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Motor homers leave a light footprint

March 31, 2005
Motor homers leave a light footprint

Motorhome owner Marianne Daton says motor homers love the environment they travel through and are strongly motivated to look after it.


“We are intrinsically independent characters and have a natural tendency to clean up after ourselves”, she said. Marianne, from Kinglake, Victoria is among 1100 campervan and motorhome owners from all over Australia who are part of the 2005 Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia’s Motorhome Rally at Horsham this month. Marianne took the “slow route” to Horsham for the rally and explored the Grampians region over Easter with Bushwhackers Victoria.


“Motorhome owners love the environment they to travel through,” she said and told the rally organizers that they won’t have too much trouble encouraging motor homers to reduce waste and use recycling facilities. The CMCA and Horsham Rural City Council are the joint organizers of the rally.

The rally participants understand the idea of travelling light. So it is no surprise that the event organizers chose to ensure that the impact of the 1100 Motorhomes from across Australia this year is also light on the environment. This year’s rally is in Horsham at the edge of Victoria’s Grampians National Park from April 11 to 17.


There is a public Open Day on Saturday, April 16 to allow anyone interested to get first hand information on the CMCA lifestyle. The rally is a certificated Waste Wise Event. This means all stakeholders and participants are encouraged and assisted to do their best to minimize waste during the event.


The event caterers – a combined effort from eight Horsham service groups - have been briefed on the event organizers’ commitment to reduce waste and will reduce or use recyclable packaging in their menu plans.

Much of the catering uses washable crockery and cutlery, so the caterers have avoided substantial amounts of disposable waste simply by making that decision.

Colorful recycling stations scattered throughout the rally site at Longerenong Agricultural College reinforce the Waste Wise Event commitment.


Motor homers can separate the recyclables they use in their vehicles and put them into the recycling bins. All visitors to the site get the same “put the right thing in the right bin” message. This includes stallholders and customers to the open day markets at the rally.

“By separating our waste we will be minimizing the amount of waste that needs to be sent to landfill. The recyclables can be processed and turned into something else. In fact, the recycling stations themselves are 50 per cent made from recycled plastic milk and juice bottles” CMCA’s Rally Co-coordinator, Doug Treloar, of Portland Victoria said.


The Waste Wise Event program is being increasingly used throughout Victoria following research by the instigators of the program, EcoRecycle Victoria that shows that 87 per cent of public event participants support the introduction of recycling and waste reduction programs at public events.