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Hayman Reese bundles towing kit to keep caravanning safety on track

June 19, 2007
Hayman Reese bundles towing kit to keep caravanning safety on track

In a practical bid to keep caravanning safely on track in Australasia icon towing system engineer Hayman Reese has bundled a complete weight distribution hitch and electric brake system.

The towing bundle is the respected 550lb weight distribution hitch with friction sway control unit and Guardian proportional brake controller.

The friction sway control is a proven towing safety accessory which stops sway being translated from caravan to tow vehicle in situations like strong cross winds and wind buffet from passing trucks and road trains.

The unit retards pivotal movement between the caravan or trailer through a system which uses a frictional material often found in vehicle disc brakes.

The Hayman Reese bundle comes with all the hardware and to make using it easy the sway control tab is factory fitted to the weight distribution head. Set up properly it is good towing safety insurance against sway from a manufacturer who leads in towing engineering.

The Guardian proportional brake controller handles electric braking in high speed highway towing and at the other end of the scale makes all the difference in response to demanding towing situations around town.

The Guardian system moderates the trailer braking based on the the tow vehicles acceleration and deceleration.

Most importantly it is easy for caravanners to set and adjust. The new complete Hayman Reese bundled towing combination includes the Hayman Reese 550lb kit, friction sway control and Guardian proportional brake controller.

For a limited period the RRP is $999, well under the normal RRP $1235.

Hayman Reese says 550lb weight distribution hitches are designed to work with caravans that weigh between 1300kg and 2500kg. The bundled towing kit is available from all Hayman Reese and caravan dealers. Each unit comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is supported by a network of more than 150 dealers.

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