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Mosquito-Click beats Atom Ant

June 17, 2005
Mosquito-Click beats Atom Ant

Angry ants biting the inside of my right arm got my full attention.

It was not an experience your correspondent had planned, just one of those things that happens when least expected. But it was certainly a real test of a product which is said to eliminate itchiness and inflammation 'with just a few clicks'.

Frances Helfenbaum of Intelligent Health Systems had sent GoSeeAustralia the new product to try, but until the protesting ants went to work an opportunity to use Mosquito-Click had not come up. Now I had a real situation. In fact I had a lot more than I bargained for. These guys were first cousin to Atom Ant. They had reason to be upset. I had been working on repairing damage to the eave of my house roof. Using a hammer I had broken away what looked like rotten wood and then Cowabunga Dude! A nest of ants descended on my right arm. Most of the ants bounced or brushed off as I danced about, but Atom and a few of his more determined mates latched on and red marks blossomed on the inner skin of my arm.

It was then the Mosquito-Click became a really good idea. As Frances says, 'If it stings, if it itches – you click! You bet! The Mosquito-Click is small and blue and looks like a fat syringe or something you might light a gas fire with. In fact that is not far from the mark, because it works through piezoelectricity. That means that like firing up the gas it generates an electric current when you press its button. Mosquito-Click does not have a battery. It is small and compact enough to carry in a purse, pocket or handbag. Frances says it works by compression or expansion of quartz or similar crystalline substances. The idea is to hold the Mosquito-Click like a syringe and put the end on the bite. The number of clicks varies according to the result required. Four to five to treat itching, eight to 10 to prevent swelling. Halve the number of clicks for children. For those who are extremely sensitive to insect bites the number of clicks can be increased. As I was acting immediately I limited the Mosquito-Clicks to five. Relief was not immediate, but over about 15 minutes the itching stopped.

The device is recommended for use on mosquito, horsefly and minor jellyfish stings.

Frances says medical journals like The Lancet have carried articles on the benefits of micro-pulses on inflammatory of allergy related phenomena. It is acknowledged that local reactions like itches, burns and swellings can be eliminated by the reduction or inhibition of histamine. The application of electric pressure will alter and therefore can make inactive any irritating or poisonous substance introduced under the skin by an insect.


Voltage: 13kV. Current: 0.7mA. Pulse duration: 0.01ms. Diameter: 24mm. Length: 63mm. Weight: 10g. Power supply: piezoelectricity. Capacity: 25,000 clicks. (About 5,000 bites).

Warnings: Not to be used with inflammable substances, on sensitive areas i.e.: eyes, mouth. It should not be used by people wearing a cardiac device or with a heart condition. The device should only be used on adults and children over four years. The device should be regularly disinfected.

Cost: $19.95.

From: TravelJohn/Mosquito-Click. See GoSeeAustralia website under Products and Services, camping and outdoor equipment.

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