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Get an exhilarating high in the treetops of Western Australia

May 17, 2006
Get an exhilarating high in the treetops of Western Australia

There is only one word for a walk among the tree tops of Western Australias tall timber forest of the south - exhilarating.

The Tree Top Walk near Walpole gives awesome views over the grove of 400 year old red tingle trees known as the Valley of the Giants. And from the ground, standing beneath these majestic giants, breathing in the cool forest air, it is a humbling experience.

The special and uniquely Western Australia tourism attraction is internationally recognised, winning the Environmental Experience category in the prestigious British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Awards.

The walkway was originally built to allow visitors to experience the forest without damaging the delicate root system of the trees. It was the first walk trail of its kind in the world at 600 metres long and 40 metres high it allows a unique perspective of the forest, without impacting on the ground below.

Sky high tree top walk, near Denmark, WA
Sky high tree top walk,
near Denmark, WA

The attraction now also serves to inform visitors about the local ecosystem and the forests ancient beginnings. Interpretive signage makes for self guided walks, while a school holiday activities program includes a range of interpretive tours including an Aboriginal cultural experience.

The Forest by Night tour allows you to enjoy the Tree Top Walk under a canopy of thousands of stars and to see some of the nocturnal creatures that live in the forest.

Also making the Tree Top Walk truly unique is its structure. Most similar canopy walks around the world feature suspension bridge structures, which are not for the faint hearted. The Tree Top Walk however, is a series of 60m light weight steel trusses built on steel pylons to form a secure ramp which is wheelchair accessible.

Adjacent to the walkway is a boardwalk through the Ancient Empire grove of veteran tingle trees which is home to the giants after which the forest is named. Some of the trees here are up to 16m in circumference at the base. The boardwalk meanders around and sometimes through the old trees.

It is a peaceful experience with quiet spots to sit and reflect on the special nature of the tingle forest. For more information about the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, contact the Western Australian Visitor Centre on 1300 361 351.

Editors note: GoSeeAustralia thanks the Western Australian Tourism Commission for this story.

Pictures Lisa Morrison and Kitty Laredo.

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