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Seal Rocks - Paradise At Your Front Door

August 01, 2018
Seal Rocks - Paradise At Your Front Door

The first visit my partner James and I took to Seal Rocks felt like we had left Australia and stepped into an island oasis. The day was sunny and the headlands in the distance reminded us of the islands of Hawaii. It was the perfect weekend getaway. Since that day, we have returned numerous times and each time is always just as good as the last.

Seal Rocks is small. There is one corner store at the top of the hill and that’s it. (If you’re there in the warmer months you’ll be lucky enough to order a latte from the coffee trailer). This quiet town is just the way we like it! The stretch of ocean is pristine, the town full of greenery and there is plenty to explore!


Seal Rocks, a little oasis just north of Sydney (Image by James at Aeroaus)

A perfect day in Seal Rocks

After visiting this beautiful place multiple times, we really feel like we’ve uncovered the perfect day in Seal Rocks. This is what it looks like for us.

Wake up for sunrise

We wake up for the sunrise every time we are here. It is one not to be missed, ever. While this may sound cliche, we are serious. The sun rising up over the small cove at the end of the bay is always breathtaking (and perfect for an aerial photograph - or a proposal!)


If you're going to propose, this is the way to do it (Image by James at Aeroaus)

Walk to the north end

Strolling up to the north end of Number One beach is always beautiful. In low tide, go even further. You’ll uncover a little hidden beach only accessible via boat, or by walking over the rocks. This tiny little beach is full of large pebble stones eroded from the cliff facing and waves crashing into the shore. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, small droplets of water will also be falling from the top.


There's a hidden beach just past Number One Beach (Image by James at Aeroaus)

Cool off with a swim in the ocean

The water at Seal Rocks is always so clean, fresh and beautifully crystal clear. We love taking our inflatable floats out here, especially when it’s a flat day. It’s also a great spot for beginner paddle boarders! Just remember to bring your own boards.

Have lunch on the hill

Grab your picnic blanket or beach towels and head up to the hill in front of the corner store. The hill overlooks the bay and offers impressive views. You’ll almost always see dolphins too!


A nice swell at Treachery (Image by James at Aeroaus)

Surf at Treachery

Taking a drive over to treachery is always nice, even if there is no surf. When there is a big swell make sure you have your board. It’s one of the best beach breaks in New South Wales.

Visit Sugarloaf Lighthouse

The lighthouse is an awe-inspiring treat for your eyes! There is so much beauty at this end of the beach. You can take a walk all the way up to the lighthouse. It’s also the ideal whale watching lookout with spectacular views up and down the coast.

Enjoy a sunset bevvie at the beach tables

We love finishing the day off with a drink and some afternoon snacks at the picnic tables at Sugarloaf Bay. As the sun goes down there’s no better place to be, with the beautiful colours of the sky and the sounds of the ocean lapping on the shore.

Where to stay

Look no further than Reflections Holiday Park. Being right across the road from the beach, the convenience of this park cannot get any better. We love staying in the new Premium Villas which offer ocean views through the ceiling to floor windows! The Villas are remarkable. Newly built, the rooms have a luxurious feel to them and you can tell they have been architecturally designed. (Ps. the showers are amazing!)


Villas at Reflections Holiday Park (Image by James at Aeroaus)

The Villas are fully equipped so if you come prepared with your groceries you won’t have to leave this paradise! There is a BBQ outside on your own wooden balcony making an outdoor dinner ideal in the warmer months. Whether you’re a couple, group of friends or a family, this is the place to go.

Basically paradise is at your front door.