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Coromals Excel as they put easy towing freedom into caravan outdoor lifestyle

December 06, 2007
Coromals Excel as they put easy towing freedom into caravan outdoor lifestyle

Sometimes a marketing call to action hits the bullseye. Coromal Caravans is an example with its "Experience the lifestyle. Discover the freedom" and that is exactly what we did with their Excel tandem E541 pop-top and the light Excel Compac E402 pop-top.

The easy living the two caravans provide is a major reason we made time to be kids again at KidsTown, Adventure Playground the awarded Outstanding Recreational Facility at Shepparton.

Comfortable with the manoeuvreability of the Coromal's we just pulled the two caravans into the roomy front carpark at KidsTown and went to play. KidsTown is on the Midland Highway (A300) Shepparton off the Mooroopna Causeway, minutes from the CBD.

It is part of the Shepparton Shared Path Network and we rolled up after Mark and Linda Ryan, managers of Goulburn Valley Motor Village sent us off after a pleasant stay on their generous drive-through sites to see what the 1994 vision of local Geoff Allemand has led to. Mark and Linda have already up-graded Goulburn Valley Motor Villages cabins and facilities and Mark, who is ex-Army, is hooked into change.

As community projects go KidsTown is an example of what can be done with goodwill, open handed sponsorship and determination. KidsTown has giant slides, tree houses, a barbecue shelter, monkey bars, family cafe, sandpits, a flying fox, swings, a maze, fruit bin pyramid and fenced toddler area.

Picnics can be shady under some of the most beautiful pepper trees in Australia. It's all about that marketers word lifestyle and with our comfortable Coromal homes in tow we had the freedom to discover and experience it.

Generally if something is a pleasure to use then it gets used often. Both the Coromals we tried more than fill that criteria. Both caravans have Coromal's independent suspension. It is a predictable road-runner benefit we first enjoyed behind our Magna with the awarded Coromal Silhoutte in tow.

Some of that experience was in extreme storm conditions so that evaluation was all too real. The Excel E541 as the 541 implies is a 5.4m (17'8in) tandem pop-top caravan with a tare (unladen weight) of about 1280kg.

KidsTown Maroopna trains a young engineer
KidsTown Maroopna trains a young engineer

The Excel Compac E402 is a real lightweight pop-top with a tare of about 890kg.

With nothing in it the Compac is only 2080mm high with the pop-top down. And the bigger E541 tandem shares this wind-cheating 2080mm low profile when its on the road, but even with the pop-top down both are still comfortably accessible.

A solid shove pushes the pop-tops up and headroom is a generous 2480mm in both caravans.

Both benefit from extruded aluminium frames, internal lining and aluminium cladding glued and rivetted to the frame. The caravans have full-length galvanised steel chassis with the ply floor glued and fastened to it.

The light truck steel belted radial tyres are 8 ply. We found comfort in the twin single-bed E402 version of the Excel Compac, but it is noteable that the E401 Compac version comes with a double bed of 1680mm which has a 150mm extension.

That is the same as in the bigger Excel E541 tandem we tried.

We swapped Coromals and tow vehicles and agreed single or double bed we got a comfortable nights sleep on the standard foam rubber mattresses. Inner spring mattresses are available as an option but our female crew member slept well on the E541's standard double mattress.

Retro Tojo with lightweight Excel cruises at an easy 98kmh
Retro Tojo with lightweight Excel cruises at an easy 98kmh

She was unaware that it was not an inner-spring. For those new to Recreational Vehicles a first class bed is not just important it is essential.

Always look for home comfort and keep at it until you get it.

Both caravans make full use of design to provide plenty of easy to use storage space. The kitchen and cooking layout is small but adequate in the Excel Compac and generous by caravan standards in the bigger Excel E541 Tandem.

We used our Captiva diesel automotic and the company's restored 1985 Retro Toyota Sahara to mix and match the diverse Coromals in variety of towing situations.

With the help of caravanning equipment icon Hayman Reese the Captiva is set-up with tailored tow equipment from towbar fit-out, to Weight Distribution Hitch and Guardian Electric Brake Controller.

Double bed comfort Excel E541 tandem
Double bed comfort Excel E541 tandem

The Sahara is an original and its Hayman Reese towbar, fitted in 1985, still does the job.

The fully restored HJ60 4 litre manual diesel Sahara Land Cruiser has a modified ARB suspension, upgraded (for towing) manual gearbox and a gentle (non-standard) 6lb boost turbo.

Yes 10lb boost is an option but we like reliable understressed motors and dislike blown head gaskets and overheating.

To give context to the benefits of that attitude to engines the 22 year old diesel has covered 340,434km without motor problems.

As Spencer Kelly of Caravans West, said as we hooked the Excel Compac 890kg lightweight behind the bulletproof old workhorse at the Sunshine Coromal caravan dealership - The Toyota won't even know it is there.

He was right. Once on the Hume Highway on the two hour run to Shepparton the Coromal Compac made no real difference to the 4litre understressed diesel.

The Captiva diesel led the parade with the heavier Coromal Excel E541 tandem and we cruised all the way in highway running to Shepparton at between 90 and 98kmh.

The Compac is such an easy tow most of the run was done by the Sahara at between 2000 and 2500rpm in 5th overdrive with a few shifts back to 4th to take the stress off the gearbox in hilly sections.

Retro Tojo and Coromal friends Seymour
Retro Tojo and Coromal friends Seymour

Days later when we swapped the Coromals for the run back to Melbourne we battled strong headwinds to Seymour and the old Tojo warrior showed its worth.

In fourth gear at 2600rpm with the heavier low-profile pop-top 1314kg. E541 tandem in tow it cruised at an easy 85 to 90kmh into the wind.

Hard work does not bother a Toyota truck and when towing gets serious it is a comfort to have tractor characteristics work for you.

On the short run to Seymour from Shepparton we towed without the Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitch on the Toyota Sahara.

After stopping with river views at Seymour on pleasant drive-through sites at the Goulburn River Caravan Park we completed the trip back to Caravans West in the Melbourne suburb of Sunshine with the Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitch fitted.

No WDH and extended safety  chain on Toyota
No WDH and extended safety chain on Toyota

Even with a heavy tow vehicle (about 2.5 tonnes unladen) like the Toyota Sahara 4WD there is a significant difference in handling and ride with the Weight Distribution Hitch on.

It is important to note that Holden rates the automatic and manual Captiva diesel maximum towing capacities differently.

The Manual Captiva Diesel is rated at 2000kg and the automatic diesel 1700kg (as tested). The V6 automatic petrol version is rated at 2000kg.

Which we think means the auto transmissions are different in the diesel and petrol versions.

So while we are on the subject of vehicle builders and their towing numbers lets look at
what Ball Weight really means -

Simon Rodwell, Product Manager of Cequent/Hayman Reese says many people ask about the issue of ball weight decreasing with the use of a Weight Distribution Hitch.

A Weight Distribution Hitch transfers weight on the ball to the front of the vehicle and the rear of the caravan it does not, however, in any way reduce the ball weight and does not therefore allow you to increase your vehicles ball weight capacity by using a Weight Distribution Hitch.

Hayman Reese WDH fitted to Toyota for Coromal Excel 541
Hayman Reese WDH fitted to Toyota for Coromal Excel 541

The principal of weight distribution is about taking the ball weight that is pushing down behind the rear of the vehicle and spreading that same downward force over a larger area.

This ensures the front wheels maintain good contact with the road and allows for a more stable towing setup.

The GoSeeAustralia web site has a Vehicle Towing Compatability module courtesy of Hayman Reese in the GoSee TravelSmart Club section.

It's free to join. Just go to the Good Stuff! option on the Home Page. It is the 11th option down. Give it a click. Sign up as a GoSeeTravelSmart Club member and we will send you an email. When you confirm that email free access to the best in professionally based information is available.

From Shepparton to Seymour we deliberately towed without the Weight Distribution Hitch on the Toyota. The truck managed strong winds and bad sections of highway surface well.

But the ride was lively and required plenty of concentration and correction as bullets of wind buffeted the Coromal caravans and our tow vehicles as B-double interstate truckers blasted past.

But with the Weight Distribution Hitch on after Seymour the whole rig was much more predictable, and certainly a more relaxed handling experience on the wet highway which had plenty of badly patched undulating sections.

Fitting Hayman Reese WDH tensioning hooks
Fitting Hayman Reese WDH tensioning hooks

Road surface changes, holes, ruts, strips of dirt roadworks and road camber changes will wrong-foot a towing combination. The major benefits from the Weight Distribution Hitch are far better steering control, superior ride and less stress on the driver.

With Coromal designs there is also the big plus of independent suspension which certainly helps keep the show on track. Overall we rate the Captiva auto diesels Sports Utility Vehicles towing performance as eight out of 10.

On the run to Shepparton the Active Select Mode (manual) override abilities of the five-speed gearbox were tried and then rejected.

The Captiva is a modern Sport Utility Vehicle with plenty of sensors to help it do its job.

Pulling the shift into third only increased the rpm to 3500 and made no noticeable difference to pulling power or speed. So the auto was left to its own choices.

This means most towing is done in fourth gear at 2300rpm.

Fifth comes in occasionally in downhill and flat easy going. It can of course be brought in manually but as this produces no gains in the towing performance we don't bother stick shifting now.

Captiva diesel hauls Coromal Excel tandem 541
Captiva diesel hauls Coromal Excel tandem 541

We do not regard fuel consumption as a first priority when towing. Put weight behind a vehicle and you will use more fuel. But the Captiva did well by any comsumption standards.

It returned 13.8 litres per hundred kilometres in 4th gearon route to Shepparton with the Coromal Excel E541 tandem at90 to 98kmh.

Pushing into the strong headwind on the run back from Shepparton to Seymour with the light Excel Compac behind the four-cylinder Captiva drank 14.2 litres per hundred kilometres with the rpm at 2600 in 4th gearand cruise speed 90kmh.

There is no doubt that the wind-cheating low profile of the pop-top Coromals makes a significant contribution to economy and easy handling. This is further enhanced by the Coromal's independent suspension.

The Retro 1985 Toyota and the brand new Captiva diesel are chalk and cheese in their technologies. In essence the Captiva is designed primarily as a passenger vehicle. The Toyota Sahara diesel is an off-roader 4WD work truck.

Coromals and GoSee towing team take a rest stop off the Hume Hwy
Coromals and GoSee towing team take a rest stop off the Hume Hwy

But in all-round towing in mixed conditions the Captiva returned about 14 litres per hundred kilometres and the six-cylinder Toyota about 16 litres.

And despite being 22 years of development apart both motors are comfortable at 2600rpm in 4th gear towing into a strong headwind. Neither motor showed any signs of overheating.

With the Captiva the Excel tandem was far better with the Weight Distribution Hitch fitted. It was no big deal, but in windy going the rig felt a little flighty until the Weight Distribution Hitch went on.

The Guardian Electric Brake Controller System on the Captiva needed adjustment to even out the braking as we swapped the Coromals around.

With the heavier Excel E541 tandem maximum braking was set at 3.3 on the handy units readout. With the light Excel Compac trailer brake pressure was eased back to 2.5 maximum.

Retro Toyota Excel 541 and Captiva Excel Compac swap tows
Retro Toyota Excel 541 and Captiva Excel Compac swap tows

The Toyota uses a Hayes Lemmerz Engergize 111 Electric Brake Controller. It is effective but uses a red lights intensity to indicate the level of the braking setting.

Overall we found the Coromal E541 tandem smooth, easy towing.

To give more context to that comment. We particularly compare with a popular 17'6'' single-axle Compass caravan pulled by a Holden V8 SS ute and a Ford Escape 4WD over thousands of kilometres.

With both tow vehicles the Compass needed watching and was prone to sway in gusty going.

It did not like wind buffetting from passing trucks. Overall we have towed a lot of loaded tandem trailers.

We can say that the Captiva, using the Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitch and Guardian Brake Controller in combination with the independent suspension of the Coromals, has it all over the Compass hauled by the Holden and the Ford.

As we came off the Great Dividing Range on long downhill sections of the Hume we towed easily at the posted 110kmh limit with the Captiva and the Toyota.

Guardian braking. Fitting is generally $145 by authorised distributors
Guardian braking. Fitting is generally $145 by authorised distributors

Usually we prefer to tow at 25 percent under the posted speed limit. But to extend the standard independent suspension of the Coromals and evaluate its benefits in conjunction with the Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitch we broke our rule. There were no problems.

The result was predictable towing in the circumstances, but around 90kmh allows safer travel with much more margin for the unexpected and muchbetter fuel economy so that is how we completed the towing tour to Sunshine.

We enjoyed the lifestyle and freedom all the way.

About the Coromal caravans:

Excel Compac E402.

Rear door. Available in two layouts. One double bed (E401) or two singles (E402).

Kitchen has 4-burner stove/grill, microwave and 3-way fridge.

Tow ball weight 79kg.

Tare (unladen weight) 875kg.

Editor's note: Weights are a guide only and vary between models.
Caravans with showers and other options fitted will be heavier.

As tested: E402 two single beds model.

It has a rollout awning.

Easy to handle. Easy to tow.

Independent suspension.

Excel 402 Compac 13' x 7'.

E402 caravan Rec Retail Price (Melbourne) $22,990.

Plus on Road Costs.

Standard features: Extruded Aluminium Frame, Internal Lining And Aluminium Cladding Glued And Riveted To Frame.

Independent Suspension.

Rollout Awning.

Full Length Pop-Top Roof.


Stove - 4 Burner (1 Electric) Grill.

Underbody and suspension Coromal Excel tandem 541
Underbody and suspension Coromal Excel tandem 541

Front Storage Boot Fitted With Moulded Boot Lid With Gas Struts - Lockable, Lined And Sealed To Store Gas Bottle And Spare Wheel - Gas Approved.

Full Length Galvanised Steel Chassis.

Light Truck Steel Belted Radial Tyres 8 Ply.

Annexe Track Standard Pop-Top Extrusions.

All Side Frames Sealed To Body.

Pop-Top Skirt - Mildew Resistant - Waterproof - Uv Resistant.

Insulated Roof And Walls.

Removable Flyscreens On Pop-Top Roof Skirt.

Pop-Top Vinyl Section Held In By Nylon Keeper (Not Screwed Or Stapled).

Aluminium Water Tank Protector.

Mains Pressure Tap.

4 Corner Stabiliser Legs.

Mud Flaps.

Triple Lock Security Door.

Ply Floor Glued And Fastened To Chassis.

Galvanised Steel Plate Above Main Door.

Solid Ply Bench Tops.

Double Ply Cupboard Doors.

Dual Gas Lift, Boxed In Double Bed.

Outside Power Point.

Annexe Light.

Positive Locking Door Catches.

Self Closing Hinges.

Pressure Hatch.

Excel E541 tandem.

E541 2.

Kitchen has 4-burner stove (1 electric 3 gas)/grill, microwave and 3-way fridge.

Tow ball weight 135kg.

Tare (unladen weight) 1314kg.

E541 caravan Rec Retail Price (Melbourne) $31,900 plus on road costs.

Editor's note: Weights are a guide only and vary between models.
Caravans with showers and other options fitted will be heavier.

As tested: E541 double-bed.

It has rollout awning.

Towing height 2080mm unladen.

Three sliding baskets under the stove.

Toilet storage provision.

Standard features:

Set up for the night Excel Compac
Set up for the night Excel Compac

Extruded aluminium frame, internal lining and aluminium cladding glued and riveted to frame.

Full length Pop-Top roof.


Stove - 4 burner (1 electric, 3 gas) grill.

Front storage boot with moulded boot lid, gas struts, lockable, lined and sealed to store gas bottle - gas approved.

Full length galvanised steel chassis.

Light truck steel belted radial tyres 8 ply.

Rollout awning.

All side frames sealed to body.

Pop-Top skirt - mildew and UV resistant. Waterproof.

Insulated roof and walls.

Removable flyscreens on Pop-Top roof skirt.

Pop-Top vinyl section held in by nylon keeper (not screwed or stapled).

Aluminium water tank protector.

Lockable water tank filler.

Mains pressure tap.

Tap on A-frame.

Triple lock security door.

Towing height 2080mm unladen (Except E547S).

Ply floor glued and fastened to chassis.

Galvanised steel plate above main door.

Double bed extension.

3 sliding baskets under stove (most models).

1 basket under single bed.

1 flap door under single bed.

Solid ply bench tops.

Gas struts to double bed.

Outside power point.

TV shelf (most models).

Positive locking cupboard door catches.

Self-closing hinges.

Pressure hatch.

Toilet storage provision.

Battery compartment with diode protection.

12v lighting system.

Factory fitted options:

Air-conditioning, inner spring mattress, Oven. Sports pack.

Standard features: Independent suspension, Aluminium frame, Awning, Battery system, Gas/Elec stove.

Towing height unladen 2080mm.

Overall height with pop-top up 2480mm.

From: Caravans West. 1 Berkshire Road, Sunshine.

Caravans West. Ph: (03) 9311 7211 Fax: (03) 9311 7255



Manfacturer: Australian built by Coromal Caravans, 25 Harrison Road, Forrestfield, WA.

The tow vehicles:

Holdens Captiva SUV diesel is light on fuel long on torque.

The new Captiva diesel model already has a healthy 50 percent of Captiva sales for Holden. There is a big demand for diesel in SUV's in the medium size vehicle market. Our new company top of the range Captiva LX diesel has all the options. They include 7-seats and leather upholstery, fog lights and 18-inch alloy wheels, plus eight-way adjustable electric driver's seat and electronic climate control.

The Captiva diesels use a new 2.0-litre, common rail, 16-valve SOHC inline four-cylinder intercooled turbo diesel engine that produces 110kW at 4000rpm and peak torque of 320Nm at 2000rpm. This compares to 169kW and 297Nm (at 3200rpm) for the petrol models.

GM-DAT (nee GM-Daewoo) developed the engine in conjunction with Italian turbodiesel specialist, VM Motori, and is meets Euro IV emission standards.

Good kitchen space and equipment E541 tandem
Good kitchen space and equipment E541 tandem

The modern turbodiesel engine uses high-pressure direct fuel-injection (in this case a Bosch system) and a variable geometry turbocharger. The Captiva is the diesels first run in production.

The turbo diesel is matched to a five-speed manual transmission in the base SX model only. At around $36,000 this is a deal worth looking at.

We think the manual variant is geared significantly shorter than the auto. Coupled with a higher maximum braked towing capacity (2000kg versus 1700kg for the auto) this could suit those who want to tow as a first priority.

The auto diesel has the same five-speed box as the petrol V6. It has the same internal ratios but a taller final drive.

The longitudinally front mounted 1991cc engine has an aluminium alloy cylinder head and cast-iron engine block. The valvetrain includes 4-valves per cylinder actuated by a single overhead camshaft (SOHC).

The 2.0-litre engine benefits from a turbocharger to increase low down power, coupled with an air-to-air intercooler. It has a 17.5:1 compression ratio.

Fuel tank capacity is only 65 litres. Which gives a towing range of only about 400km in give and take conditions, but we have achieved 720km from a tank with the red low fuel light on. This was a combination of city/freeway conditions with cruise control set at 100kmh, airconditioning off and sunroof closed.

Fuel consumption vehicle only: 8.7L/100km.

Fuel consumption towing: 14L/100km.

CO2 Emissions: 233g/km

Max Power: 110kW @ 4000rpm

Max Torque: 320Nm @ 2000rpm

The 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine manages well with the 1779kg Captiva diesel in everyday driving.

Predictably as with all smaller turboed diesels of this type the 110kW diesel engine shows its limitations when under heavy towing load and the engine has to be revved to keep the torque in the diesels sweet spot.

Easy to use drive-through site at Goulburn Valley Motor Village Shepparton
Easy to use drive-through site at Goulburn Valley Motor Village Shepparton

The Holden owners manual talks about seven passengers and their luggage being a load issue. Yes the seven passengers will make a significant load difference, but luggage for seven is not going to find space in the Captiva unless it is on each passengers lap.

The diesel Captiva auto diesel can tow a braked trailer of up to 1700kg. The big benefit is that Holden's diesel automatic Captiva range destroys the class leader - Ford Territory's SUV on fuel consumption.

Ford's petrol-only Territory dominates the medium SUV market. But Ford needs to find a cost-effective diesel option quickly to hold its leader position. This is underlined by buyer interest in turbo diesel models in the Prado, Pajero, Kluger, Pathfinder, Santa Fe CRDi and the more passenger-oriented 4x4 utes like the Mazda BT 50 range.

Engine braking is really handy in the Captiva when towing on long descents. Use the Active Select lever. Push the lever from D (drive) position to the left into the manual gate. Then its either up or down.

Pull the lever down once to shift down one gear. In Active Select only the five forward gears can be selected.

The Captiva features Electronic Stability program (ESP) and traction control standard across the range. The ESP can be heard working on tow jobs to a point just short of being annoying.

It has all-wheel drive plus Active Rollover Protection (ARP) and a Descent Control System (DCS). ABS is also standard with driver, front passenger and side curtain airbags also standard on most models (curtain bags are optional on SX).

The Captiva LX Diesel cost $46,000 on the road plus $2500 for the sunroof option. So $48,500 for the seven-seater turbo diesel top of the range model is an affordable option.

Our GoSee Retro Restored 1985 Sahara Land Cruiser is a tractor.

Saharas 2HJ 3980 cu. in (4litre). OHV 6 cylinder motor. This relaxed, reliable naturally aspired diesel was probably something of an underpowered embarrassment to Toyota in standard trim in 1985. We think it was Toyota's first atttempt to give the man on the land a comfortable workhorse which could also be used for family touring.

Specifications in naturally aspired standard trim.


Engine type standard - naturally aspired diesel.

Engine capacity (cc) - 3980.

Engine description - 6cyl in line pushrod D6.

Fuel delivery - injected.

Method of delivery - mechanical.

Fuel consumption towing: about 16L/100km towing (turboed).

Fuel consumption truck only: 11L/100km.(turboed).

Fuel capacity: 90 litres.

Range: 500 to 600km.

Induction (standard) - aspirated.

Power (standard) - 72 kw at 3500 rpm.

Max. Torque (standard)- 229 Nm at 1800 rpm.

The restored Sahara has a gentle Toyota 6lb boost turbo fitted.

Max turboed torque at about 2000 rpm is estimated at 271Nm.

Max Power is estimated about 96kw at 4000rpm.


Front and rear - leaf springs (standard).

The restored Sahara has modified ARB off-road suspension.

A Limit Slip Diff is fitted.

The five speed manual gearbox is modified for heavy towing.


L x W x H 4750 mm x 1800 mm x 1945 mm

Kerb mass - 2055 kg (Standard G series version). The GX high-roof Sahara loaded and fueled weighs more than 2.5 tonnes.

Wheelbase - 2730 mm

Price - $21,123 (standard version 1985).

The restored Sahara (about $11,000 has been spent on mechanicals and refit)cost more than $36,000 with full options in 1985 including, seven seats, cruise control and electric sunroof.

Towing equipment:

Hayman Reese drawbarfitted in 1985 rated to 2500kg.

Toyota rated towball weight at a surprisingly low 113kg.

Electric Trailer Brake Controller unit Hayes Lemmerz Energize 111.

The HJ60 Sahara has excellent low down torque and massive traction for offroad work and really heavy hauling.

An extreme example of the trucks design criteriais - weeasily retrieved a 3500kgyacht and its 750kg dual-axle cradle trailer on a steep, slippery tidal concrete ramp in high range 4WD.

In highway running the diesels sweet spot is between 2100rpm and 2600rpm. Road speed in 5th overdrive is 98kmh at 2100rpm and 114kmh at 2600rpm. Best fuel economy is achieved at 1800rpm which is a 90kmh experience in flat going and no wind with the cruise control set.

32psi Excel Compac tyres
32psi Excel Compac tyres
Awning clutch locked down for travel
Awning clutch locked down for travel
Awning going up Excel 541. Alan is in the hand jammed danger zone
Awning going up Excel 541. Alan is in the hand jammed danger zone
Cabins go up-market at Sheppartons Goulburn Valley Motor Village
Cabins go up-market at Sheppartons Goulburn Valley Motor Village
Cupboard space Excel Compac
Cupboard space Excel Compac
Get it right. Get  it wrong and it hurts - a lot
Get it right. Get it wrong and it hurts - a lot
GoSee Coromal Excel campsite Seymour
GoSee Coromal Excel campsite Seymour
Handy porch light Excel Compac
Handy porch light Excel Compac
Divided door Excel Compac
Divided door Excel Compac
Kitchen-hands love this roll-out strorage rack E541
Kitchen-hands love this roll-out strorage rack E541
No oven but good cooking space E541 tandem
No oven but good cooking space E541 tandem
Hyfield lever clips come off to raise pop-top
Hyfield lever clips come off to raise pop-top
Rolling up for the road the pop-top to come down
Rolling up for the road the pop-top to come down