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Dual battery systems fire better with Voltage Sensitive Relay says Battery World experts

August 31, 2009
Dual battery systems fire better with Voltage Sensitive Relay says Battery World experts

A dual battery system keeps the Start, Light, Ignition (SLI) battery doing the job that counts. It starts the engine.

The auxiliary battery is the second powerhouse which typicallyruns the fridge, camp lights, lap-top ,inverters and the many extra luxuries which are now expected as part of camping.

Larry Hargreave told GoSee today that while dual batteries go much further to provide camping power the Start, Light, Ignition (SLI) battery can still go flat.

Leave the interior light on or something running out of the cars cigarette lighter socket and the SLI battery will run flat over a period of time.

The solution is Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) which Larry fits and recommends for dual battery set-ups in the caravanning, camping and marine environments.

The systems we sell are VSR (Voltage Sensitive Relay) and they are compatable with most late model vehicles and definitely all earlier models. The VSR system is easy to fit and most kits are Do-It-Yourself, Larry said.

The VSR will first allow the SLI battery to be charged, usually to between 13.4 and 13.7 volts.

This depends on the system and will then parallel the axiliary battery, as the vehicle SLI battery requires charge it will split and then re-parallel the batteries.
GoSee uses Gel Tech Battery from Battery World in our Heritage caravan
GoSee uses Gel Tech Battery from Battery World in our Heritage caravan

Once the vehicle is stopped the VSR will split the batteries at between 12.4 to 12.7 volts, leaving the SLI battery charged and ready to go again the next day or when you are ready to move on.

The VSR system can be used for dual battery kits for 4WD's, caravans and boats the principle is the same, he said.

All you need for your caravan system is to mount the VSR near the SLI battery and then run the wiring back to the towbar and use an Anderson connector for coupling.

We also recommend fuses or circuit breakers with our systems and of course Battery World stores can arrange all the bits and pieces required and make the cables and help with fittings. All the items needed are available through Battery World stores nationally, Larry said.

Editors note: See the store finder on website and both and are Battery World preferred suppliers. The Bainbridge and Matson web sites show some useful wiring diagrams and also a range of sockets, distribution blocks, fuses and meters.

Buying from a Battery World stores provides the security of Australia wide warranty backed by more than 70 stores nationally all run by Battery World experts.

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