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Merry Christmas from Dream-Pot with a special new fruit slice recipe

December 07, 2009
Merry Christmas from Dream-Pot with a special new fruit slice recipe

Our pal the Dream-Pot thermal cooker goes everywhere with GoSee. It does the job with great meals on the move, but the best thing about Dream-Pot is the steady flow of fresh recipes which Merran Green, Barry, Ross, Debbie and staff post on Here is something special for Christmas which everybody will like and its low GI suits diabetics too...

Boiling time on stove: 20 minutes

Cooking time in the Dream-Pot: 30 minutes minimum


100g dried apricots

100g dried peaches or apples or pears

1 cups traditional rolled oats

2 eggs, beaten well

1/3 cup plain flour

1 tablespoon soft Pro-Active margarine or buttercooking chocolate to decorate, white and brown


1. Fill the large inner pot with 2 litres of boiling water and bring to the boil on the stove.

2. Grease the small inner pot with cooking spray. Line the base with baking paper or foil.

3. Using a food processor or knife, chop finely the dried fruits.

4. Place all ingredients, except the chocolate, into a bowl and mix together.

5. Tip the mixture into the small inner pot. Press the mixture down very firmly with the back of a spoon.

6. Place the small inner pot into the large inner pot over the boiling water (as a double saucepan). Double boil moderately on the stove for 20 minutes, keeping the steam visible between the two inner pots.

7. Transfer into the Dream-Pot for the cooking time.

8. When convenient, remove the small inner pot containing the slice from the Dream-Pot and allow to cool completely.

9. Tip out and decorate with melted chocolate by drizzling the white and brown chocolate in a pattern over the surface.

10. Allow the chocolate to set completely before slicing with a serrated knife.

Note: Use a Snap Lock resealable bag,the kind often used to keep sandwiches fresh.Cut a tiny snip in one corner as an icing bag. To melt the chocolate, place a few blocks in the bag, seal the bag and stand it in a bowl of hot water.

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Merran and Barry Green  of Dream-Pot have  special recipes for Christmas
Merran and Barry Green of Dream-Pot have special recipes for Christmas