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Pam's Pink DreamPot chicken bacon recipe served with crusty bread is yum

February 01, 2016
Pam's Pink DreamPot chicken bacon recipe served with crusty bread is yum

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As she and Alan live full-time on the road in their 21ft GSA travelling office caravan Pam values her eco-friendly DreamPot. It is pink because DreamPot, Pam and Alan are National Breast Cancer Foundation supporters.

DreamPot is thermal cooking, a portable, easy-to-use, cooking appliance which uses only a fraction of the power or heating source to achieve magnificent meals anywhere or anytime. DreamPot is an Australian family operated company which has made meals for travellers much better since 1964.

DreamPot has supported the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s research programs as a trade partner for the last two years.

Pam’s Pink DreamPot commemorates and supports this worthy cause, there is a special edition five or six litre Pink DreamPot available in two models.

Managing Director Barry Green said today DreamPot will continue its recognition of the work of the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s research programs.

DreamPot is a Green company in every sense. MD Barry, Chief Cook and recipe innovator Merran, Ross manages inventory, quality, improvement and customer service while Rob manages Multi Media and Communications. They are all Greens.

Serving time.
Serving time.

This chicken bacon recipe (Pam’s own) cooked in the Pink DreamPot is certainly satisfying.

 5 chicken thighs (skin off).

2 rashes bacon - chopped.

I brown onion – diced.

2 cloves garlic.

4 potatoes – cut into 4.

6 mushrooms – sliced.

2 carrots.

1 cup frozen peas.

3 cups chicken stock.

3 tablespoons plain flour.

Salt & Pepper.

Method: Coat the chicken in seasoned flour and then brown in a fry pan with equal amounts of oil and butter.

Leave chicken to rest and brown onion, bacon and garlic.

Then add flour and stir, add stock and stir to combine, check seasoning and bring to the boil, when it thickens take from heat and pour into large Inner Pot.

Add chicken and vegetables and bring back to the boil and let it slow boil for 10 mins.

Now place the large inner pot into the thermal jacket, close the lid and allow it to cook slowly for another three hours in the DreamPot.

Serve with crusty bread and it is yum.