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JumpsPower AMG15 SuperCar jump starter review

April 13, 2016
JumpsPower AMG15 SuperCar jump starter review

The new JumpsPower Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank is a real surprise packet.

It is many times lighter than a standard Jump Starter, Michael Tyrrell from Bainbridge Technologies says.

The Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank 3 in 1 device, can jump start a vehicle battery up to 30 times when fully charged it can even bring a Smartphone to 100 percent in about an hour, depending on the phone battery condition. The Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank is safe as it is reverse polarity protected.

Designed for bigger vehicles the Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank offers a new dimension in every sense. It weighs only 595 grams and measures 185mm x 86mm x 32mm.

For years GoSeeAustralia's Live on the Road couple Pam and Alan have carted around a bulky, heavy (about 15kg) Lead Acid 1500amp Jump start Battery Pack capable of starting a diesel engine.

Weight is a constant problem for full-time caravan travellers, limited by carrying capacity, so they jumped at the opportunity to use and evaluate the new 595 grams JumpsPower Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank.

The JumpsPower Lithium AMG15 Jump Starter combines a vehicle jump starter, a power bank and an emergency torch in one compact unit.

Lithium AMG15 heavy duty jumpspower review

Recommended Vehicle Engine Displacement for Jump starting: Up to 12 cylinder petrol/diesel engines 7000cc or below. "That is a big call so we had to see to believe”, Alan said.

First up, they unpacked the whole unit and read the instructions to familiarise themselves with all the attachments and plugs before charging the unit to full charge. Charge can be via the cigarette socket connector or supplied AC adaptor.

“GoSeeAustralia's mobile office caravan and home is travelling Australia which provides an opportunity for real product testing in live, changing circumstances … It does not get any more real”, he said.

"In a caravan park where we recently stayed we were approached by a fellow camper who asked, hey mate, you would not have a set of Jumper leads would you?”, he said.

So the first test for the JumpsPower was a reality check and Alan's "No, but better” reply brought it on. When the compact JumpsPower Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank came out the look of amazement on the camper's face was priceless.

"As this was the first test for the unit, we were hoping it would work", Alan said.

"We wandered over to the camper's car which had its bonnet up ready and waiting. It was a 5 litre Falcon XR8 Ute. The battery was flat because one of the Ute's doors had been left door ajar overnight", he said

"We plugged the spark-proof clamps into the JumpsPower Lithium AMG15 heavy duty Jump Start and Power Bank and connected the red clamp to the positive battery terminal (red) first, then black clamp to black terminal.

"We checked for the green light indicating it is ready for Jump Starting.

Note: if the red light is on, it means that the clamp connections to the battery terminals are incorrect and the unit will cut power immediately to prevent injury or damage to the vehicle.

"We were now ready to jump start the XR8 and it instantly roared to life. Over the next few days, we successfully used the AMG15 to start a Mazda5 and Kia Carnival both of which had flat batteries due to the "things the kids plugged in to charge," Alan said.

The AGM15 will also charge mobile electronic devices which Alan and Pam found handy while camping unpowered over the Christmas New Year holiday period.

Pam and Alan have two mobile phones and a mobile WiFi unit. It was just a simple matter of making sure the devices were 5v and 2amp powered. Then connecting the device supplied USB cables to the USB output port of the JumpsPower and just press the power button.

The JumpsPower also features a handy LED light for night time use. Hold the power button for three seconds to turn the light on, then press the power button again to change to strobe function, SOS function and again for OFF.

Another handy feature is the 12v output cigarette lighter adapter which is activated by plugging in a device and the JumpsPower will automatically power it up.

"We use this feature for our 12v air compressor used to pump our bike tyres and check the pressure of our caravan and vehicle tyres too", Alan said.

"Charging laptops on the road is another issue, but with the correct connections, it is another easy job for JumpsPower. Most laptops run around 19volts, so we purchased a suitable 12v cigarette socket to 19v output connector, and can fully change both laptops in no time connected via the laptop power socket", Alan said.

JumpsPower operating instructions advise a caution with this feature advising: the 12v cigarette socket connector cable is just a connector cable. It does not have any electronic circuits to control voltage, current or polarity and it only provides physical size and shape conversion. Please make sure the power source voltage, current and polarity are all correct for the applications when using this adaptor.

The JumpsPower has an ‘auto off’ feature as well. Once the connected electronic device has been fully charged and the unit detects no load to the charger, it will automatically stop charging and enter sleep mode. Alternatively, manually turning the unit off will ensure a longer standby time.

It is recommended that the JumpsPower be charged every three months to prolong its service life. It has a one-year warranty of which conditions apply.

GoSeeAustralia has always fully charged and reconditioned its vehicle and caravan batteries every three months as well, ensuring they are all in optimum condition at all times.

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