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Stuff GoSee has learned about Contact our restored Retro HJ 60 Toyota Landcruiser- 

June 11, 2009
Stuff GoSee has learned about Contact our restored Retro HJ 60 Toyota Landcruiser-

Specifications: 362,206km since new in 1985.

Motor has not been worked on. It uses no oil between regular 7000km services.

HJ60 Series

Engine type Diesel.

Engine capacity (cc) 3980.

Engine description 6cyl in line pushrod D6.

Fuel delivery injected.

Method of delivery mechanical.

Induction aspirated.

Power - 72 kW at 3500 rpm.

Max. Torque - 229 Nm at 1800 rpm (Contact now turboed result in Nm unknown).

Suspension Front and rear - leaf springs. (Contact has a completely reworked ARB suspension)

General L x W x H 4750 mm x 1800 mm x 1945 mm (G model).

Kerb mass - 2055 kg (standard model).(G model).

(Contact loaded for camping about 2555 to 3000kg with all gear).

Wheelbase - 2730 mm

Price - $21,123.00 (Standard model).

(Contact Sahara GX high roof on road 1985 $36,000).

Turboes: The second-hand turbo now fitted to Contact cost about $1500. It is essential that the motor is in top condition for this to be viable.

A new turbo kit (up to $4000) will produce a result which will make the HJ60 perform like a petrol car. Manifold and exhaust will have to be replaced too. Things can break at this level which is the reason Contact has a gentle 6lb boost turbo.

Turboes wear and loose efficiency so their effective working life is limited. Replacement is expensive.

Fuel Use: Standard trim HJ 60 fuel figures no longer apply to Contact as GoSee has fitted a turbo and in normal vehicle only use the Sahara returns between 11.5 litres and 13 litres per 100km at best.

Driving technique: The Sahara sings from 2100 rpm right through to 3000rpm and tows about 1500kg at about 95kmh (2400rpm) at an average fuel consumption of about 16 litres per 100km.

Cooling: GoSee Contact has the biggest oil cooler we could fit ahead of the radiator.

Ball weight: This must be watched it is 113kg max on a branded heavy duty towbar with the HJ 60. Surprisingly Toyota rate the HJ 60 to tow 2500kg. Our GoSee Discovery caravan has a ball weight of 100kg.

This means we can load 130kg in the caravan when towing with the HJ 60. The truck itself is rated to carry 500kg.

Contact and contemporary free camp at Chiltern Rest Area Hume Hwy
Contact and contemporary free camp at Chiltern Rest Area Hume Hwy

Overdrive: To prevent transmission damage and overheating, particularly when towing, overdrive should never be allowed to lug in any diesel.

Manual or auto box it is worth keeping the weight off the overdrive when towing. A reconditioned 4WD gearbox will cost thousands of dollars and make attempts at fuel saving by lugging in overdrive look ridiculous. It is a high price for being lazy.

Lightweight towing: As Spencer Kelly of Caravans West, said when we hooked an Excel Compac 890kg lightweight behind the bulletproof old HJ 60 workhorse at the Sunshine Coromal caravan dealership - The Toyota won't even know it is there. He was right.

Once on the Hume Highway on a two hour run to Shepparton Victoria the Coromal Compac made no real difference to the 4 litre understressed diesel.

Our GoSeecommon -rail turbo auto GoSee Captiva LX diesel led the parade with the heavier Coromal Excel E541 tandem and we cruised all the way in highway running to Shepparton at between 90 and 98kmh.

The Compac is such an easy tow most of the run was done by the Sahara at between 2000 and 2500rpm in 5th overdrive with a few shifts back to 4th to take the stress off the gearbox in hilly sections. The truck ran at about 13litres per 100km.

Bashing into a headwind with a 1500kg caravan the HJ 60 returns 16 litres per 100km in fourth gear at 2400rpm. Road speed is between 80 and 90 kmh in headwinds and hill country.

Third is used on steep climbs and will hold 75kmh with 1500kg behind at 2400rpm.

Service costs: The HJ 60 manual diesel can be easily owner serviced from the ground up. GWT Autos has serviced the HJ 60 since new. A typical full service by GWT Autos of Bayswater, Victoria is about $177. Typical costs - Oil $38, Oil filter $18, Fuel filter $13, Air cleaner $28. Labour $80.

Engine oil is drained and replaced every 7000km. Contact uses Penzoil 15W/40 CF4/SJ. All filters replaced, grease suspension and steering, drain diesel fuel filter water trap, full brake inspection and adjustment is a typical service.

Batteries: GoSee talked to Glenn McVeigh and Tracey Stevens at the Cave Hill Rd. Lilydale Battery World outlet about battery needs for the HJ60.

Glenn says the HJ60 diesel 1985 Retro GoSeeAustralia Toyota Landcruiser will crank-up well with twin N70 batteries because the HZJ70 series Landcruiser is so similar and the need is to turn over the diesels 13:1 compression to fire it up.

That needs serious 600 cranking power rated batteries but with a petrol version 500 will do the trick as the compression is around 9:1.


ContACT and Coleman airbed Yass Caravan Park
ContACT and Coleman airbed Yass Caravan Park
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