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GoSee TravelSmart winners June prizes include safer, better RV touring info plus Grampians secrets

July 16, 2008
GoSee TravelSmart winners June prizes include safer, better RV touring info plus Grampians secrets

GoSee TravelSmart prizes for members who signed up in June include practical guidance in book and DVD form which will make the Recreational Vehicle experience better and safer.

In June we had another New Zealand winner Linda Guy of Maraetai Manukau.

For your chance to win one of the seven monthly prizes, in July sign up now, it's FREE and you enjoy the extra facilities this website has to offer!

GoSee TravelSmart Club Member prize winners for June are from all over Australia and New Zealand:

New GoSee Travel Smart Club members who signed up during June 2008 winners are:

A new prize for new TravelSmart members is 500 ml of Penetrol Anti-Rust Control:

The winner is: Rick Walker of Wynyard Tasmania.

Existing GoSee Travel Smart Club Members:

2 x DVDs from Cine News Productions this month Driving to Stay Alive Touring the Grampians.

The winner is: Murray Hanigan of Dubbo NSW

Lionel Mussell's book Australia Calling the winner is:

Colin Foster of Victor Harbor South Australia.

Another new prize - a GoSeeNewZealand 1gb USB Memory Stick has been won by Linda Guy of Maraetai Manukau.

Lionel Mussell's book - Australia Calling the RV travel handbook covers all types of Recreational Vehicle experiences.

In this down-to-earth presentation Lionel Mussell has produced the ultimate Recreational Vehicle travel handbook.

Illustrated in full colour, this book is for anyone who is thinking about doing an Australian caravan trip, either with a caravan, motorhome or camp trailer.

From advice on choosing the right RV, planning and budgeting, checklists and packing, Lionel goes on to discuss life on the road including how far to travel each day, where to stay overnight, bush camping, TV reception, travel with pets, communications, emergencies, and a thousand Out There other topics.

Finally, Lionel takes the reader on a trip around the country, complete with route notes, dropping in at some of his favourite places along the way.

Written in a similar engaging style to his ABC of Caravanning and The BIG ONE - the Caravanners Guide to the Round Australia Trip, thepopular travel writer columnist and photographer has broadened the scope of this, his latest book, to include all types of RV travel in Australia

First timers and experienced travellers alike will find this book an invaluable reference with its down to earth, practical advice based on thousands of kilometres and nearly half a century of travelling Australian roads in all States of the country.

Besides nine sections packed with helpful information, the book also contains detailed Route Notes that cover all major Australian highways and are derived fromhis extensive travels plus additional research using a variety of maps, directories and atlases.

Lionel is only too pleased to try to give helpful advice about any aspect of RV travel in Australia although he is quick to add that he has no formal qualifications for questions involving technical matters - just a wealth of practical experience.

Driving Towing to Stay Alive:

Safe driving whether towing or not, requires total awareness of what other road users are doing and the ability to communicate with them through your actions behind the wheel. Brian and Joy Grant of Cine News Productions of South Australia have put together nine minutes on driving and 31 minutes on towing which communicate real skills.

Driving Towing to Stay Alive DVD is designed to provide practical information that hopefully will put the task of driving and towing in a completely different light and therefore help everyone become a better and more importantly a much safer driver.

Someone once said that mountain ranges should not be judged by comparison, but rather walk amongst them and let them speak for themselves.

Driving & Towing to Stay Alive
Driving Towing to Stay Alive

Situated 260 km west of Melbourne and 460 km east of Adelaide on the Western Highway, the Grampians are one of Victorias most popular tourist destinations.

The Grampians are well known for their soaring ranges, deep forests, cascading waterfalls, unusual rock formations, walking trails, varieties of wildflowers, abundant wildlife, and bird population.

The 42 minutes of the Touring the Grampians DVD reveals many of the regions other secrets that up until now have only been discovered by a privileged few. Touring the Grampians will enrich your perception of this truly inspiring natural wonderland.

Editor's Note: To be eligible for the monthly draws new TravelSmart members must supply their full contact details.

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Touring the Grampians
Touring the Grampians
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