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Scotts Head: a North Coast surf sanctuary  

August 06, 2018
Scotts Head: a North Coast surf sanctuary

My partner James and I arrived at Scotts Head in the early hours of a frosty Sunday morning. It was just as the sun was peeking over the horizon. The first thing we noticed were the aqua greens glowing from the misty water. Watching the surfers cruise along the right-hand surf break, we were even able to see the curves in the sand beneath their boards. It is one of the cleanest places we have seen yet.


Image by James at Aeroaus

We decided to start exploring this small town and stumbled across a beautiful grassy headland overlooking the ocean. After sitting here for about 20 minutes watching the eagles circle the sheer cliff faces looking for their morning prey, we noticed a pod of around 8-10 dolphins swim majestically past the rock shelf and up the coastline.


Image by James at Aeroaus

Soon after that, we noticed these small black circles moving in the shallows. All of a sudden two turtles popped their heads up for a breath. The water below was so clear we could see them at the bottom, even though they were a few metres below the surface.


Image by James at Aeroaus

We weren’t done yet. Launching out of the water, about 500 metres offshore, was a baby humpback whale with its mother. They played, jumped and splashed all the way up the coastline, seeming to follow the dolphins wherever they went. The marine life on show from this view was amazing! We looked on in awe all morning.


Image by James at Aeroaus

An eco-friendly community

Wandering around the town of Scotts Head we couldn’t help but notice how environmentally conscious the community was. Every person we saw at the local shops had their own cup for their takeaway coffees. Even the kids were using them for their own warm drinks. It was great to see! (And the perfect reminder to get our own out of the van).

Not only was the ocean noticeably clean, but the surrounding land didn’t have a spot of rubbish. You could tell the locals really appreciated and respected the beauty of the town.


Image by James at Aeroaus

Surrounding surf breaks

When the swell is small there is a right-hand break at Forster Beach which is perfect for beginners. Other great spots for surfing other than the main beach are Wakki Beach and Little Beach. When the swell is small you should still be able to find a wave at one of these three beaches as they all face slightly different directions.


Image by James at Aeroaus

Must-see surrounding destinations

10 minutes south of Scotts Head is the impressive Grassy Head. The views around here are spectacular. The sand is a soft white and the beach seems to stretch on for days. It’s also covered with gorgeous shells. This sleepy town is one of the most relaxing places we have been too and is definitely worth a visit.

If you’re looking for a break from the beach, head up to the Yarriabini National Park to experience and enjoy the lookout over the coastline. The sunrise from here is fascinating, as are the views either way you look. On the way back, stop off at The Pines picnic area and cook up a breakfast. If you don’t have your own stovetop, free BBQ’s are available.


Image by James at Aeroaus

Scotts Head accommodation

Scotts Head is home to another perfectly located caravan park. It is the Reflections Holiday Park. Situated right in front of Forster Beach the park has everything you need. Amenities are available for all guests and the park is even dog-friendly during the off-peak season so you can bring your furry friends with you! If you’ve forgotten supplies, no problem! The shopping village is just a quick 30-second stroll across the road.

No matter what your hobbies include, this surf town should have you covered! Whether it be whale watching on the headland, snorkelling with the marine life, bushwalking around the national parks, or you’re just keen to sit on the beach with a fresh coffee, Scotts Head is one you don’t want to miss on your cruise up or down the coast.