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Carry your own comfort stop

August 08, 2005

TravelJohn is a useful solution to uncomfortable personal situations which can be part of the caravan, RV, camping and touring experience.

It is not so much lack of planning that leads to crossed legs, but the nature of todays traffic levels, freeways aggravated by the distance between comfort stops. That is always assuming there is a comfort stop available and that it is not locked or such a health threat it is not usable when you find it.

The clever design of this 3 Pack, personal urinal makes it a great fall back position when cries of 'are we there yet' change to 'dad I need to wee'.

For some odd reason that always happens in the worst locations with nothing in sightbut sweeping freeway, choked by traffic-jammed vehicles, caught for hours in a raging storm. Dont laugh, it happened!

The TravelJohn is a discrete, hygienic, practical solution for adults too and has obvious benefits for those of us who dont 'go the distance' quite so well any more.

The TravelJohn is designed for both sexes. It is clean, odorless and the outer bag can be resealed after each use. It will cope with up to 800 cc, (28 fluid ounces) so three, maybe four uses are possible. There is a volume indicator and the pouch gels instantly after use. It is a biodegradable throw-away product which is easily disposed of in a suitable bin. The $12.95, 3 Pack fits in a glove box.

TravelJohn Allows Multi Use

Apart from the extremes of being trapped in traffic jams, it can also deal with motion sickness, boating, potty training, camping, disabled needs, and flying in small aircraft.

From: TravelJohn/Mosquito-Click. See GoSeeAustralia website under Products and Services, camping and outdoor equipment.