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The GoSee Find the Easter Bunny Winners are -

April 30, 2009
The GoSee Find the Easter Bunny Winners are -

The GoSee Find the Easter Bunny Winners are -

les 42 of Dardanup WA. His prizes are - Ultra Absorbent Synthetic Chamois by Nulon, A Bubble Foam sun shade by Nulon and a GoSee Memory Stick.

Peter2004 of Clare SA his prize is a Hayman reese Towball cover and Hayman Reese Tape measure plus a GoSee Memory Stick.

DeiselCruiser of Bankstown NSW wins a double pass to Mogo Zoo.

Juzme of Condor ACT also wins a double pass to Mogo Zoo.

Gone_fishin of Normanville SA wins a GoSee Memory Stick.

GoSee has more prizes than winners so the unclaimed prizes will be added to the prize pool (not all at once) in upcoming monthly draws for the GoSee TravelSmart Club.

The GoSee TravelSmart Club is free to GoSee site users and can be joined by clicking the TravelSmart Good Stuff option button 13th down on the left of the Home Page.

The GoSee TravelSmart Club adds extra benefits and features when using this website plus prize give aways, special offers and a towing compatability test. In compliance with the GoSee Privacy Policy you can set your own configuration of what you participate in and receive.

Where were the easter Bunnies hiding?

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