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Glenda a non event Pilbara caravan parks tell GoSeeAustralia

April 05, 2006
Glenda a non event Pilbara caravan parks tell GoSeeAustralia

All the caravan parks in the Pilbara area involved with Cyclone Glenda have told GoSeeAustralia that they are open for business.

Most of the WA caravan parks told GoSee Australia that from their point of view Cyclone Glenda was a non event, a bit of wind and rain and little damage anywhere.

Pilbara Holiday Park and the permanent resident Balmoral Caravan Parks, Karratha, were initially evacuated, but only as a precaution and are now operating normally.

Some roads were closed due to fallen trees and minor flooding, but all in all as Benita at the Pilbara Park, Karratha, told GoSeeAustralia they had more damage from cyclone Clare in February than from Glenda.

Val from Ningaloo Park in Exmouth told GoSeeAustralia she heard on TV (Sunrise) they were in the path of the cyclone when she woke up in the morning and raced to the park, but the cyclone had already changed direction.

Roz Bailley manager of Pilbara Holiday Park told GoSeeAustralia yesterday, Tuesday, April 4 that - "Karratha was really lucky with cyclone Glenda as it was more off the coast than cyclone Clare.

"We have a great community spirit in our park and all residents and tourists always get in and make sure the Holiday Park is secure and safe. If there is any mess afterwards, you can see everyone pitching in to clean up "their backyard".

All of our residents treat the park as they would their own home which is great. And the tourists during cyclone Clare and cyclone Glenda were unbelievable - working solidly to clean up the streets of tree debris.

Cyclone Clare left a little more debris and it took a few days to clear the tree limbs etc. With cyclone Glenda, it was all done in a day an in particular thanks to our tourists on powered sites and couples in our tent area.

It is fantastic to see our own small holiday park community within the town of Karratha pulling together in a time of need. A regular occurrence wherever there are times of crisis throughout the country. Everyone banding together to help each other - great to see, Roz Bailley said.

Di Watkins Manager Bayview Coral Bay told GoSeeAustralia on Saturday, April 1 Many thanks for you interest in our state of affairs after the cyclone passed us so closely during the early hours of Friday morning.

Fortunately we only suffered strong gusty winds and loss of sleep. We are up and running as normal without having sustained any damage.

I recommend that those people who are self driving do check with visitor centres and main road authorities to ensure the road are open as there have been some flooded areas which may or may not be affecting travel - particularly further north of us.

Weano Gorge Karijini. Pic courtesy  Tourism WA

Weano Gorge Karijini..
Pic courtesy Tourism WA

We do, however, have a number of boats to return to the water before all the local trips in Coral Bay are on offer again but that will be happening today and tomorrow (Sunday, April 2).

Although we are overcast with grey clouds at present and very light intermittent showers are occurring there are glimmers of blue sky and sunshine breaking through and the two ladies in bright pink swim suits walking back up from the beach yesterday created a beautiful colour contrast.

On Friday, March 31 Sue of Ningaloo Caravan and Holiday Park told GoSeeAustralia We are fine here in Exmouth we have not had any significant damage here it was just like having a bad storm and we are open for business as usual.

On the same day Bobby Monck of Peoples Park Caravan Village, Coral Bay told GoSeeAustralia -I am pleased to say that we suffered no damage from cyclone Glenda. We had some strong gusts and a bit of rain, nothing serious. We are no longer in any warning zones. All the roads surrounding us are closed so our park will remain quiet for a few days unfortunately.

Most roads around the Pilbara, including the North-West Coastal Highway, have been reopened. But the Nullagine to Jigalong turn-off is closed as is the Nanutarra-Munjina Road. WA's Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) warned late yesterday (Sunday) that motorists should not to attempt river or creek crossings without first testing the water's depth and velocity as flooding hit the WA, Pilbara area soaked by Cyclone Glenda.

All in apple pie order. Cabins and tent Pilbara Holiday Park, Karratha

All in apple pie order.
Cabins and tent
Pilbara Holiday Park, Karratha

Flood warnings have been cancelled for the Central West as well as the Fortescue and Ashburton rivers and Pilbara coastal rivers.

Cyclone Glenda crossed the West Australian Pilbara coast hours earlier than expected late Thursday, March 30.Mardi Station recorded winds gusts of almost 180 kilometres per hour as the severe category 4 cyclone passed through.

The Bureau of Meteorology says the cyclone hit the coastal town of Onslow with winds which reached 140 kilometres an hour. It warned therewas potential for very dangerous storm tides, which could cause flooding. Onslow recorded wind speeds of 156 km/h and rainfall in excess of 200mm. This was the highest 24 hour rainfall total for Onslow in over 10 years. Inland, Gascoyne Junction with 63mm had their highest 24 hour total insix years.

Glenda weakened into a tropical low further south over inland Gascoyne region. On (Thursday, March 30) the Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia (FESA) issued a red alert for people in the low-lying areas of Karratha, Roebourne, Point Samson, Wickham, Dampier and Mardie.

Python Pool  Millsteam-Chichester National Park. Pic Courtesy Tourism WA

Python Pool
Millsteam-Chichester National Park
Pic Courtesy Tourism WA

Pentecost  River Gibb River Road. Courtesy Tourism WA

Pentecost River Gibb River Road.
Courtesy Tourism WA

Hamerlsey Range Courtesy Tourism WA

Hamerlsey Range
Courtesy Tourism WA

Beach Fishing. Courtesy Tourism WA

Beach Fishing.
Courtesy Tourism WA

4wd Mount Nameless. Courtesy Tourism WA

4wd Mount Nameless.
Courtesy Tourism WA