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Dont draw short power straw on solar panel needs says Battery World

October 21, 2009
Dont draw short power straw on solar panel needs says Battery World

Battery World told GoSee today that solar power keeps quality batteries charged provided actual needs are calculated and considered in the equipment fitted.

Tom Spence of Osborne Park Battery World, Western Australia told GoSee that the best thing was - "To have more than sufficient for your needs".

To that end Tom calculates amps needed against the potential power drain of the actual electrical equipment to be used and allows a buffer of 25 percent above what is expected.

Portable solar power is increasingly popular, but the level of knowledge about how it works and what it can do is limited.

To arrive at the best systems to suit a caravanners needs, good suppliers go to great lengths to draw out what the client wants to power.

But the addition of a litany of power draining additions from the caravan or motor home owner can make the potential power source hit the wall.

So in a typical family caravan two deep-cycle 100 amp sealed batteries are a good start. Tom calculates the actual power draw anticipated before fitting batteries and solar panels.

This determines the number of batteries and solar panels which will be needed to meet power demands.

Sealed batteries do not gas off and that is important if they are mounted inside a caravan or Recreational Vehicle,

In a typical caravan two linked solar panels of a suitable size can replenish quality deep-cycle batteries. Briefcase style panels are easy to use.

They can be moved easily to track the sun and take advantage of charging power from direct sunlight.

They are easy to keep clean and are protected when not in use and;

The portable briefcase style allows the panels to be kept in a secure place.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Solar panels feed deep-cycle battery power<!--mo3-->
Solar panels feed deep-cycle battery power

A pair of quality sealed deep-cycle 100amp batteries cost between $750.00 and $850.00 depending on the type of battery.

Typical battery life for quality product is approximately three to five years depending on usage and good maintenance.

Briefcase style solar panels come fully rigged to be clamped to the batteries or to provide power through a wired on plug from about $1200.00 up to $2600.00 depending on the size needed.

A 25 year life can be expected for solar panels.

Like all good equipment they last and perform longer when care is taken. In this case a regular wipe.

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<!--mo1####mo2-->Solar  panels top up battery power on this Heaslip camper<!--mo3-->
Solar panels top up battery power on this Heaslip camper

Buying from a Battery World stores provides the security of Australia wide warranty backed by more than 70 stores nationally all run by Battery World experts.

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<!--mo1####mo2-->Look for BW Man to dispose of batteries safely<!--mo3-->
Look for BW Man to dispose of batteries safely