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Experience tells as batteries for all occasions chain charges to 81 stores

August 13, 2006
Experience tells as batteries for all occasions chain charges to 81 stores

Queensland based Battery World has increased its outlets to 81 with two more franchises, one at Lilydale in Victoria and the Macgregor store in Brisbane

GoSeeAustralia talked to Glenn McVeigh and Tracey Stevens at the Cave Hill Rd. Lilydale outlet this week. There is a common thread. We met Battery World people while on the road recently in South Australia and again in ACT when we needed extra power for the 'Out There' Heritage caravan.

And once again in Lilydale we found there really is no substitute for experience as we posed some testing questions.

Yes said Glenn the HJ60 diesel 1985 Retro GoSeeAustralia Toyota Landcruiser will crank-up well with twin N70 batteries because the HZJ70 series Landcruiser is so similar and the need is to turn over the diesels 13:1 compression to fire it up.

That needs serious 600 cranking power rated batteries but with a petrol version 500 will do the trick as the compression is around 9:1.

More than 30 years of hands on automotive and electrical experience plus the collective know-how of the Battery World network back Glenns comments. He and Tracey (about 20 years around Lilydale) are Croydon Hills locals.

Cave Hill Rd Lilydale store
Cave Hill Rd Lilydale store Vic

He told GoSeeAustralia that networking between Battery World stores provides a massive fund of coal face information. Some of it is right off the wall and a potential major dollar saver.

Waeco portable fridge units are winning more friends in the outdoors because the lighter plastic construction does not rust. This makes them popular with anglers who wet their lines in saltwater, he says.

And extras can be managed to advantage. Waeco makes an auxiliary plug with fuse and heavier wiring for fridges that are run in the rear of the vehicle. It is an extra $100 but burn-outs related to light wiring and cigarette lighter fittings are beaten.

Glen McVeigh offers the  voice  of experience
Glen McVeigh offers the voice of experience

Starting price on a 31 litre Waeco unit is around $649 but Glenn says, the bigger CoolPro 32 version can be purchased as a package for $999. The saving is on the $129 for the carry bag and $99 for the fixing (tie-down) kit which come with the package.

The Battery World network keeps each other up to speed with solutions for challenges through shared Fact Sheets. For example the Battery World word is out that one of the latest Hondas can suffer memory loss.

Glenn says this can happen if electrical work is done with the vehicle in neutral not park. The result in a worst case is that the vehicle has to be towed to a Honda dealer so its memory can be jogged enough for it to recall which gear it was in.

Glenn and Tracey are locals
Glenn and Tracey are locals

European vehicles can be quirky, he says. The Range Rover Vogue with satellite navigation is one example. There is a specific shutdown and start-up procedure to take the vehicle on an off-line when electrical work is being done.

With its batteries for all occasions nature Battery World covers batteries for all vehicles; - caravans, 4WDs, motorhomes, campers, cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, tractors, golf buggies and even electric scooters. The broad practical level of Battery Worlds expertise extends to advice on solar charging and the addition of extra batteries to Recreational Vehicles.

There is also a full range of batteries for mobile phones, cordless phones, video, digital and still cameras, laptops, MP3s, home and smoke alarms and remote controls.

GSA drop into Salisbury Plains SA for a New Mobile phone Battery
GSA drop into Heather and Andrew Bishop at Salisbury Plains SA for a New Mobile phone Battery

Battery World General Manager, James Nixon-Smith, says since its inception nine years ago Battery World has grown to be the biggest and most comprehensive retail battery chain in Australia.

The business continues to open more outlets and has an aggressive growth strategy planned for next couple of years. In addition Battery World is also expanding into New Zealand as that market profile has much in common with Australia, James Nixon-Smith said.

Battery World is a national franchise business and its unique franchise concept puts it in an exploding industry with little competition.

Solar Panels and Equipment Salisbury Plains SA
Solar Panels and Equipment Salisbury Plains SA

Batteries are a part of everyday life and as technology continues to explode so will our reliance on portable power devices James Nixon-Smith says.

The Battery World concept evolved from the growing needs of the Australian replacement battery market, he said.

As Australias Battery Experts, we meet the needs of Australias energyhungry lifestyle and provide the broadest possible range of batteries, exceptional product knowledge, superior service and value, James Nixon-Smith said.

Editors note:

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