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With luck of the Irish GoSee TravelSmart Club members also win with 10-trip fuel calculation spreadsheet

September 18, 2008
With luck of the Irish GoSee TravelSmart Club members also win with 10-trip fuel calculation spreadsheet

As we name an Irish prize winner for August GoSee TravelSmart membership now includes another touring benefit. It is a spread-sheet fuel calculator.

The spread-sheet is linked to the popular GoSee Fuel Calculator (just click Good Stuff option on the left of the Home Page).

It is designed to give TravelSmart Club members the ability to use the speadsheet over 10 fills. GoSee believes this gives a better range for a running average of fuel performance.

Download your own Excel Fuel usage Calculator sheet Here

With a 10 fill spread calculation headwinds, hills, road surface, hot weather, different drivers and varied loads and weights are better covered in producing an actual average outcome.

The TravelSmart Club member winners for August include two Victorians from Traralgon and Geelong respectively and an international member. Eimear Mullins from Dublin has won the Mokia Island Wai Ora NZ Experience.

The sacred island of the Te Arawa people Mokoia Island is in the heart of Lake Rotorua and steeped in cultural history.

It is an iconic Rotorua landmark dating back to 1350 AD. Wai Ora Experiences offers a series of unique visitor experiences on Mokoia Island.

Located in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand, Rotorua is the birthplace of tourism in New Zealand and the heartland of New Zealand's Maori culture.

Hinemoa's hot pool gives feet a treat while legend of New Zealand's famous 'Forbidden Love Story',the Maori's own 'Romeo and Juliet' Hinemoa and Tutanekai is related.

Roger Chambers of Traralgon Victoria has won 500 ml of Penetrol Anti Rust Control.

Penetrol can be used on structural steel, cast and wrought iron, wire fences, cars, trucks and trailers, corrugated iron, garden tools, tanks and anything made from ferrous or non-ferrous metal.

Penetrol flows easily into crevices, welding seams, pipe joints and other areas that are hard to reach by brush, such as the inside of car doors. Rust formation is stopped and paint is assured of 100 per cent contact with the metal surface, the most important requirement for effective metal protection.

Kym Boxall Moonta, SA, wins Lionel Mussell's book - Australia Calling the RV travel handbook covers all types of Recreational Vehicle experiences.

In this down-to-earth presentation Lionel Mussell has produced the ultimate Recreational Vehicle travel handbook.

Illustrated in full colour, this book is for anyone who is thinking about doing an Australian caravan trip, either with a caravan, motorhome or camp trailer.

Luxury fast cat Wai Ora flies across Lake Rotorua
Luxury fast cat Wai Ora flies across Lake Rotorua

From advice on choosing the right RV, planning and budgeting, checklists and packing, Lionel goes on to discuss life on the road including how far to travel each day, where to stay overnight, bush camping, TV reception, travel with pets, communications, emergencies, and a thousand Out There other topics.

Finally, Lionel takes the reader on a trip around the country, complete with route notes, dropping in at some of his favourite places along the way.

Heather Carroll Geelong, Victoria has won a 1gb USB GoSeeAustralia memory stick.

The August GoSee TravelSmart Club prize winners are -

New member who signed up during August:

500 ml Penetrol Anti Rust Control Roger Chambers, Traralgon, Victoria

Existing members:

1 x GoSeeAustralia USB memory stick Heather Carroll, Geelong, Victoria.

Lionel Mussells book Australia Calling Kym Boxall, Moonta, SA

Mokia Island Wai Ora NZ Experience A winner from Ireland! Eimear Mullins Blanchardstown Dublin.

Editor's Note: To be eligible for the monthly draws new TravelSmart members must supply their full contact details.

Australia Calling is pure practical advice
Australia Calling is pure practical advice