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Battery World switch on smoke alarm safety for $1 until April 14

April 02, 2013
Battery World switch on smoke alarm safety for $1 until April 14

A reliable smoke alarm is must have safety in recreational vehicles and at home, Greg Leslie says. He says with recreational vehicles and the gadgets which go with the outdoor lifestyle it is rare for two situations to be exactly the same.

"The thing to look at is what do you want to achieve and that is where the expertise available through Battery World can help with a huge range of decisions", Greg said today.

From jump starters through Jetski, mobile phones and motorbike batteries to smoke alarms and powering laptops there is lot more to quality batteries than meets the eye, Greg says.

A 1500Amp Jump Start pack may be just fine for starting a petrol engine in the security of suburbia. But it is another matter when it comes to starting a high compression diesel engine of maybe 13:1 in the all alone world of the Canning Stock Route.

Perhaps a 2000Amp jump pack has the grunt for the diesel task but says Greg it is far better to try first before tackling remote areas backed by the expertise of Battery World.

Jetski and motorbike batteries can be tailored to their task.

Deka are quality batteries which have phenomenal power-to-weight and they are perfect for 1300cc high-crank bikes like Harley Davidson and BMW, Greg said.

With Jetskis the need is a totally sealed high cranking battery as the jetski can get into funny positions and even completely rolled over, he said.

Greg says mobile phones, particularly if they are purchased overseas, can be a disappointment.

The phone charger may be designed for 120 Volts and not 240 Volts. You can buy charger adaptors for some but sometimes sourcing a battery is difficult, Greg said.

Batteries may look the same but if the product is made in China replacement batteries may not fit.

More people are now holding onto their laptops longer and they are more budget conscious, Greg says.

Battery World has a range of quality batteries to suit most laptops. Holding onto a laptop longer also delays the tedious business of transferring data, pictures and contacts to a new machine.

Once again battery quality is a focus for Battery World who limit their suppliers to proven performers.

Canning tow start for GoSee Rodeo when power pack failed
Canning tow start for GoSee Rodeo when power pack failed

Another major benefit, Geg says, is that because Battery World deals only in batteries their turn-over is high and batteries do not sit on the shelf for long periods. Our auto batteries are less than three months old, he said.

With Recreational Vehicles owners who have dual battery systems it is handy to know how much charge is left. Battery World covers that with another handy gadget a 12V Battery Monitor.

It is an early warning for battery and alarm systems and monitors battery capacity, charging and alternator systems. Cordless drills, particularly quality makes like Makita and Dewalt, are worth quality batteries. It is also handy to have a second drill battery on a charger when there is work to be done.

The majority of chargers will cope with leaving the battery in the charger, Greg says.

Usually if you have not been using your drill its battery will be at about 70 percent of its capacity. If you have spent between $500 and $600 on your quality cordless drill it is well worth a standby battery Greg said.

Good quality cordless drills last, Greg said, I have a personal Dewalt which I use at home and it is 12 years old.

Digital and video camera  batteries are in the Battery World range
Digital and video camera batteries are in the Battery World range

Batteries that could save lives are another quality product area for Battery World. Baby monitors, ventilators, blood pressure monitors and smoke alarms fall into this range.

Greg says smoke alarm batteries must be changed regularly for real peace of mind. Change at a time you will remember. For example when daylight saving time ends (DST) or on Red Noses Day or at some set time each year, he said.

Quality batteries like the 9V Ultralife have a long life and in a quality smoke alarm which may be 240V with battery back-up the design gives a large window for replacement before battery failure, Greg said.

There are products which may look like they have the same casing as the Ultralife but there is a vast difference in their capacity to last so it is just commonsense to talk to someone at Battery World who knows, Greg Leslie said.

Editors Note: Battery World stocks many types of batteries which are sutiable for smoke alarms. Please check the type of battery specifically suits your smoke alarm. *$1 applies to BW1604G. * Limit up to five per customer. The Battery World offer is available until April 14, 2013 or while stocks last. Raincheck available if individual store stocks are depeleted before April 14.

Ultralife 9V batteries support smoke alarms
Ultralife 9V batteries support smoke alarms

Editors note: See the store finder on website.

Buying from a Battery World stores provides the security of Australia wide warranty backed by more than 70 stores nationally all run by Battery World experts.

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Look for BW Man to dispose of batteries safely
Look for BW Man to dispose of batteries safely