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Portable fuel-saver DreamPot delivers easy-cook nutritious food 

August 05, 2008
Portable fuel-saver DreamPot delivers easy-cook nutritious food

Nothing does more for happy, healthy touring than good nutritious food when it is wanted, where it is wanted.

The GoSee extended evaluation on the road and at home of thermal cooking and DreamPot shows it delivers on time every time. It saves big time on fuel, gas or electricity and does not demand that someone watches the pot.

Completely portable the DreamPot keeps cooking indoors or out once the recipe start-up has been followed. So please read the instructions.

We use the 6 litre DreamPot which comes with a 2 litre inner pot. This allows cooking variety with recipes which run from soup to cake and most things in between.

Silverside with vegetables and soup to start is easy to prepare and feeds four easily. About 20 minutes boiling time before the inner pot locks down in the insulated outer pot.

Put the vegetables in whole after the silverside first comes to the boil. Silverside can be traditional or add some fresh orange peel and four cloves with a tablespoon of quality French mustard for a change of pace.

There is plenty of room for personal touches and tofu makes a fine meat substitute in many meal combinations. Or tweak a chicken recipe with wine and mushrooms to produce Coq au Vin with an eight leg chicken.

On the road the DreamPot cooks along under a safety cargo net which restrains it upright in the truck as GoSee travels.

It is a good easy to carry friend at the end of a touring day and it cleans up quickly. We help this with a smear of cold pressed virgin olive oil in the bottom of the Dream-Pot.

Cakes, bread, scones are DreamPot options and fruit tea cake, spiced apple muffins and sugarless fruit loaf suit a diabetic meal plan.

DreamPot is also a rice cooker, Bain Marie, cooler and yoghurt maker. GoSee also finds that the DreamPot is a convenient and power-saving method of cooking for working people when they want a meal ready when they get home.

Add the benefit of a meal which can be left all day but will not burn, boil over or overcook and many people, including the elderly and invalids will find real benefits.

When the DreamPot meal is ready, enjoy either straight away (short-term cooking) or it can be served up to eight hours later (long-term cooking).

On the flip-side DreamPot is just as efficient at keeping a few cold drinks handy on a hot day.

Perfect Silverside with vegetables
Perfect Silverside with vegetables

The DreamPot is a five in one appliance. There is no need to take a lot of pots and pans. It is cooker, cooler, barbeque food warmer, rice cooker, yoghurt maker and saucepans.

The DreamPot saves space, a lot of gas (about 80 per centcompared with conventional cooking), and is safe and easy to clean. In hot weather is really helps keep Recreational Vehicles, cooks and the kitchen cooler with its short pre-heat process.

The DreamPot has a double layer insulated outer pot which locks the heat in. The DreamPot has one or two 18/8 stainless steel inner pots and lids, which are the saucepans.

The cooking process is simple, easy and safe. Ingredients go in the inner pot. They are brought to the boil, cover with the lid. Gently boil on a stove for the required short time (about 10 minutes) from the DreamPot recipe book.

Then place the inner pot directly into the DreamPot and close the lid. The thermo cooking process starts and cooks the food in the retained heat.

Walk away the DreamPot does the rest without any need for a fuel source which makes it one of the most eco-friendly travel aids GoSee has tried.

It is essential that the volume of food in the DreamPot is about 80 per cent of its capacity. This safeguards health and keeps the meal in a food safe temperature zone over about eight hours.

Chopped onions and carrot go in the mix
Chopped onions and carrot go in the mix

The DreamPot comes in three sizes three, five and six litres. The 3 Litre model comes with a single 3 litre inner pot.

The 5 and 6 litre models both come complete with large and small inner stainless steel pots.

The 5 and 6 litre models allow a large variety of recipes to be cooked, such as:

A large meal using the large inner pot only (e.g. pot roasts, corned meat, bread).

2 separate meals using the large and small pots together (e.g. curry and rice, meat and vegetables).

One meal on its own, using both inner pots as a Bain-Marie style.

Use as a double saucepan, allowing scones and muffins to be baked.

The 3 litre model is ideal for cooking one pot dinners, such as soups and stews, as well as a variety of rice dishes, tofu,pasta, lentils, vegetables, fruit and yoghurt.

Australian delivery costs: Postage and handling per order via Australia Post (Receipted delivery): $20.00 for ACT, NSW, Vic, Qld and SA.$25.00 for WA, Tas and NT.

The seasoned meat is  braised before it goes in the Dream-Pot
The seasoned meat is braised before it goes in the Dream-Pot

Overseas delivery costs: The delivery cost is calculated on the weight of the order and the international destination. Once an order is placed DreamPot contacts the buyer with the cost of freight and askes them to confirm the order.

Over 12 years a comprehensive DreamPot recipe book has been compiled to suit the Australian lifestyle. The recipe book is free to DreamPot buyers. Additional recipes and newsletters are released periodically each year to DreamPot owners.

The GoSee DreamPot is from the DreamPot Company at 259 Denison Street Rockhampton Qld 4700 Freecall: 1800 636 073 Or Ph: +61 7 4927 3300 Fax: +61 7 4922 4862

Editors Note: The recipes which follow are copyright items. GoSee makes them available with this Info Article courtesy of the copyright holder Green Brothers.

Herbs add to the savour
Herbs add to the savour

DreamPot steak and kidney. Boiling time on stove: 20 minutes.

Cooking time in the DreamPot: 2 hours


700g diced steak and kidney (prepacked tray)

2 brown onions, sliced thinly

black pepper - approx. tsp

1 MasselTM beef stock cube

1 cup hot water

3 tblsp flour

salt to taste


1.Fill the large inner pot with 2 litres hot water and bring to the boil on the stove, then place into the DreamPot.

2.Trim all sinew and fat off the steak and kidney and place with the onions and pepper into the small inner pot.

3.Dissolve the stock cube in the hot water, and pour over the meat mixture. Place on the stove and bring to the boil, stirring intermittently.

4.Once boiling, lower the heat, cover with the stainless steel lid and maintain a gentle boil for 20 minutes. Continue to stir intermittently and also check to ensure that the gentle boil is maintained.

5.Transfer into the DreamPot over the boiling water for the required minimum cooking time.

6.Prior to serving, place the inner pot back on the stove and stir in the flour (mixed into cold water, no more than cup).

7.Bring back to the boil to thicken, stirring. Add salt to taste if desired.

Note: Instead of only boiling water in the large inner pot, potatoes could be cooking to be served as mashed potatoes with the steak and kidney. Refer to recipe book for boiled potatoes.

DreamPot banana bread

Dream-Pot steak  and kidney
Dream-Pot steak and kidney

Boiling time on stove: 20 minutes.

Cooking time in the Dream-Pot: 1 hour minimum.


2 cups SR flour

tsp bicarb soda

cup brown sugar

2 eggs

cup skim milk

3 small ripe cavendish bananas, mashed well

1 cup chopped dates


1.Grease a large loaf pan and line the base with foil.

2.Place the flour, soda and sugar into a bowl. Mix thoroughly with a fork.

3.Whisk together the eggs and milk. Stir in the bananas and dates.

4.Add this to the flour mixture and stir to combine, mixing gently.

5.Spoon the mixture into the loaf pan.

6.Cover loaf pan with a generous sized piece of greased foil. Tuck the foil around the pan to secure.

7.Place 5 empty sandwich tuna cans, 5cm high, as a trivet (or 4 biscuit cutters) in the large inner pot. Place the loaf pan onto the trivet.

8.Carefully pour hot water into the large inner pot so that the water comes approx. half way up the side of the loaf pan.

9.Bring to the boil on the stove, covered and then adjust heat to maintain a gentle boil for 20 minutes. Check intermittently to ensure that the gentle boil is maintained.

10.Transfer to the DreamPot for the minimum cooking time. Allow to cool slightly before tipping out of the loaf pan.

Note: Cover the cake with a butter icing or simply serve plain.

Copyright 2008 Green Brothers (Wholesale) Pty Ltd Trading as DREAMPOT All rights reserved.

Editor's Note: Here are some more pictures from GoSee DreamPot cooking adventurers.

Dream-Pot banana bread
Dream-Pot banana bread

Dream-Pot cooks soup, silverside and vegetables for dinner
Dream-Pot cooks soup, silverside and vegetables for dinner

Inner  pot simmers on the gas
Inner pot simmers on the gas

Porridge in the top pot heats along with soup
Porridge in the top pot heats along with soup

Homemade chicken stock adds to a hearty meal
Homemade chicken stock adds to a hearty meal

Cayenne pepper gives zip to the palate
Cayenne pepper gives zip to the palate

Rice  porridge ready in the top pot while soup heats
Rice porridge ready in the top pot while soup heats