valleys of the landscape.


The walk to Natures Window is nothing too strenuous and a short 500m stroll will take you through the descending path with thriving wildflowers onto the red rocks that make up Natures Window. It’s was as beautiful as we imagined it would be, but I have to say that the magic was somewhat dulled by the line up to get a photo! You can’t blame this place for being a tourist hotspot but get in early (or late and enjoy a sunset!).


The Z Bend was a similar trek which wound up at a spectacular gorge showcasing the beauty of the Murchison River. From above, this section of the river shows a tight bend which gives it its name, resembling a ‘Z’ carved into the sandstone gorge.


We spent hours visiting the various lookouts and enjoying the ever-changing scenery before heading to the beach for a fish. The foreshore is quite protected and calm with the river mouth a few hundred metres out. This makes for the perfect swimming spot and some great fishing at high tide too. With word from the locals to head to Chinaman’s Beach it wasn’t long until we were watching them reel in the tailor and wondering what we were doing wrong! Settling for second best, a romantic fish and chip dinner on the beach would have to do.


There is so much to see, explore and experience in Kalbarri and whether you’re just passing through or staying for a week you won’t be disappointed with what’s on offer. From the red rocky cliffs, stunning beaches and alluring walks through the National Park, its got something for everyone that will leave you wanting to come back time again and again.