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Innovative Fulton F2 jockey wheel for boat and camper trailers exceeds expectations

July 15, 2009
Innovative Fulton F2 jockey wheel for boat and camper trailers exceeds expectations

When a product works well it is a happy thing. Sometimes, unfortunately all too rarely, some products do better than that.

The Fulton F2 jockey wheel is an example. It not only works well it exceeds expectations with a 725kg lift capacity and that is cause for celebration in today's often under-engineered world.

This is a fresh approach to lifting boat and camper trailers. The Fulton F2 is an entirely new generation of jockey wheel now on the Australian market.

GoSee used the F2 with our custom-built dual-axle boat trailer which handles the happy landings for the heavy GoSee swing-keel yacht Silver Gull.

The heavy yachts trailer is a serious reality check for any jockey wheel. Its twin-axles are set well back on the 250kg Messent trailer so that there is more weight forward on the ball than your correspondent can lift even when Silver Gull is not hauled onto the trailer rollers.

Silver Gull on her Messent dual-axle  trailer
Silver Gull on her Messent dual-axle trailer

With the 3000kg yacht on the trailer raising the trailer tow head to a towball requires considerable effort with the current grind and grunt jockey wheel.

In fact it is such a pain that we use the Western Port Marina tractor and it hydraulic lift whenever possible.

We have had a string of jockey wheels over the years.

They are usually 'retired' when the jockey wheel catches and factures during towing manoeuvers. Some rust out, others just get past it when the worm-drive fails or chokes on a mix of rust, saltwater and sand.

No jockey wheel we have used before the Fulton F2 allows the heavy yacht bow to be raised high enough for rainwater to drain from the cockpit.

In the past this is achieved with the addition of a big block of wood under the jockey wheel and the yard tractor to supply the elevation through its hydraulics.

In contrast an adjustable swivel mount allows the F2 lift to be adjusted to the height required for the specific trailer it is attached to.

F2 725kg lift takes all  weight off front wheels
F2 725kg lift takes all weight off front wheels

The F2 has 46cm of total height travel, so the F2 jockey wheel is ideal for lifting marine trailers bow high to a height which allows water to drain from cockpits and through the boat bungs or drain tubes.

The high performance, high quality F2's extruded aluminium tubes are precision engineered.

It attaches via 10.1mm (4in) mounting plates and bolts which will fit most boat trailers. A 15.2mm (6in) bolt-on option is available for bigger trailer frames.

The F2 plates and bolts version can be fitted or removed in minutes.

The twin-track 17cm diameter wheels roll independently. The 13.5 cm track wheel base provides real stability and allows easy manoeuvring. Heavy trailers lift fast, with minimum effort.

The F2 Jockey Wheel features a massive 725kg lift capacity and lifts trailers 30 percent faster than conventional jockey wheels. The F2 also has an adjustable swivel system, engineered to be the strongest mechanism in the industry.

Bolts and plate make F2 particularly adjustable
Bolts and plate make F2 particularly adjustable

Winner of the 2007 NMMA Innovation Award, the F2 features smooth wheel performance and twin track 17cm diameter wheels. 

The twin track wheels roll independently which assists in manoeuvring a boat or camper trailer

 It is engineered so it does not need lubrication or maintenance.

The F2 is powerful and corrosion resistance. The F2 swivel pull-pin allows a quick swivel for lifting or travel (pictured  left).

Tested to three-times its rated capacity the F2 is not just a pretty face.

This is a tough product with refined engineering to match it sleek looks.

The F2 Jockey Wheel is available from marine retail outlets Australia wide. To find the nearest retail outlet contact Customer Service 1800 812 017.

Editors note: 21.05.2014: F2 Wide Track Jockey wheel, part number 1413040134 retails at $299. Stocks are limited at the moment but there are lots on the water, due in around 6 – 8 weeks.