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Stringent award recognises Thetford formaldehyde free environmentally conscious portable toilet additives

November 28, 2008
Stringent award recognises Thetford formaldehyde free environmentally conscious portable toilet additives

The company who gave the Porta Potti to the outdoors, Thetford, has been awarded the stringent German Environmental Certificate Blue Angel for its AquaKem Green and Aqua Rinse products by the German Federal Environmental Agency.

The award recognises environmental consciousness in toilet additives and a committment to avoid adverse effects on sewage treatment plants.

Thetford toilet products do not contain formaldehyde.

Blue Angel certification means that effluent water (cleaned water from sewage treatment plants) can safely flow into receiving surface water which can then be used for the preparation of drinking water.

Waste containing AquaKem Blue, AquaKem Green and Aqua Rinse can be safely discard in septic tanks.

Additional tests (ISO 11734) and (OECD 301 C) prove all three products are readily biodegradable under septic tank conditions. Aqua Kem Blue is a non-biological action additive.

The concentrated formula means the toilet additives are economical to use and easy to pour.

After more than 35 years Theford Porta Potti and Built-in toilet products lead their market and can be found in Recreational Vehicles like caravans, campervans, motorhomes and the caravanning and camping environment throughout Australia.

The Porta Potti is also a proven popular convenience in Australian boating.

The result is environmentally responsible as waste disposal options when it is time to empty the holding tank extend to -

- septic tanks on campsites, storage tanks in connection with a small scale sewerage treatment installion on a camp site.

- Dump facility on a campsite in connection with a local or a regional sewerage treatment plant.

- Dump facility on a parking area in connection with a local or regional sewerage treatment plant.

Thetford additives are biodegradable and Aqua Kem Green which has a biological action (Test ISO 11734) and Thetford Aqua Rinse can be used under all circumstances where the waste water ends up in the regular sewage system.

This includes caravan parks, tourist parks, campgrounds, marinas, home septic systems, petrol stations and holiday parks.

The biological action of Aqua Kem Green means that micro-organisms biologically break down the toilet waste in the tank. It is particularly suitable when emptying in the waste tank into septic on camp sites.

Thetford says that Aqua Kem Green acts for a maximum of three to four days with average use.

Aqua Rinse protective micro-film action
Aqua Rinse protective micro-film action

AquaKem Blue lasts four to five days with average use, Thetford said.

The lavender scented Aqua Rinse keeps flush water fresh and the toilet flushing effectively. It leaves a protective layer in the bowl after use which ensures a clean flush.

The product also lubricates the blade of the waste holding tank which makes it easier to open and close.

The product range also extends to Aqua Soft toilet paper which is super soft and dissolves quickly in the waste-holding tank.

This prevents clogging which can occur with ordinary toilet paper and makes it easier to empty the waste-holding tank.

The Thetford Cassette toilet is a built in toilet in two parts. A permanently installed toilet and a removable waste -holding tank.

The cassette waste-holding tank is easy to access and remove usually via a small door on the outside of the Recreational Vehicle.

Additives are poured into the waste-holding tank. A level indicator activates when the waste-holding tank is about two-thirds full.

Aqua Kem Blue non-biological action
Aqua Kem Blue non-biological action

Thetford also has Permanent toilets for Recreational Vehicles (RV's)which have their own permanent waste-holding tank.

The toilets are hooked up to the Recreational Vehicles central water and waste tank.

Then there is the Electra Magic which is a silent re-circulating toilet for buses and motorhomes.

It is guaranteed not to block. There is no separate waste tank or water supply. The toilet is filled with water and toilet additive, pumps recycle the fluid and a double filter system collects the waste.

Waste disposal is through a valve underneath the vehicle.

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Aqua Soft breaks down easily
Aqua Soft breaks down easily