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Modern diesel beats fuel cost fears in Sydney-Melbourne towing

July 18, 2008
Modern diesel beats fuel cost fears in Sydney-Melbourne towing

Eco-adventurer Hans Tholstrup has driven a Hyundai i30 SX CRDi manual turbo Diesel, towing a light Cub Kamparoo Weekender trailer from Sydney to Melbourne using less than one tank of fuel (total capacity 53 litres).

The 400kg Kamparoo Weekender trailer had an additional 300kg of weight added to ensure that the package represented real world conditions. Cub Campers fitted some environmentally friendly extras including a solar powered fridge and a charcoal burn oven.

Hans Tholstrup achieved his goal, last week travelling the 864.5 kilometres down the Hume Highway to Melbourne in less than 11 hours with sensible rest stops.

Tholstrup recorded an average fuel consumption of just 5.4 litres / 100 kilometres and a low CO2 output of only 142 grams / kilometre.

This was an exciting challenge that we set for Hans, said Kevin McCann, Hyundais Director of Sales and Marketing.

The i30 SX 1.6 CRDi turbo Diesel recently beat an array of diesel and hybrid rivals to top both fuel efficiency and overall operating costs in a survey conducted by the RACV, RAA, RACQ, RACWA RACT. This drive proves that people can still get out and enjoy Australia without blowing the budget.

The i30 CRDis official fuel consumption figure is 4.7 litres / 100 kilometres and official CO2 emission figure is only 125 grams / kilometre when fitted with a manual transmission (and with no trailer attached).

GoSee reported Tholstrups successful Sydney Melbourne run with a bigger, heavier Jayco Feather caravan in December 2006.

On that occasion he proved that with a lightweight caravan Recreational Vehicle combination it is possible to travel about 871km from Sydney to Melbourne on less than 75 litres of diesel fuel. He used an automatic Hyundai Santa Fe CRDi SLX (2.2 diesel) and drove to Melbourne, towing a lightweight (950kg dry weight) Jayco pop-top Feather.

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