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December GoSee TravelSmart Club member draw - Wyndham NZ winner plus two wins from South Australia

January 15, 2009
December GoSee TravelSmart  Club member draw - Wyndham NZ winner plus two wins from South Australia

Among the GoSee TravelSmart Club members in New Zealand Dianne Mc Faul from rural SouthlandWyndham in the South Island has won the Mokia Island Experience. in the GoSee TravelSmart prize draw.

The Australian GoSee TravelSmart Club prize winners include a South Australian double:

Robert Williamson of Inglefarm South Australia.

Iaan Hateley of Millicent, South Australia.

The other Australian GoSee TravelSmart winners are Susan Dury of Morayfield, Queensland ; and

Andrew Gallagher of Geilston Bay, Tasmania.

GoSee New Zealand winner Dianne Mc Faul will explore the sacred island of the Te Arawa people Mokoia Island, is in the heart of Lake Rotorua and steeped in cultural history.

It is an iconic Rotorua landmark dating back to 1350 AD. Mokoia Island Wai Ora Experiences offers a series of unique visitor experiences on Mokoia Island. The legend of Hinemoa and Tutanekai is celebrated in Rotorua city where the City Focus intersection commemorates one of New Zealand's greatest love stories.

A number of endangered species have been introduced to Mokoia Island. They include the Weka, North Island Robin (Toutouwai), and Saddleback (Tieke).

With Mokoia Island Wai Ora Experiences you could also see native birds such as the Pukeko (swamp hen), Papango (Teal), and Tui.

The Kiwi is the sole survivor of an ancient order of birds including the now extinct Moa. Kiwis also live on Mokoia Island but are naturally shy birds and are usually only active at night.

The Kokako is found nowhere else in the world. Mokoia Island Wai Ora Experiences says the Ultimate Island Experience is over 2 to 3 hours with daily departures: 9:30am, 1pm, and 3pm

Rotorua's newest luxury passenger fast cat the Wai Ora, cruises to a traditional welcome from the Maori people of Te Arawa. Guides share history and culture with visitors.

Hinemoa and Tutanekai New Zealands Romeo  and Juliet
Hinemoa and Tutanekai New Zealands Romeo and Juliet

Hinemoa's hot pool gives feet a treat while legend of New Zealand's famous 'Forbidden Love Story, the Maoris own 'Romeo and Juliet' is related.

The GoSee Australia TravelSmart Club prize winners get a variety of prizes from our generous industry supporters -

New GoSee TravelSmart member signed up during December winner from Inglefarm South Australia, Robert Williamson, gets 500 ml Penetrol Anti Rust Control.

Existing Australian member Iaan Hateley of Millicent South Australia wins Australia Calling by Lionel Mussell a touring book which gets right into the reality of touring.

The Westprint Heritage Maps winner Susan Dury of Morayfield Queensland gets an Eastern Outback CD. A digital Map Mapping Program for use with GPS software. Birdsville Track to Arnhem Land Valued at $39.95

Andrew Gallagher of Geilston Bay Tasmania wins a Hay River CD. It is an informative CD of the Hay River Track containing maps and informative information. Valued at $34.95

Penetrol can be used on structural steel, cast and wrought iron, wire fences, cars, trucks and trailers, corrugated iron, garden tools, tanks and anything made from ferrous or non-ferrous metal.

Penetrol flows easily into crevices, welding seams, pipe joints and other areas that are hard to reach by brush, such as the inside of car doors. Rust formation is stopped and paint is assured of 100 per cent contact with the metal surface, the most important requirement for effective metal protection.

Kokako Bird relates to New Zealand pre-history
Kokako Bird relates to New Zealand pre-history

Lionel Mussell's book - Australia Calling the RV travel handbook covers all types of Recreational Vehicle experiences.

In this down-to-earth presentation Lionel Mussell www.caravanning-oz.comhas produced the ultimate Recreational Vehicle travel handbook.

Illustrated in full colour, this book is for anyone who is thinking about doing an Australian caravan trip, either with a caravan, motorhome or camp trailer.

Australian Outback maps, and outback travel information is Westprint Heritage Maps speciality. Maps on CD are also available.

GoSee purchased a full set of maps to cover the area on the way through Nhill for our adventure to Akaroola South Australia.

Westprint publishes a Free Email Newsletter full of outback information just click Free Newletter on the Westprint Home Page and register to receive useful outback information for modern explorers.

Westprint Maps now have a range of more than 25 maps of some of the most remote parts of Australia. Areas such as the Canning Stock Route, Gunbarrel Highway, and South West Queensland are featured in detail never before available.

Australia Calling is pure practical advice
Australia Calling is pure practical advice

Four Wheel Drivers are constantly seeking more information and this has led to Westprint stocking almost 1000 different book titles, covering exploration, history, fossicking, travel and camping, as well as a range of videos depicting travel in some of the more remote desert regions of Australia.

John and Bev Deckert, through Westprint Maps, aim to give the map user a broad insight into the rich heritage of Australia. Their maps enhance the travellers awareness of the country and increase the enjoyment for people travelling through Australia's Outback.

Digital mapping has enabled the production of maps on CD for use with GPS.

This series is constantly being revised as are all of the Westprint series.

Visitors are welcome at the Nhill, Victoria 6 Park street Westprint office weekdays from 9 to 5. Westprint opens at weekends by appointment.

Free GoSee TravelSmart membership has many practical benefits. Now a new touring aid has been added. It is a spread-sheet fuel calculator.

The spread-sheet is linked to the popular GoSee Fuel Calculator (just click TravelSmart Good Stuff option on the left of the Home Page).

Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary bush camping
Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary bush camping

It is designed to give TravelSmart Club members the ability to use the speadsheet over 10 fills. GoSee believes this gives a better range for a running average of fuel performance.

With a 10 fill spread calculation headwinds, hills, road surface, hot weather, different drivers and varied loads and weights are better covered in producing an actual average outcome.

Click this GoSee Information Article to reach the Good Stuff -

The free GoSee TravelSmart Members Club benefits also include -

Professionally based through Hayman Reese towing information for GoSeeAustralia and GoSee New Zealand members.

For the first time on a public website caravan towing weight checks used by professionals are available online in Australia and New Zealand to GoSee TravelSmart Club Members.

GoSee is unaware of any public online facility in the world which offers this service.

OzPig cooks campoven roast for four
OzPig cooks campoven roast for four

Designers at Canberra based ContACT Internet Solutions, mother company to GoSeeAustralia and GoSee New Zealand, work with towing equipment manufacturing icon Hayman Reese.

They have created a quick-click comparison against tow vehicle model and caravan weight.

The result is a safe towball load report with links to equipment designed for the long-haul. It's FREE, easy to use and helps anyone towing tour safely.

Free membership of GoSee TravelSmart Club extends the key benefits which clicked the idea of free touring websites to assist travellers in Australia and New Zealand and the caravanning industry into action more than four years ago.

As a registered member of the GoSee TravelSmart Club members have access to additional features they include information and prizes.

Editor's Note: The GoSee TravelSmart prizes are not redeemable during peak periods and accommodation is subject to availability. To be eligible for the monthly draws new TravelSmart members must supply their full contact details.

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Penguin cops a spray from the Rover northern end Big Desert
Penguin cops a spray from the Rover northern end Big Desert