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Black Saturday bushfire nightmare turns to bright new journey for Christine and Ken of Marysville Caravan Park 

October 01, 2009
Black Saturday bushfire nightmare turns to bright new journey for Christine and Ken of Marysville Caravan Park

By Christine and Ken Adams

February 7 started as a normal day at our Scenic Motel, Marysville, Victoria, then a friend phoned in the afternoon to ask if we had seen bushfire smoke.

It was the first we had heard of a bushfire threat but by 6.45pm with our guests safe and our cat and two dogs aboard we fled towards the safety of Alexandra as the Black Saturday bushfire horror burned Marysville.

By Sunday morning we were a very sad, sorry and hopeless looking lot of people. Our friends, our lives, our homes, our business our history, our special dream had all disappeared overnight and dissolved into nothing but emptiness.

Now we have a new beginning. We have a new journey, a new venture. The vibrancy and green of nature that surrounded The Scenic Motel is lost but the whole concept and all our hard work at The Scenic slowly has transformed into a whole new journey.

We were sitting at a community gathering one night having a few reds, when we were asked whether we had thought of taking on the Marysville Caravan Park.

Well a few more reds went down and there you go we thought what a good idea. The Marysville Caravan and Holiday Park is on Department of Sustainability and the Environment (DSE) land.

It has a council management committee and we are the licensees. A complicated process. So on the 19th June we started our next journey - managing a caravan park, that has been greatly damaged in the fires.

We are excited about the future. It is a challenge we don't shy away from as we continue to be involved in Lions, tourism and reconstruction of Marysville.

Once again the sun is shining and our new Caravan and Holiday Park is just what both we and the region need, providing a brighter future and hope.

Our community still has a long way to go, so many decisions, rebuilding of infrastructure and lives, learning to cope with change. This is not going to be an easy journey.

Large Ensuite Cabin Marysville Caravan  and Holiday Park
Large Ensuite Cabin Marysville Caravan and Holiday Park

We continue to be eternally grateful for the love and support our family and friends have shown us. The patience of us not always contacting and not always being able to be there for them if needed.

The generosity of people has been overwhelming, the financial gifts, a car, time to help it is hard to explain how this makes us feel. Thank you is not enough.

So now we are the proud managers of a caravan park.

We have some direction and look forward to our future in Marysville and watching how it grows.

If you have been a past guest, we wanted you to know what we are doing now and if you are someone that we have never met before we want you to know our story and about the caravan park and Marysville and we hope you will come and visit. We hope you will all keep coming and visiting and watch this beautiful town rebuild.

Travelling time from Melbourne's eastern suburbs is around 50 minutes, but from the CBD or Melbourne Airport allow up to 2 hours - depending upon the route and traffic conditions.

Marysville Caravan Park is just 100 metres or so across the river from the village centre.


Travel through town. Cross the river, then turn left at the round-about and the Marysville Caravan and Holiday Park Park is immediately on the left.

There is still plenty of work to be done, we hope you will understand that it will be a while before the park returns to the previous beauty that we all remember.

There are self-contained cabins and a few powered sites. There are no unpowered sites available in the near future.

The caravan park is within walking distance of the magnificent Steavenson Falls. (GPS South: 37 50.77, East: 145 74.84). 1130 Buxton Road, Marysville, Victoria 3779.

Phone: (03) 5963 3247 .

Marysville Caravan and Holiday Park is on the Steavenson River
Marysville Caravan and Holiday Park is on the Steavenson River