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59,029 attend Victorian Caravan Camping & Touring Supershow as getaway trend grows

April 29, 2009
59,029 attend Victorian Caravan Camping & Touring Supershow  as getaway trend grows

59,029 visitors went to Victoria's annual Caravan Camping & Touring Supershow at Caulfield Racecourse.

This is just under 10,000 for each day of the 6-day Supershow which reflects that Australia is on the road in droves of caravans, campers, motorhomes, campervans, 5th wheelers and tents in a getaway trend which extends to New Zealand.

"The visitor attendance was 59,029 slightly down on last years (61,089) . But last year included the ANZAC Day Holiday on Friday. So I guess the outcome was indeed very positive given the economic conditions", Caulfield Caravan and Camping Supershow Organiser Peter Wright of CIAVIC said today.

In Australia a 1500km tour through parts of Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT before and after Easter showed GoSee hundreds of caravan, camping and touring Australians and international visitors on the road each day.

A key start point for the caravan and camping experience is Supershows like the Victorias annual Caravan Camping Touring Supershow at Caulfield Racecourse, 10km from Melbourne CBD which ended on Monday May 11.

Therewas more of everything related to caravans, campers and motorhomes, more tents and camping equipment, more 4-wheel drives and accessories, more tourism displays and more free activities and seminars.

To average just shy of 10,000 visitors each day to an RV event in this country just describes the resilience of this Industry whilst other leisure Industries are in free fall, Peter Wright said.

It was our biggest ever display, bolstered by more tents, camping products, camper/ tent trailers and more caravan exhibitors. The show appeared well balanced allowingvisitors to seek information and make informed decisions, he said.

Dora the Explorer on Saturday and Sunday was just terrific for the kids with most sessions bumper to bumper. The seminars were also well attended and informative, Peter Wright said. Industry research showed just how strong the interest among Australians in caravanning and camping is.

It is estimated that there are over 15,000 Australians in an extended road holiday at any one time.There are over 350,000 registered caravans and recreational vehicles in Australia today,Peter Wrightsaid.

More thanmore than 330 exhibitors displayed products and services over the six days of the Show, he said.

Over six days, visitors had the unique opportunity to view hundreds of the latest industry products at the one venue and also learn about caravanning, motor homing and camping in Australia.

Itwas bargain time. Cash is king and it is a good time to buy. Interest rates are way down, fuel is cheaper, caravan, camping and the vehicle industry in general have serious sharpened their deals and there are real bargains to be had across Australia.

GoSee Jayco Discovery on Glen Cromie $18  site
GoSee Jayco Discovery on Glen Cromie $18 site

Visitors attended informative free seminars hosted by industry experts and celebrities. Among industry experts at the daily seminars for the first timewas John Wall who took over fromGary Gardiner, Hayman Reese Technical Advisor when flu hit Gary.

Johncame through with a polished delivery of caravanning and towing tips and hints based on Gary's notes.

Hayman Reese helped experienced and new caravanners alike withexpert advice on how to make their next towing experience safer and more enjoyable at the Show Seminars and on their practical stand.

Gary Gardinerproduced the safe towing set-up for GoSee's two new company caravans -our top of the rangeJayco Sterling 23 and the family friendly GoSee Jayco Discovery 16.

GoSee Jayco Sterling 23 circular  shower
GoSee Jayco Sterling 23 circular shower

His practical knowledge solved multi-set-up issues for us as our GoSee Jayco caravans are towed by a wide variety of tugs which fall into the light and heavy duty towing range.

They are - Toyota TD auto 100 series Sahara, Holden Captiva GXL auto SUV diesel and 2006 RA diesel 3 litre twin-cabRodeo plus the GoSee Restored Retro the 1985 turboed diesel manual Toyota Sahara.

Celebrity seminar speakers included TV travel hosts Geoff Coxy Cox, and Peter Spida Everitt, retired 291 game Australian Rules ruckman and forward footballer.

Spida had tales and tips about family caravanning and Australia's must-see destinations.

The Victorias annual Caravan Camping Touring Supershow continued to reflect the fact that the caravan and camping industry is not in recession and the caravan and camping Supershowwas once again bigger than last year.

Editors Note: Here are some examples of the interesting and informative standswhich were atthe Caravan and Camping Supershow -

Hayman Reese Technical Advisor Gary Gardiner sets up GoSee tow
Hayman Reese Technical Advisor Gary Gardiner sets up GoSee tow

Unique 4WD and camping gear suits Australian needs - Stand 337

4x4 Equip Pty Ltd is based in Melbourne, Australia. The business has grown from its humble beginnings producing Axe and Shovel Holders for friends and 4x4 Club members, into a dynamic company which manufactures and supplies many unique 4x4 and camping accessories.

The combination of local design and engineering expertise and camping 4WDriving experience ensures you end up with innovative, high quality products that are extremely functional and well suited to Australian outback conditions.

The company utilises CAD and maintains a full workshop set-up to design and manufacture unique, high quality products.

4x4 Equip also retails Primus portable showers and shower tents, Primus 12v lights, and the legendary Burnbrite Versalite, together with a range of four wheel drive recovery equipment and kits.

Products can be purchased from 4X4 Equips Australia-wide retail network, or directly online.

Ian Hastie manufactured the first prototype Axe Shovel Holder (still in use today) in the mid 90's. At that time, he needed to remove his dirty shovel from inside the vehicle and importantly have a shovel or axe handy when needed around the campsite or on the 4WD track.

This Australian-made product has evolved into a useful piece of equipment for 4WD enthusiasts and campers.

4X4 Equip Axe & Shovel Holder
4X4 Equip Axe Shovel Holder

Ozpig cooking makes Chloe's mouth water - Stand 409 - Oztent Stand 416

GoSee has tested a new Oztent and tried Ozpig cooking and its capabilities thoroughly for future GoSee adventure trips.

In June GoSee takes our Rodeo RA 2006 3 litre diesel twin-cab truck down the Canning Stock Route, Western Australias most remote and challenging 4WD adventure.

Ozpig cooking has a great GoSee fan in our Maltese Shitsu camp guard dog Chloe. When the Ozpig is at work Chloe is right there.

The Ozpig is based on a professionally converted 9 kg lpg gas bottle modified with legs, chimney, spark arrestor, cooking plates and internal fire box.

A well seasoned GoSee camp oven on top and Ozpig cooks a wonderful Number 10 roast chicken and vegetable in 65 minutes.

When cooking is finished, you can keep the kettle hot on the swinging side plates and sit around it for warmth just like a camp fire.

They are clean to use and come in a handy carry bag when packed up. The Pig as GoSee calls it, cooks eggs and bacon directly on the fire box lid, then for evening meal, barbecue chops and chips in the same way.

You need kindling, good wood and Heatbeads. The heat can be regulated by the draft through opening the front door.

The chimney takes away any smoke. It can all be cleaned down with newspaper and packed up ready for the next trip. But please make sure the coals and Heatbeads are cold before emptying the firebox.

Ozpig is portable, collapsible and easy to transport. When transporting Ozpig, the legs and chimney will fit into the belly. Weighing about 16kgs, Ozpig comes with a vinyl carry bag.

USES: Barbecue Use with your camp oven. Heat can be adjusted with the hot plate. Cook with a wok. Boil the billy. Place boiler straight onto the flames. Cook jaffles on slow fire


9kg gas bottle converted into BBQ/heater

Detachable legs, chimney hot plate for easy cleaning

Galvanised steel legs, screwed in for safety stability (300mm long)

Chimney comes in 3 parts, each part 300mm in length

1 warming plate has diameter of 270m

Total weight is approx. 16kgs

Comes with multi-purpose tool for removing hot plate camp oven lid

Includes vinyl carry bag for easy

Editors Note: Please see GoSee Info Article link at the bottom of this feature.

Oh please dad  I just love bacon
Oh please dad I just love bacon

Black Widow shapes unique storage answers - Stand 363

Black Widow leads in vehicle storage. They take customers needs, use and test the products themselves and apply innovative design.

Black Widow storage systems gives a life time warranty. Black Widow distributors are not chosen because they can but because they want to sell the products.

The Tourer series designed by Black Widow offers travellers an alternate style of storage solution where compromise is required.

If you have a large fridge that you just cannot see into on a standard twin drawer storage system there is an answer. The fridge might be so big it will only fit on the floor and because of the nature of the full length lid, you need to pull it all the way out to get access.

The Tourer series has answers.

With Black Widows unique heavy duty full extension fridge slides (250kg rated) low fridge access is no longer a problem.
Optioned with either one or twin stacked drawers with a cover over the fridge, touring can get on with what it should be, organized and fun to do.

Depending on the orientation and design of a fridge, the Tourer system can allow the fridge to be slide mounted on either the passenger or the drivers side.

Black Widow's new water tank range has been designed to takeup minimal space while delivering fuss free water with a flick of a switch. All Black Widow water tanks come standard with an inbuilt mount 12V pressure switch pump, delivering water at any time or at any angle. Forget gravity feed or air pressure!

Black Widow fridge solutions
Black Widow fridge solutions

Long Flat B-Pak reds and whites green the environment - Stand 45

Here is a great idea for wine lovers

When next packing up the caravan or camper to explore Australias diverse back yard, do not forget to pack in some Long Flat B-Paks; a lightweight, unbreakable wine pack that eliminates the problems associated with packing glass bottles.

The Long Flat B-Paks contain one litre of wine, but are lighter than a 750ml bottle of wine and when empty, weigh less than 35gms. The Long Flat B-Paks pours just like a bottle of wine, has a convenient screw cap and eliminates the risk of broken glass when travelling.

Available in four varieties - Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet Merlot - the Long Flat B-Paks contain the same quality wine as that available in the popular Long Flat bottles.

After an extensive review of the technology Long Flat wines guarantees that the quality of the wine in a B-Pak is exactly the same as a bottle (hence the name B-Pak).

The convenient and environmetally friendly packaging has better environmental credentials than bottles.

The top 5 reasons to choose the environmentally responsible Long Flat B-Pak are all good for the environment and for wine drinkers.

The Long Flat B-Pak is made mainly from paper, a renewable resource. It reduces packaging waste by 90 percent. B-Pak reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent. It Reduces energy by 50 percent and;

Long Flat B-Pak tastes good.

Long Flat says -

Long Flat Semillon Sauvignon Blanc is always an unwooded style - full

of fresh fruit character and zippy flavour.

Long Flat Chardonnay is a fruit driven style.

Long Flat Cabernet Merlot is a blend refined over 40 vintages. The

Long Flat Red has always had a strong following because of its drinkability and;

Long Flat Shiraz is a partner for a big Sunday roast.

long flat wines
long flat wines

Adria models designed to live the mobile life - Stand 398

RV - Asia Pacific are importers and distributors of Adria products for Australia and New Zealand. Adria is one of the biggest caravan and motor home manufacturers in Europe.

Adria Mobil and RV - Asia Pacific have achieved this by working together to develop a Premium European product that is built and tested to suit Australian conditions.

The Adria range has a broad design spread to meet individual buyer needs.

The Action is retro-styled for trendy action. Recognisably trend-setting, it is compact and agile enough to suit both fun seekers and action enthusiasts.

This is reflected in the lightweight touring design and contemporary interior.

New cooker and sink, with increased working surface and functionality.

The large toilet compartment.

The load capacity is a generous 200kg.

There is a five year factory backed water ingress warranty.

The Altea is designed to be edgy, but also safe and secure, the Altea family caravan offers a light, top-quality exterior and a comfortable interior

Light weight value for dollar touring is a big attraction with this design .

It has a 5 year factory backed water ingress warranty.

The Adora- is luxury caravanning. The spaciousness design is fresh and it has intrinsic quality.

Logical layout of the kitchen, dining area and bathroom is aimed at ease of use.

The Adria Adiva is prestige, different and aims at people who want more in their Recreational Vehicle.

Adiva has modern curved lines which suggest prestige. The modern interior is designed with contemporary high quality materials.

Model Range:

Action 361 LH 850kg tare (1200kg max laden mass).

Altea 432 PX 910kg tare (1300kg max laden mass).

Adora 532LT 1225kg tare ( 1700kg max laden mass).

Adiva 532 UP 1240kg tare. (1700kg max laden mass).

Adiva 642 UP 1420kg tare (2000kg max laden mass).

Editors Note: The recommended ball weights for all Adria caravans is between 60-100Kgs subject to what is loaded in the luggage compartment at the front of the caravan.

There are Adria dealers in WA, QLD, NSW and VIC.

Adria Caravan group therapy
Adria Caravan group therapy

Nomadic solves table problems in caravan lifestyle - Stand 10

The Lifestyletable solves packing and unpacking that card table from under the bed every time you stop for a coffee.

There are not lingering cooking aromas in your clothes and bed linen. The Lifestyletable is a quality product that is flexible, durable and enhances the nomadic lifestyle.

The Lifestyletable has been successfully fitted to fibreglass walled caravans such as Jaycos, Avans and Geists.

The Lifestyletable has its own wall frame for structural strength and if installed with the supplied aluminium peel rivets and a quality construction silicone like Sikaflex is quite secure.

Some customers have put a bolt all the way through the wall into the inside of the caravan with a spreader plate strategically hidden behind a cupboard or settee cushion for added security.

Nomadic specialise in solving challenges experienced by travellers around the world.

The Nomadic team of designers produce quality affordable products using the best materials available.

From first hand experience Nomadic has identified the needs of fellow travellers who need the ultimate lifestyle while travelling - the need to be hassle free, flexible and relaxed.

The Lifestyletable has superior design features, such as; hidden hinges and locks, durable powder coated aluminum construction, with smooth easy to clean surfaces.

The Lifestyletable is cost effective, as it is designed to fit onto existing caravans, motor homes or campers without having to cut large holes and disturbing the integrity of the construction of the vehicle.

The Lifestyletable is easy to fit and can be installed by the average DIY person at a fraction of the cost of other tables in the marketplace.

The Lifestyletable once fitted is always available, no more storing of extra tables inside your caravan or motorhome, always ready to accommodate that cup of tea at the rest stop

The Lifestyletable is proudly designed and made in Australia and is 100 per cent Australian owned and operated.

Clever quality custom-build gives Golf models wow factor - Stand 371

Nomadic Lifestyle Table
Nomadic Lifestyle Table

Lawnton Queensland caravan builder Golf is all about quality. The Golf Linwood is the top of the range in this clever companies custom-built caravan options.

The fibreglass exterior presents a style which gives the Linwood individual wow factor.

The ceiling and side walls are insulated. The Golf three year warranty backs attention to creating a caravan with a great deal going for it. The Linwood has air bag Posi Track all-wheel independent suspension, easing the ride through 15in allow wheels and 215 x 15 tyres. All wheels are electrically braked.

The Linwood has factory fitted Dometic roll-out awning, double-glazed windows with internal blinds and flyscreens, LCD TV, CD-radio-DVD player with four ceiling speakers, where space allows a Lemair washing machine, auto-select fridge, convection microwave, big battery with solar panel and controller plus an in-line water filter.

Golf Linwood has flexible layouts across the model range from the 5000 to the 6200 for the Linwood which suit individual needs. They include twin inner-spring singles with choice of dinette.

The stove has three gas and one electric cook-top. The inner-spring Double bed configurations offer significant dinette and ensuite options.The gas-electric hotwater service runs the fibreglass shower unit and the Linwood has a water and battery level monitor.

The tare weight ranges from 1740kg in the 5000 to 2300kg in the 6200.The tare weights are approx for the standard models.

Many Golf caravans are custom built so the weight of each completed caravan is shown on the VIN plate. Golf has won Caravan Motorhome Magazine's Caravan of the Year Award twice with the Linwood and Savannah GTS, plus several Best Luxury Caravan awards.

The Golf Savannah GTS is an interesting combination of retro and modern design thinking. It shares the Linwood's distinctive features. it runs alloy wheels with 195 x 14 commerical tyres and air-conditions with a Dometic reverse-cycle roof mounted unit.

As with the Linwood there is clever design in the diverse optional layouts. This is a striking caravan which is aimed at easy towing by mid-range tow vehicles. The standard tare weight is about 1845kg but like the Linwood each Savannah is weighed in its own right and the VIN plate tells the story.

CH Smith (1884) on-the plot with real practical knowhow for travellers - Stand 438

Golf Linwood interior
Golf Linwood interior

CH Smith Marine Pty Ltd opened in 1884. Owned by one family for four generations it offers real practical knowhow as among the current CH Smith team three members of staff have more than 30 years with the company.

CH Smith's Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria store assists travellers, bushwalkers and anglers.

This outdoor group already benefit from the new hand held GPS navigation and fish finding marine electronics devices.

Gear like the Garmin TOPO Australia is tailored for bush walkers and off road users. It includes topographical contours down to 20m. Based on NAVTEQ and HEMA map data, Garmin TOPO Australia includes everything from urban streets to national highways including famous outback routes such as Birdsville, Strezelecki, Oodnadatta and the Canning Stock Route. Garmin TOPO Australia is available both in SD/MicroSD DVD format.

Or land and sea are covered by the Garmin GPSMAP 620.

It is a full-featured marine chartplotter which has an automotive mode (road maps can be added onshore). The GPSMAP 620 comes standard with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and brilliant, high-resolution touchscreen display. The high-sensitivity GPS receiver has a rugged case with waterproof (IPX7) design, the GPSMAP The GPSMAP 620 shifts gears between marine and automotive

D-Gas aims for powered-up clean diesel performance through efficiency

Garmin topo1
Garmin topo1

D-GAS LPG Injection Technology is designed to improve the operation and efficiency of all diesel engines in a wide range of applications.

The Australian company is based in Perth Western Australia. It is committed to alternative fuels not only for engine efficiency and environmental gains but also to tap fuel cost savings.

AGA approved components insures D-GAS is safe, reliable and ready for use on cars, Four Wheel Drives and light trucks.

D-GAS has been designed, developed and manufactured in Australia to reduce exhaust emissions on turbo and non-turbo charged diesel engines. This is done by improving the diesel combustion, making the engine more efficient which lowers exhaust emissions and increases power.

The system injects LPG only after engine warm up and has auto start, auto stop and safety shut off.

The D-GAS System was developed from the outset to inject LPG into the engine after the turbo and within the engine manifold, no flammable LPG is drawn through a hot turbo, fragile intercooler or restrictive venturi.

Savings are made from normally un-burnt diesel fuel wasted in poor combustion and expelled through the exhaust system as pollution. It is this unburnt diesel which is now used to power the engine more efficiently.

Any increase in economy is classed as a bonus D-Gas says. This is because the D-GAS system is designed mainly to lower emissions by increasing combustion of the diesel fuel with the added bonuses of extra performance and economy.

Editors Note: Here are more pictures and links to GoSee Information Articles from our extensive library -

Landrover with V2 Unit
Landrover with V2 Unit
Campervan comfort makes home any place at all for GoSee
Campervan comfort makes home any place at all for GoSee
Chloe guards the compact packed and ready to go OzTent
Chloe guards the compact packed and ready to go OzTent
Look what I did  Chloe has finished setting up camp
Look what I did Chloe has finished setting up camp
GoSee Rodeo ready to roll with Jayco Discovery
GoSee Rodeo ready to roll with Jayco Discovery
Hayman Reese Intermediate WDH
Hayman Reese Intermediate WDH
Roast chicken in OzPig powered camp oven
Roast chicken in OzPig powered camp oven
Budget travel food. Ingredients for a GoSee touring  meal for five
Budget travel food. Ingredients for a GoSee touring meal for five
Cobb cooks on sea and land.
Cobb cooks on sea and land.
ContACT and contemporary free camp Chiltern Rest Area Hume Hwy
ContACT and contemporary free camp Chiltern Rest Area Hume Hwy
Dream-Pot and Roo Stew with Basmati Rice and Italian herbs
Dream-Pot and Roo Stew with Basmati Rice and Italian herbs
GoSee Editor Garth Morrison works on Victorian bushfires
GoSee Editor Garth Morrison works on Victorian bushfires
GSA  Jayco Sterling  and TD Toyota Sahara on road near Jerilderie
GSA Jayco Sterling and TD Toyota Sahara on road near Jerilderie
GoSee Jayco Sterling 23 Slide out lounge - is IN
GoSee Jayco Sterling 23 Slide out lounge - is IN
GoSee Jayco Sterling 23 Slide out lounge - is OUT
GoSee Jayco Sterling 23 Slide out lounge - is OUT
Jayco Discovery and GoSee Captiva at Hayman Reese for fit-out
Jayco Discovery and GoSee Captiva at Hayman Reese for fit-out
Fully equipped ContACT makes bush camp
Fully equipped ContACT makes bush camp
Slide outs add room inside GoSee Sterling 23
Slide outs add room inside GoSee Sterling 23
Thetford 335 perfect fit in Jayco Discovery
Thetford 335 perfect fit in Jayco Discovery
We would add poles and guys to this Jayco motorhome awning.
We would add poles and guys to this Jayco motorhome awning.
So many on the road. Popular drive-through sites at Yass Caravan Park
So many on the road. Popular drive-through sites at Yass Caravan Park