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RACV shows Total Care as Beanie Bunch vehicles shakedown on South Australia western roads and beaches

July 10, 2009
RACV shows Total Care as Beanie Bunch vehicles shakedown on South Australia western roads and beaches

BY the Canning Stock Route bound Beanie Bunch Thursday July 9

Hi all

Travelling well. A couple of small glitches but we need to get them over and done with before we are out of civilization.

Bert had to detour from Kimba to Port Lincoln to have a part replaced in the catalytic converter on the Land Rover (not a problem from the trip, but an assembly problem when vehicle was manufactured five years ago) the part was flown in from Melbourne overnight and they were able to rejoin our group at Fowlers Bay.

RACV Total Care provided meals and accommodation for them for one night whilst the repairs were being undertaken.

The other was a solder join on a wire on the power plug for the fridge in the Rodeo. Professionally fitted by an auto electrician, the wire fell off preventing power supply to the fridge/freezer.

This was soon fixed by our on-site auto electrician Phil with parts purchased from our on-site hardware store operated by Bert - at a price I must say

Stayed at Kimba Top Tourist Park overnight on Sunday, July 5th unpowered in the paddock.

Kimba is the home of the Big Galah, situated in front of the gem shop on the Eyre Highway, the Big Galah stands 8 metres high. Kimba is also the site of the Half-way Across Australia Sign between the east and west as the crow flies

Ceduna Foreshore Caravan Park, operated by Nannette Smith also in Top Tourist Parks of Australia chain was a great little park conveniently located right next door to the newly developed Ceduna Foreshore Hotel complex just across the road from the sea.

Ceduna is a larger town with a number of banks, supermarkets and other shopping.

Cactus Beach, on Point Sinclair had beaches not as we expected with rocky outcrops and low cliffs, not ideal for our type of beach, however the whole area is protected to preserve the nature of the fragile and delicately balanced environment.

Driving into Point Sinclair, you drive through Lake McDonnell, a salt lake, with the surrounding waters salmon pink on clear days and blue in the other direction. Cactus Beach is famous for the surf break at Caves, a long steep fast barrelling right-hander, Castles, a large left hander that breaks for a while then hooks up with the inside section which is shallower and breathes much of the time.

Then Cactus, with left-hand breaking waves slower than Caves but just as consistant. An ideal spot for a wild surf. Nearby on the East side is Port Le Hunty, a beautiful little port with shark fenced swimming area, picnic facilities and toilets.

Port Le Hunty was used as a landing place for stores, the cliff face cutting was dug with pick and shovel by the early settlers and a jetty was built, originally 295 meters long but was damaged by storms in 1950 and was shortened to 150m long.

Locals loaded wheat and gypsum from the surrounding areas into cargo boats using horse and wagons.

Fowlers Bay Caravan Park was home for the next two nights, unpowered again, but right across the road from the sea.

An excellent jetty provided an ideal fishing spot for dinner, but we had to resort to our provisions carried into town. Fowlers Bay is surrounded by large white sand dunes and provided an ideal opportunity to test the vehicles in the sand dunes and with beach driving.

Landrover Defender. RACV Total Care was there when needed
Landrover Defender. RACV Total Care was there when needed

GoSees Rodeo has never been used in 4x4 conditions to this stage and coped well in the situation along with the new HiLux SR5.

Naturally tyre pressures were reduced from 40 lbs to 25 lbs, but the dry loose sand on the beach soon stopped us.

Tyre pressures again reduced, this time to 22 lbs and after some sand was re-arranged in front of the wheels we happily drove off for more exploring before returning to camp fire for dinner.

The automatic HiLux coped in the sandy conditions well, with the Rodeo using high range 2nd gear 4x4 between 1,500 and 2,500 revs.

Thursday July 9th, departed Fowlers bay with a bush camp in site, somewhere past The Head of the Bight. Todays weather conditions leave a bit to be desired with 60 kmh head winds and some rain.

Fuel consumption in all vehicles is suffering. At the Yalata Conservation Reserve South Australian home to the Southern Right Whales and their calves between May and October each year.

An entrance fee of $12 pp allows visitors to stroll down to the special viewing platforms located on the cliff tops of the Great Australian Bight to view the whales up close.

Today there were about 20 mothers nurturing their calves, two are white albinos, (Mobi Dick in the making) with one estimated by the ranger in charge being one day old.

The viewing and interpretive Centre is located 12 kms off the Eyre Highway and is well worth the visit during whale season and about 30 kms east of Nullarbor on the Nullarbor Plain. Nullarbor means treeless plain.

More when available.


Alan Pam

Sue Geoff

Phil Barb

Bert Shirl

lets Travel the Gravel before we unravell.

Editors Note: Also see Beanie Bunch background and vehicle profile at the start of the Canning adventure.

GoSee 2006 Holden Rodeo  tried in serious 4WD on SA beach
GoSee 2006 Holden Rodeo tried in serious 4WD on SA beach

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