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The Delights of Lennox Head 

October 03, 2018
The Delights of Lennox Head

Sunshine, chilled vibes and surf for days, Lennox Head has everything you could want in a beachside town. It’s quiet enough for an escape out of the city (or Byron Bay), but busy enough to keep you entertained when you want to get out and about. The beaches are beautiful, the people are friendly and the coffee is great! All of these delights are what halted our trip up the Australian east coast as my partner James and I decided to set up in Lennox Head for two weeks.


Lennox Head Lookout

Beautiful beaches

Lennox Head is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, we believe, in Australia. One of the advantages is they aren’t as jam-packed as you might imagine. As my sister lives in Lennox Head, we were lucky enough to be shown around to her favourite spots! Whilst we were here, we shared our time between three beaches:

Sharpes Beach

On our first day, we visited Sharpes Beach. This is the beach you get to after you drive over Skennars Head. The views from the headland are pretty amazing. More than once we saw whales leaping out of the water on our drive down to this beach. This is what kept us coming back here!


Coast Boardwalk

Seven Mile Beach

We spent almost every morning at this beach. Mainly because it was right across the road from my favourite coffee shop here, Shelter. We seemed to develop a little routine! Takeaway coffee (in my Keep Cup of course), enjoyed on the seats underneath the trees, followed by a nice swim in the ocean.

Boulder Beach

Boulder Beach was easily our favourite. Aptly named Boulder due to the landscape of the beach. But don’t let that deter you. There are some sandy spots to set up on for the day. This is also a good spot to get your surfboard out. The surf break here is a right-hand point break that seems to travel for days. It’s nice to sit up on the headland overlooking the surfers catching their waves running slowly down the rocky point.

Lennox Head Boardwalk

If you love a scenic walk, you’ll love this coastal boardwalk. I always started the walk off at Rutherford Street which is just off the main strip of shops at Lennox Head (Ballina Street). The walk continues past the foreshore, all the way up to the point of Lennox Head. This is one of the best spots to watch whales in New South Wales as they wrap around the coast before reaching the most easterly point of Australia. You can continue walking up the stairs here and you will be presented with more lookout vantage points. There is also a further walkway to continue to Boulder Beach if you’re up for it!

The abundance of marine life

If you’ve read our previous adventures, you’ll know one of our favourite pastimes is watching the marine life. It was here in Lennox Head we witnessed the most dolphins we’ll probably ever see again in our lifetime.

As you walk down towards the ocean at the Pat Morton Lookout, you’ll notice there is a trail that leads you right down to the water's edge. We were sitting here one morning watching the surfers when the first pod of about 20 dolphins swam past heading north up to Seven Mile Beach. And then, another pod of about 20! Which turned into dozens, all swimming together in the same direction. This went on for about 20 minutes. We lost count of the dolphins, though we know there would have been at least 200. It was something we had never seen before. We just looked on in amazement.


Dolphin at Lennox

A stone's throw from the hinterland

If you’re feeling like a break from the oceanside, within five minutes you can be driving along Hinterland Way weaving into the rolling hills. It really is serene up here. There are two spots that stand out to me in this region. The first being a small town called Newrybar. The second, Minyon Falls.


Harvest at Newrybar


Newrybar is quite an old town. However, there are some awesome little stores in the village here that bring this place to life. There is (another) awesome coffee spot called Harvest which boasts a menu of local produce. As well as a gorgeous on-trend homewares store called Newrybar Merchants. I definitely don’t recommend going in here if you are a lover of homewares and living the van life! You’ll want to bring the whole shop home with you.


Newrybar Merchants

Minyon Falls

If you continue another 40 minutes west into the Hinterland, you will find Minyon Falls. This is a stunning plunge waterfall that descends into the rainforest below. You can stand on the lookout here which extends over the cliffside. My favourite part of this lookout is that you can see hundreds of palm trees below within the forest. The greenery is lush, and full of life. There is a real tropical feeling about it.

On the way back from here, don’t forget to visit the best sushi in town with a cool farm vibe. Chickens are literally running around at your feet which is always pretty fun. It’s called Doma Cafe and it can be found in a town called Federal.


Tallow Beach

Close proximity to Byron Bay

It takes 30 minutes to drive into Byron Bay if you want to explore the other beautiful beaches in this region. Wategos and Tallow Beach are definitely worth a visit. The morning light is perfect for an aerial photo here too. If you’re lucky, you might even have these beaches to yourself. Just make sure you’re up for sunrise!

Lennox Head really is full of so many beautiful spots just waiting to be explored. And whilst these are the adventures we got up to during our time here, this town is FULL of other beaches and places just waiting for you to discover favourites of your own. It’s a delightful, coastal gem.