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Save relationships, cut stress, save fuel and time GoSee looks at Tasmania touring towing route options and Melbournes tolled roads

February 17, 2009
Save relationships, cut stress, save fuel and time GoSee looks at Tasmania touring towing route options and Melbournes tolled roads

GoSee picked up the new company GoSee Jayco Sterling 23ft caravan from Jayco's Dandenong South Factory and put it straight to work to test tolled road towing as part of this Info Article on Tasmania touring and Recreational Vehicle and towing through Melbourne and its suburbs.

From Jayco on the Frankston-Dandenong Road the Sterling went to Hayman Reese in South Dandenong to be fitted with a new Weight Distribution Hitch and Friction Sway Control. Then GoSee towed to Geelong via CityLink.

We used our GoSeeAustralia Turbo Diesel Toyota Sahara (3200kg) with the brand new GoSee company Jayco Sterling caravan dry weight 2332kg. Ball weight 171kg. (2507kg with the water tanks full) (ball weight 275kg) behind it.

We travelled from Dandenong South leaving at 4.38pm and travelled to the Werribee exit on the Geelong Freeway in just over an hour.

Our speed ranged for 60kmh at the southern end of the run to 100kmh after the tunnel.

Our best fuel use instant read-out on the Toyota Sahara computer while towing the route was 11.5 litres per 100kmh.

From Werribee on the Geelong Freeway GoSee met a strong head wind of between 25 and 30kmh but even though this drove fuel use up we still averaged about 15litres per 100km for the entire trip from Dandenong South to the El Dorado Tourist Park in Ballarat Road,(A300 Midlands Hwy) Batesford - a Geelong suburb.

El Dorado is a Top Tourist Parks of Australia chain member. It can handle Recreational Vehicles of up to 12 metres.

GoSee carries an RV friendly icon on participating caravan parks on this web site which shows the size of RV's which can be accommodated.The CityLink route certainly helped efficient fuel use. In stop-start towing 16 to 21 litres per 100kmh is the usual fuel use range for the powerful Turbo-Diesel Toyota Landcruiser.

Using the tolled Transurban Southeastern route was an easy going, stress free experience for towing despite the quite heavy traffic.

The key benefit is the ability to maintain a steady cruise in higher gears with few stops.

GoSee has found while compiling this Info Article that many Recreational Vehicle owners have a fear of CityLink and there are also many RV users with a fixed - wont pay tolls at any price - attitude.

Melbourne's suburb based caravan parks told GoSee that the no tolls at any price attitude is common among many Recreational Vehicle owners.

Andrew Ryan hands new Jayco over to Graham Wallace
Andrew Ryan hands new Jayco over to Graham Wallace

Jennifer Howard Manager Media and Stakeholder Relations Transurban helped GoSee provide current information for travellers bound for Tasmania and planning to take their Recreational Vehicles through Melbourne's city traffic. Here are her answers to questions from GoSee -

Go See: What is the cost of a Melbourne Pass which covers both CityLink and EastLink?

Jennifer Howard Transurban: There is a $5.50 opening fee and then the trips and a small matching fee will appear on their account. They can keep the pass open for a week or a month, depending on their needs.

GoSee: Is the cost structure determined by weight for bigger Recreational Vehicles?

Jennifer Howard Transurban:

Car: includes cars towing a trailer or caravan

Light commercial vehicle (LCV): any cab chassis 1.5-4.5 tonne gross vehicle mass

(GVM),two axles.

Heavy commercial vehicle (HCV): includes rigid trucks with three or more axles

over 4.5 tonnes GVM; buses with 13 or more seats including driver and articulated trucks.

Jennifer Howard Transurban:

Here are a couple of other tips for people travelling on CityLink - Please remember that when you are on CityLink to keep to posted speed limits, check your fuel before you get on the road and plan your trip as much as possible.

Remember when travelling along the road, we have 24 hours - seven days a week support for you, so if you get into difficulty out on the open road pull into the left (to a breakdown bay or emergency lane or as far left as you can elsewhere on the road) and use one of the emergency phones or give CityLink or the RACV (members and non-members) a call and we will get someone to you.

If you absolutely have to stop in the Burnley or Domain Tunnels, stay in the car, put your hazard lights on and someone will come and help you within minutes.

GoSee Jayco Sterling at Hayman Reese
GoSee Jayco Sterling at Hayman Reese

GoSee talked to Victorian caravan parks which are relevant to touring Tasmania from Melbourne and its suburbs and found they provide special info for their visitors off to Tasmania as this is a major source of business for them.

All of them are committed to helping their guests through touring Tasmania with less stress.

Generally GoSee believes that many travellers do not understand how easy and economic using Melbourne's toll road system is.

Gosee thinks many people do not understand that the tolls are capped and a great deal of stress on both people and vehicles can be easily avoided at a low cost.

There are a variety of attitudes and needs which shape the Tasmania towing and Recreational Vehicle route decisions of those who head their Recreational Vehicles towards touring Tasmania.

These are -

Fear of city traffic.

Lack of knowledge about the Melbourne toll-way system.

Some people (usually older) prefer to avoid tolls at any cost.

Level of caravan towing, motorhome, 5th wheeler, campervan handling skill and experience.

Size and handling characteristics of the Recreational vehicle.

Many people are country drivers and prefer to avoid CBD traffic situations at all costs.

Caravan parks say the trip to Station Pier is in the early morning (about 6.30am) which means traffic levels are generally lower.

In the evening the return from Station Pier is later. Melbourne BIG4 says guests come from Tasmania between 7 and 8pm. (9pm DST) They use local roads and streets.

This out of peak travel timing could account for Recreational Vehicle owners apparently avoiding toll-ways like CityLink.

Water tanks full. 270kg on the Jayco Sterling towball
Water tanks full. 270kg on the Jayco Sterling towball

Overall the final route taken to Station Pier or across Melbourne comes down to a personal decision about what is convenient for the individual. This is coupled with self-confidence and the level of travel directions and support given.

The lamentable cost of getting it wrong was shown when a couple wrecked their motorhome in a misguided attempt to travel through the CBD down William St. Melbourne and under the railway bridging which feeds Flinders Street Station. It was, in every sense, a bad fit.

It is essential to know the height clearance requirements of your Recreational Vehicle and check the route before starting out.

Less stress always comes with good planning : Timing is important. Avoid city peak hours. Do not arrive too early at Station pier, parking is difficult. There is no shade in hot weather. The ferry does not start loading early. The loading experience on the Melbourne side of Bass Strait is not pleasant. The Tasmanian side handles it (parking) much better at Devonport.

BIG4 Melbourne Ashley Gardens Holiday Village (Sue) are Tasmania traveller friendly people. A majority of their customers are off to Tasmania and they are the closest park to the ferry terminal. They also provide a map with directions OUT of town.

In summer, they stay open late for people returning to Melbourne on the 9 oclock arrival and for people leaving on the night sail, they have a storage area at the caravan park for guests to park their caravans in for the day till they are ready to go off and load. Cost is $10. They also provide a map for guests to use.

Melbourne BIG4 Holiday Park in Coburg is 9km from Melbourne CBD. It caters exclusively for travellers. It has easy access to Station Pier and Port Melbourne for travellers bound to tour Tasmania.

Eastlink tolls are low cost for easy towing
Eastlink tolls are low cost for easy towing

For travellers heading for the caravan park tolls can be avoided by using Bell St. when inbound from Adelaide via the Western Highway (M8) from Sydney and Canberra on the Hume Hwy (Sydney Rd) (31) - and from Melbourne Airport via the Tullamarine Freeway to just before the first set of tolls.

Timing is important Bell St is no fun in peak hour traffic.

Exit at Bell St (40) and there are no tolls and route is over Sydney Rd (31) left at Elizabeth St and Melbourne BIG4 is on the left past Kodak.

The BIG4 Melbourne website gives directions from the Tasmanian ferry:

From Beach Road

Turn Left into Bay Street/Crockford Street

Turn Left into Clarendon Street

Turn Right into Lonsdale street

Turn Left into Russell Street

Follow Russell street and it becomes Lygon Street

Follow Lygon Street and it becomes Nicholson Street

Follow Tram line on Nicholson Street to Bell Street


Left into Elizabeth Street

Pass Kodak

Melbourne BIG4 Holiday Park on left.

Reverse the process for the return trip.

GoSeeAustralias Lisa loves camping in a  motorhome
GoSeeAustralia's Lisa loves camping in a motorhome

Discovery Holiday Parks, located at Carrum Downs, Chelsea, Frankston and Doncaster East are all supporters of GoSee.

They are all committed to lowering stress levels for their guests, particulary those who are new to towing and people with bigger Recreational Vehicles like 5th-wheelers and motorhomes.

Kerry Jones of pet friendly Discovery Holiday Parks - Carrum Downs six kilometres from Frankston on the Frankston Dandenong Rd says they suggest the Nepeans Hwy option to their guest who are heading for Tasmania.

Kerry is an experienced caravanner and tows confidently on the easy going M1 and M3 motorways when (her holiday) time permits on trips to Ballarat. This she says it because it avoids traffic lights. She says Carrum Downs has five cement sites for 5th-wheelers and 10 other sites which fit towing rigs.

Their guests range through all age groups and include people new to towing. So the staff make a point of offering help in putting the rig on-site when needed.

It eases the stress and helps save marriages. Discovery has seven member caravan parks in Tasmania.

Editors note: GoSee talked to Recreational Vehicle friendly Tasmanian Tourist Parks about touring needs for visitors. Links to Touring Tasmania features from a Tassie point of view can be clicked at the end of this Information Article.

Caravan group therapy
Caravan group therapy

Big4 Dandenong Tourist Park on the Frankston Dandenong Rd (Charmaine and Mary) says many people stay there because they are off to Tasmania.

The caravan park use a photocopy of a map with directions. Again the recommended route is via Nepean Hwy with a left turn at Fitzroy St, St Kilda. The turn is before St Kilda Junction.

It leads to a right turn into Beaconsfield Parade, St Kilda which becomes Beach St for the last section of the trip as it passes the intersections with Pickels and Bay St in suburbs of Albert Park and Port Melbourne.

Melbourne's multi-road names for the same road also apply to the Nepean Hwy. It becomes Brighton Rd and then St Kilda Rd on the lead-up to the Fitzroy St. turn. In line with BIG4 chain policy the BIG4 Dandenong Tourist Park does not cater for pets.

Hobsons Bay Caravan Park Williamstown. Told GoSee they did not want anyone else coming in with a caravan as they were too busy and could not fit caravans in. Enough said.

Big4 Frankston Holiday Park (Tammy) says 30 per cent of their overnight stays head for Station Pier the next day.

Their guests also include Recreational Vehicle owners who have just taken delivery of their new Jayco and are off to Tasmania.

The caravan park is about an hour (depending on time and traffic levels) from Station Pier, Phillip Island and the Dandenongs. Frankston Holiday Park is well positioned for visits to all the main attractions in the area.

Diana Worner Chairman of CMCA has made her Swagman home for more than eight years
Diana Worner Chairman of CMCA has made her Swagman home for more than eight years

Frankston Holiday Park use a copy of a Melbourne info directory to point everyone in the right direction, either via the Nepean or Monash.

The caravan park says that the most used route is the toll-free Nepean Highway.

Sundowner Rockbank Caravan Park 2057 Western Fwy (M8) Rockbank on the main route to Ballarat is convenient for Tasmania Touring and Station Pier, which is about 30 minutes drive from the caravan park via Western Fwy and Western Ring Rd to the West Gate Bridge over the Yarra River.

Rockbank has spacious sites and carries the GoSee motorhome friendly logo for Recreational Vehicles to 13.72 metres. Rockbank carries the GoSee pet friendly logo too.

GoSee Forum member Dave Campbell says its straight out on the Western Highway turn right on the Western Ringroad left over the West Gate Bridge and you are there.

Dave's route was - Over West Gate Bridge and then turn off at the Shell Servo into Todd Rd. Then left into Williamstown Rd. And then right into Graham St (33) and then right into Bay St (30) to the end and turn right for Station Pier

Its not a five star park with Spa and Bouncing Castle,but its 3.5 star with very pleasant and helpful reception staff, fully remodeled amenity block very spacious powered sites and a sparkling clean swimming pool Dave says.

You can save yourself the cost of dinner out over a few day, it will do me, he said.

Rockbank gets a lot of caravans from the Hume Hwy via the Western Ring Rd. It also gets RV travellers from South Australia coming from the west and north.

Melton is close for people with family and friends in the area. The caravan park also is an option for workers who need several weeks accommodation close to Melbourne.

Here are other options:

Heading towards Port Melbourne, Beach Road can be accessed just after the Mordialloc Creek Bridge and this pleasant toll-free drive runs all the way along the shores of Port Phillip Bay to Station Pier.

It is scenic, slow and sure with traffic only coming from the right. Port Phillip Bay is on the left all the way to Port Melbourne. Some roundabouts are tight for bigger rigs and care is needed. Cyclists are an issue particularly at weekends and on public holidays.

GoSee regularly uses Beach Rd, Mordialloc to Bay St Port Melbourne and follows the freeway signs to West Gate Fwy on trips to and from our Belmont, Geelong office.

The third option is enhanced by the new tolled Eastlink Motorway.

From the Frankston Holiday Park the route is out the caravan park's front gate and right turn via the Moorooduc Hwy. Melbourne's roads are often multi-named. So the Moorooduc Hwy becomes the Frankston Freeway. There are only four sets of traffic lights on the short run to the start of the Frankston Freeway at the intersection with Cranbourne Road.

Then it is easy going initially on the untolled Frankston Freeway until the option to veer onto the tolled Eastlink comes up just east of the beachside suburb of Seaford.

Hayman Reese Friction Sway Control fitted. The handle (r) sets friction level.
Hayman Reese Friction Sway Control fitted. The handle (r) sets friction level.

GoSee prefers to use Eastlink on frequent towing jobs to and from Melbourne's south and north from Thompsons Rd in the south to Springvale Rd in the north and on to the Hume Hwy when we are Canberra - Sydney - Bendigo - Ballarat - Adelaide and Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine bound.

It certainly provides smooth sailing to Melbourne Airport, the Calder Hwy, Bendigo and Ballarat. We avoid peak traffic (7am to about 9am) and (4pm to 6.30pm) It is also an alternative route to reach Geelong via Tullamarine Fwy and the Western Ring Road, but this is best done off-peak.

We find Eastlink is brilliant for easy towing at speeds to 100 kmph to the Monash Freeway (M1) exit which leads via the left hand exit at Warrigul Rd right into the Princes Hwy (1) (Dandenong Rd). Pass Caulfied Racecourse and Princes Hwy (1) (Dandenong Rd) passes under the railway with 4m clearance.

At the Princes Hwy (1) Dandenong Rd intersection with Hawthorn Rd Alma Rd veers left and at the intersection with Barkly St a short stretch of Princes St St Kilda.leads to a left turn into Fitzroy St., St Kilda and gives access via a right turn into Beaconsfield Parade (33) this becomes Beach St on the final short section to Port Melbourne and Station Pier.

Or - for Recreational Vehicles with 3m height clearance requirements another route is continue on Princes Hwy (1) (Dandenong Rd) via Queens Rd past Albert Park Lake Golf Course and left into Kerferd Rd (before the worst of the Kings Way go-slow) to a right into Beaconsfield Parade (Beach Road) and on to Station Pier Port Melbourne and Tasmania.

Kerferd Rd passes under the old St Kilda light railway and clearance at this point is 3.5m. The new GoSee Jayco Sterling caravan requires 3m. Kerferd Rd leads to Beaconsfield Parade and Station Pier Port Melbourne.

EastLink provides the lowest tolls for any private toll road in Australia.

Eastlink is  particularly smooth sailing
Eastlink is particularly smooth sailing

From Frankston the first toll is at Thompsons Rd, Carrum Downs. It is $1.16. It is one of two at that price and then 50c applies at the next toll point. The toll costs are capped. GoSee uses it regularly and enjoys low stress travel and towing plus fuel savings running in higher gears.

Time and stress saved is significant when compared with the stop-start frustrations of popular un-tolled feeder roads like the often choked Stud Rd.

EastLink, formerly known as the Mitcham-Frankston Freeway, is Melbourne's second fully-electronic tollway, comprising about 39km of freeway-standard road connecting the city's eastern and south-eastern suburbs.

It is a major commuter road and a key intracity arterial route.

The tolled motorway saves time and stress on drivers and vehicles. It provides the eastern and southern regions of Melbourne with a more efficient and accessible transport network.

EastLink also delivered the Ringwood Bypass and Dandenong Bypass as untolled additions to the road network as well as more than 35 km of bicycle and walking paths for local residents.

To travel on Melbourne's CityLink it is best to make arrangements before using the road system.

CityLink has a number of passes to help travellers get around and enjoy Melbourne.

Each pass can be purchased up to midnight three days after travel.

The choices are:

24 Hour Pass: Unlimited access on CityLink for a 24 hour period from the first trip.

Tulla Pass: Unlimited travel between Bulla Road and Flemington Road only, for a 24 hour period from the first trip.

Weekend Pass: Unlimited travel on CityLink from midday Friday to midnight Sunday.

CityLink Passes can be purchased:

On the CityLink website.

Over the counter at Victorian Australia Post outlets.

At selected newsagencies using the Touch over-the-counter payment systems; or by calling 13 26 29.

Melbourne Pass

An alternative to a CityLink Pass is the Melbourne Pass.

A Melbourne Pass covers travel on CityLink as well as is aimed at customers who are visiting Melbourne or travel infrequently on CityLink and EastLink.

If you already have a tag:

All tags are accepted on CityLink. Check with your tag provider on where you can use your tag before you travel.

Access to Melbourne's attractions: CityLink is an ideal way to get to many of Melbourne's attractions.

To travel on CityLink you must register your vehicle on the CityLink vehicle register before travelling on the roadway.

Plenty of room. in a Geist Garth, Alan, Carol, Ross, Bill and Jo enjoy
Plenty of room. in a Geist Garth, Alan, Carol, Ross, Bill and Jo enjoy

To register your vehicle for travel you can buy a CityLink pass, up until midnight the third day after you have travelled. Alternatively you can choose to register your vehicle in advance. Where you have travelled on the weekend you have up until midnight the following Tuesday to register your vehicle.

If you are an account holder, even when you travel with your e-TAG you also need to advise CityLink of your vehicle details. You have up until midnight on the day of travel to notify CityLink of your registration number.

Interstate roaming on CityLink:

If you hold a toll account and have an e-TAG (or an equivalent tag) in your vehicle you are covered for travel on any toll road in Australia, including CityLink.

Before you travel, make sure your vehicle is registered to your CityLink account.

Make sure your tag is in the correct position (refer to your toll road operator).

You can be in any lane to use your tag on CityLink.

You dont need to slow down when you are approaching a CityLink toll gantry.

If you buy a CityLink pass, remove your tag so tolls are not also charged to your account.

If your tag doesnt beep when you pass under each CityLink toll gantry you need to call your toll road operator immediately to avoid being issued a Late Toll invoice or a fine.

Charges incurred while travelling on other toll roads are not always processed to your CityLink account immediately.

Please note: A CityLink Access account is only for use on CityLink and EastLink. It cannot be used on any interstate toll roads.

One e-TAG device, one CityLink account, Australia-wide:

With interstate roaming, this service is extended to New South Wales and Queensland, where travellers can use their e-TAG on all tollways in those states.

Being able to use your CityLink e-TAG all around Australia is especially convenient if you travel interstate regularly or currently have multiple tollway accounts. By using your e-TAG in New South Wales and Queensland, travellers no longer have to process and pay separate accounts, or have cash on hand ready to pay tolls.

Toll charges

Vehicle classifications and charges differ from state to state. For example, both the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Harbour Tunnel charge a flat fee per trip, irrespective of your vehicle classification. The New South Wales M1, M2, M4 and M5 motorways and the Queensland Gateway and Logan motorways charge tolls based on your CityLink e-TAG classification. In both New South Wales and Queensland, toll charges are displayed on roadside signs.

CityLink has developed a convenient trip planner which clearly shows entry and exit points for the CityLink roadway as well as the costs involved in doing the selected trip.

The trip calculator will only calculate toll prices on CityLink. It does not include fees such as the vehicle matching fee or no tag in vehicle fee.

Who do we appreciate
Who do we appreciate

These fees will need to be added to the toll totals to get your total trip cost.

The toll calculator is for calculating tolls for CityLink account customers only, Pass customers pay a flat rate for the Day, Weekend or Tulla Passes.

Check Whats New on the CityLink website for the latest road works and traffic reports.

Ashley Gardens has a particulary good to here - from here trip planner on its website. Strong maps, a street level picture and specific directions written directions are easy to follow. The link is hard to find, it is under the Destination Planner option and in the bottom left of the caravan parks ID.

Melbourne is a tricky city with it habit of the same route changing names as you go. An is example is Princes Hwy which becomes Western Hwy on the run to Braybrook.

It is 15.3km from Port Melbourne to Ashley Gardens.

From Port Melbourne:

1. Head northeast on Bay St toward Pool St 0.8 km

2. Continue on Buckhurst St 0.3 km

3. Turn left at Montague St 0.5 km

4. Take the ramp onto West Gate Fwy 1.1 km

5. Take the exit onto Citylink exit 1.1 km

6. Take the exit onto Citylink 3.7 km

7. Take the exit toward Princes Hwy 0.6 km

8. Turn left at Princes Hwy 3.5 km

9. Continue on Western Hwy 3.4 km

10. Turn left at Ashley St

Destination will be on the right 0.2 km

Frankston Holiday Village is -

5km from Frankston centre 41 km south of Melbourne City and Port to Tasmania, Peninsula beaches (4km), wineries, gardens and homesteads, Dandenong's Puffing Billy Phillip Island. Trains to Melbourne. Major roads Nepean Highway, Frankston Freeway, Moorooduc Highway. Major airports Melbourne (Tullamarine) (62 kms),Geelong (Avalon) (94 kms).

Again Melbourne runs the road names together as the Moorooduc Hwy becomes Frankston Fwy. Veer Left off the Moorooduc Fwy at Davey St past Frankston Hospital turn right and pick up the Nepean Hwy to follow the Port Phillip Bay beaches to Mordialloc.

Family caravan holiday
Family caravan holiday

Just over the Mordialloc Creek bridge a left at the roundabout leads to Beach Road and a scenic slow but sure route to Port Melbourne. It has the big benefit of traffic only coming from the right at intersections. The Port Phillip Bay is on the left.

Hereare some useful thoughts and opinions on Touring Tasmania from GoSee Forums in the Big Island and Tasmanian GoSee website users -

In Tassie that are a lot of the parks designed as cabin parks, so be wary when you book without knowledge.

Near Launceston Haspen, 10 minutes out and has a lot of history without the volume of tourist, the park there is nice, we came straight of the ship, went towards Launceston and stopped at the chocolate factory for breaky, highly recommended.

Travelling over on a day sail it leaves Melbourne at 9am and arrives in Devonport at about 7pm.

Geist Aktiv AK 495 is  break-through design
Geist Aktiv AK 495 is break-through design

Tip, when you get onto the boat book at the restaurant otherwise you may be eating at what is similar to a take-away. On the way over we did the take away thing and didnt like it. If you enjoy a good, reasonably priced meal with a wine then go for the restaurant, but book as soon as you board.

Or do the night thing and sleep on the way over.

When you arrive and tow off the ship pick up you gas bottle at the same time. The unload does not take long but going through checks slows you down a bit, I think we were one of the first off and went throughin about 10 minutes.

The caravan park at Hadspen (about 6 or 7 mins from Launceston) is quite nice and yes .. the 7 Mile Beach park in the south is also pretty good.

This time of the year is very busy in Tassie .. its our best weather and a lot of locals schedule their holiday break for February/March for that reason.

Where ever you chose to stay, check ahead as you may need to book in advance. While you are visiting, we would strongly recommend a stay along our east coast. There are lots of very pretty and pleasant places to stay and the scenery is pretty stunning - particularly Freycinet National Park (Coles Bay).

Don't know if you've come across this site or not.

Badger has user-written reviews of caravan parks. These are by real people with real experiences. It makes fascinating reading and is more than just an auto club's rating of an amenities block. We use this as our main source of information.

All details referring to Toll Roads in Melbourne may be viewed at with a little manipulation you can find believe everything you need to know re toll roads in Melbourne

If you are to use the Western Link/Tullamarine Freeway to Port Melbourne your cost I believe will be $5.50 as unsure of your rig.

I think the nearest Caravan Park is the Big4 at Coburg. They are geared up to cater for 'Spirit' travellers and provide an easy to follow mud map to Station Pier.

Hate to be a bit negative here but the big4 at Coburg is a 'packed like sardines''ll need to book...we booked 3 months ahead and they gave us a site so small we couldn't put our awning up without touching the van next door and had to park the tug 30 meters away.

To top it off, a group of panic merchants started packing up at 4 a.m. to head for the Spirit...woke everybody up and they didn't get onto the ship any quicker.

The Loading of the Spirit at Station Pier is an absolute shambles...Do not get there early.. they wont start loading until an hour or so before departure and there's no room to park nearby while you wait. It is worse coming back..absolute bottleneck jam,, frayed tempers, name it.

GoSee Forum travellers report that the Devonport side is much better parking.

Editors Note: Also see:

With care lighter caravans allow big family sedans as tow vehicles
With care lighter caravans allow big family sedans as tow vehicles